[AfrICANN-discuss] Australians see Internet as 'fourth utility'

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Australians see Internet as 'fourth utility'

A survey into the online habits of Australians reveals that a fifth of the country's inhabitants would choose to go without heating, food or television before losing their internet connection.
Melbourne was found to have the most connected homes, more than half of the households in the city have over four devices that can access the Internet. These include laptops and iPads, Web-capable big screen TVs and video game consoles. The survey finds that older Australians own the most number of PCs while younger Australians are more likely to use a laptop at home.
The results reinforce the belief of experts that Internet access is now considered as a "fourth utility" that is as important as electricity, water and gas. The survey, which was financed by Telstra, the telecommunications and media company, also finds that over 60 percent of homes in Victoria exceed monthly Internet limits. About 15 percent of homes in the state also admit to having fights about Internet usage (using too much bandwidth, hogging the computer) as opposed to 13 percent that report disputes over control of the TV remote.
"Clearly the appetite for broadband is only going to increase," said Rebekah O'Flaherty, executive director for Telstra, in an interview with the Herald Sun.
"With information, entertainment and news being enjoyed across multiple devices in the house, it's not surprising that consumer demand for speed, simplicity and value from their broadband is growing."
Source : http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/38118/20100726/australia-internet.htm 		 	   		  
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