[AfrICANN-discuss] Uganda: Service Providers Must Register Phone Lines

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Uganda: Service Providers Must Register Phone Lines
2 July 2010


Kampala — Godwin Tumusiime, the prime suspect in the killing of Kham Kakama was able to pick the first ransom money by mobile phone transfer from the boy's father without being arrested.

The Police have warned that there are cases of people using the mobile phone system to commit offences such as insulting, conning and issuing death threats before throwing away the set.

Because the mobile phone companies do not register those who buy phone lines, the Police fail to track down the culprits in such offences. This is a worrying trend.

In Uganda, buying a phone sim card is as easy as buying a sweet. This should not be allowed to continue because it makes it easy for criminals. The Regulation of Interception of Communications Bill 2007 before Parliament provides for registration of phone numbers and their owners.

However, this bill has taken too long and it could be many months before that law is passed. We cannot wait until then.

The service providers should not wait until the law compels them to register their subscribers.

They should act responsibly and do it. They should record vital and authentic data about each customer, like banks do. By limiting the extent to which their service is used in crime, they will be doing a service to society.

The internal affairs ministry should also speed up the implementation of the national identity card system.


Source : the new vision
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