[AfrICANN-discuss] Rwanda: Internet Service Providers Should Have a Back-Up Plan

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Rwanda: Internet Service Providers Should Have a Back-Up Plan
10 July 2010


Kigali — For the last few days internet users in the country and some other parts of Africa have experienced an internet breakdown. Rwandatel, the country's biggest Internet Service Provider (ISP), later reported that the SEACOM cable which supplies Internet to Rwanda had broken down.

As a country that relies on Internet, such interruptions are costly. Businesses have now been left counting losses, since the world of today, heavily relies on the internet for smooth operation.

Internet Service providers, just by looking at the volumes of their clients, should now be well aware that any interruptions in connections are a serious disruption to people's daily lives.

While such breakdowns are accidental, ISPs should know better that a back-plan will always come in handy. With the advancements in technology, there are multiple options to the SEACOM cable, which the ISPs should subscribe to, instead of inconveniencing their clients.

One of the key components of efficient management is the ability to manage a crisis and having an alternative in case things do not go according to plan. This same principle should be applied by the ISPs.

Additionally, it is always important that the ISPs inform their clients as soon as there is a breakdown and also let them know when the system is expected to be up and running again. That way, the clients can plan accordingly.


Source : the new times
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