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Chris Mulola chris.mulola at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 11:23:12 SAST 2010

Hi All,

Below is some courses that I chose for some examples of courses that are
available with USTTI (United States Telecommunications Training Institute),
you can also browse its ustti website *http://www.ustti.org* for more info.


*10-XXX* <http://www.ustti.org/courses/display.php3?CourseID=344>   CERTs
and Cybersecurity Coordination

Sponsor: Packet Clearing House                Location: Washington, DC


*10-XXX* <http://www.ustti.org/courses/display.php3?CourseID=294> WiMAX and
the Wireless Broadband Revolution: the Technical, Business, and Spectrum
Policy Ramifications in the Global Marketplace

Sponsor: Intel Corporation     Location: Santa Clara, CA

* *

* *


*10-XXX*  IMT (3G/4G) Mobile Broadband and Mobile TV

Sponsor: QUALCOMM Incorporated     Location: San Diego, CA


*10-XXX* <http://www.ustti.org/courses/display.php3?CourseID=295>
to the Internet Global Collaborative Development

Sponsor: Internet Society (ISOC)      Location: Washington, DC


*10-XXX* <http://www.ustti.org/courses/display.php3?CourseID=361> Internet
Service Provider Design Seminar and Backbone Routing Protocol Workshop

Sponsor: Cisco Systems, Inc.       Location: San Jose, CA


*10-XXX     **DNS and Related Internet Technologies*

Sponsor: VeriSign, Inc.             Location: Washington, DC


*10-XXX <http://www.ustti.org/courses/display.php3?CourseID=325> *Network
and Internet Resilience: IP Network Security; Network Disaster Recovery;
e-Government Initiatives, and Internet Governance

Sponsor: AT&T                      Location: Washington, DC

Best regards,

Chris Mulola

Real genius is knowing how to improve upon someone else's work. Albert
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