[AfrICANN-discuss] East Africa: Second Submarine Cable Operations to Take Off

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East Africa: Second Submarine Cable Operations to Take Off
Victor Karega
1 July 2010

Communication tariffs are expected to nosedive after operations of the Tanzania's second submarine cable, the East African Submarine cable System (Eassy), begin towards the end of this month, it has been learnt.

Zantel, one of the investors in the project, was optimistic that the beginning of the Eassy project operations would revolutionalise broadband communication in the country. "Tanzania will, through the technology and innovation brought by this cable, open up to the world for business as better communication will facilitate more trade with other countries," the Zantel chief commercial officer, Mr Norman Moyo, said in a statement yesterday.

Telecommunication companies would be able to shift from satellites to broadband technologies, plummeting voice and data communication tariffs in the process, he explained. Besides Eassy, Tanzania boasts of having another submarine cable manned by Seacom. Eassy is a crucial stage of the Zantel's strategy to improve communications and to broaden access to information throughout Tanzania and neighbouring countries, thereby enriching lives and supporting business growth.

The growing demand for data services, Mr Moyo explained, led memmbers of the business community to rely on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to carry out their daily transactions. He commended the government for its helping hand in developing ICT in the country, making the industry with latest technology in the region being one of the most profitable and competitive sector.

The Zantel Chief further commended the regulatory body, Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), for encouraging healthy competition and growth by creating a business-friendly structure, which enabled small businesses to venture into the communication sector. Ends

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