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Greetings! And congratulations on your BIG win!  It's a nice and big feather on 
your head tie!!  Please keep up the great work, and best wishes!


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Thank you all so much! I would not deserve this if you all did not believe ;-)!! 
So thanks in being in the ship with me.

Warm regards,

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On behalf of our CEO, Adrian Kinderis, and the rest of the AusRegistry 
International team, I'd like to congratulate Anne-Rachel on this award.  Her 
tireless work in promoting the development of the Internet in Africa will 
continue to benefit millions of people across the continent for generations to 
come.  We believe she is richly deserving of this recognition.
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>Accra, Ghana, 10 June 2010 - The African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) has 
>awarded Anne-Rachel Inne the Network Information Infrastructure (NII) Service 
>Award for 2010 in recognition of her contribution to improving and sustaining 
>Africa's Internet environment.
>AfNOG presented the Award during its 11th Meeting and the celebration of 
>AfriNIC's five years of operation held in Kigali, Rwanda on 2nd June, 2010.
>The NII Service Award was instituted in 2009 during AfNOG's 10 years anniversary 
>by Dr Nii Narku Quaynor, who himself received the Internet Society's prestigious 
>Jonathan Postel Award in 2007 for his service in the region and example of 
>dedication, commitment and leadership for the young generation to emulate.
>"Anne Rachel Inne came from the business sector but engaged in the technical 
>community work at global level to strengthen the African local community "says 
>Dr Nii Quaynor, AfNOG Convener and honorary Chair of the NII Award. "This year's 
>award recognizes a woman who very early engaged
>herself with the community and worked   in supporting ccTLD through
>re-delegation processes and other related issues." According to Adiel Akplogan, 
>CEO of AfriNIC and recipient of the 2009 NII Service Award "Recognizing her 
>efforts and her work seem to me the obvious choice for the Award Committee. I am 
>very proud to share this recognition with Anne-Rachel who, as a woman found her 
>way through an environment dominated by men and excelled. I look forward to 
>working with her to do more for our dear continent". Anne-Rachel currently works 
>with the Internet Cooperation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) and is very 
>active in leading the organization's efforts to improve Internet Policy in the 
>Africa Region.
>Before handing over Award to Anne-Rachel, Dr Nii Quaynor stated that " She has 
>also demonstrated an immense commitment with her continued engagement with 
>AfriNIC & AfNOG community in the interest of Africa as a whole.
>Anne-Rachel has made the African Technical community better known to many 
>African economic and political organizations".
>It was announced during the awards ceremony that a website dedicated to the Nii 
>Awards would be launched soon to keep the memory of this Award alive as well as 
>to better inform the community.
>Besides the main Nii Award, a Junior Award was also given to Michuki Mwangi for 
>his continuous contribution to the internet technical community.
>Michuki Mwangi is currently the Snr Education Manager at the Internet Society 
>(ISOC) and lead several training activities within AfNOG and AfriNIC program.
>According to Dr Nii Quaynor "Michuki Mwangi has contributed tremendously to the 
>local community in Kenya through his work with ccTLD, Internet exchange point 
>and Root servers in the country.  Michuku has also contributed in pan African 
>ways as a regular AfNOG Instructor, as a leading member of AftLD and for 
>championing the establishment of  country NOGs. Michuki's contributions are 
>globally recognized and he is a good example for next generation engineers".
>Mark Tinka was Nii Award Young Professional 2009 honoree.
>Anne-Rachel Inne, Regional Liaison for Africa is part of the Global Partnership 
>Department at ICANN that has a network of seven regional liaisons so far. It was 
>established in response to Internet community demand and in implementation of 
>ICANN's publicly agreed strategic plan.
>Her responsibilities include outreach, support to and engagement with respective 
>regions and stakeholders, civil society, business and governments; partnering 
>with respective organizations; delivering against an action plan consistent with 
>ICANN's operations and strategic plans.
>Anne-Rachel Inne was first a translator, then a sales manager for UTA/Air France 
>for the Niger office and then an ICT for development practices consultant. She 
>has a Master of Arts in English/Translation from the University of Paris XII, 
>and graduated in 1997 from the  University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with 
>an MBA in International Management.
>Prior to working for ICANN, she worked as a consultant on local, regional and 
>international projects for the UNDP/UNOPS, UNCTAD, the French Ministry of 
>Foreign Affairs, the IICD, the Francophonie, etc. She is a member/board member 
>of several African and international organizations that work with/for the 
>private sector with a focus on ICTs. She is the god mother of youth community 
>radios, cyber centers and is a long time member of the Rotary. She practices 
>sports in general.
>Michuki Mwangi is an Internet Technologist specializing in IXPs, DNS and Policy 
>Michuki  joined ISOC in April 2008 as Senior Education Manager working with the 
>Education team to promote Internet growth and sustainability in the developing 
>Michuki was an Internet technology consultant and he previously served as the 
>Administrative Manager at the .KE registry (KENIC). He was the President of the 
>African Top Level Domain (AfTLD) Association and continues to serve as Chief 
>Technology Officer (CTO) of the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP)in a 
>volunteer capacity.
>He is active in the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG), the Country Code 
>Name Supporting Organization (ccNSO) of ICANN, AfriNIC (the Regional Internet 
>Registry for Africa), and several other local and international technology 
>Michuki holds a diploma in computer analysis and design from Data Center College 
>in Nairobi, Kenya.
>About Network Information Infrastructure (Nii) Service Award The Nii Service 
>award was established by AfNOG at its 10th anniversary to honor those who have 
>made outstanding contributions in service to the Internet community in Africa. 
>The focus is on continued substantial technical contributions, individual 
>contributions and service to the community. The program looks at how you have 
>assisted, supported or enabled others. The award will be given annually at AfNOG 
>meetings. There is an accompanying Young Professional Award.
>About AfNOG
>The African Network Operators Group is a forum for the exchange of technical 
>information, and aims to promote discussion of implementation issues that 
>require community cooperation through coordination and cooperation among network 
>service providers to ensure the stability of service to end users.
>In May 2009 awards were also given to AfNOG Conveners and Instructors who had 
>made significant contributions to the community. The honorees included Alain 
>Aina, Alan Barrett, Ayitey Bulley, Sunday Folayan,  Mark Tinka, Chris Pinkham 
>and Randy Bush. A special award was also given to Hon Tarek Kamel, Minister of 
>Communications of Republic of Egypt who had been a long time contributor in the 
>technical community in Africa and hosted the 10th anniversary meeting of AfNOG.
>Contact AfNOG at :
>Nancy Dotse,
>AfNOG Secretariat
>16 Boundary Road, East Legon
>P.O Box 3035,
>Accra, GHANA
>Phone: + 233 277 552 308
>Fax:      + 233 302 521 696
>Email: secretariat at afnog.org
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Anne-Rachel Inne

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