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For Immediate Release
20 January 2010


*"African Inter-Governmental Coordination and Cooperation for a Safer 

Challenges related to cyber crime and Internet security pose a serious 
threat to the confidence and progress of Internet service worldwide 
including in Africa. Therefore, AfriNIC is advocating increased 
communications and coordination with the National Regulatory 
Authorities, governments, policy makers and the technical community to 
improve confidence and trust in the cyberspace.

"African Inter-Governmental Coordination and Cooperation for a Safer 
Internet" is the theme at the AfriNIC Government Working Group -- Law 
Enforcement Event that is scheduled to take place 25 -- 26 January 2010, 
at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Cyber City, Mauritius.

During this two-day event that is closed to government officials who are 
responsible for law enforcement and cyber security, participants will 
discuss: current challenges with Internet-related crimes; steps being 
taken by law enforcement agencies; ways in which these challenges 
manifest in their respective countries and potential efforts to combat 
such challenges; ideas to promote security by facilitating global 
cooperation and coordination; insight into the Internet Ecosystem and 
its governance; National CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team) 
Programs implemented in the African region; and, how government agencies 
can participate in the policy development process to ensure their voices 
are heard regarding Internet protection issues.

"We are looking forward to this very important opportunity to exchange 
with government law enforcement agencies in our region. Creating strong 
alliances and sharing information between governments is a step in the 
right direction to achieving a more secure and safer Internet and 
AfriNIC is committed to continuing its efforts to facilitate such 
initiatives" stated Mr. Adiel Akplogan, CEO, AfriNIC.

Government officials representing various countries in the African 
region will attend this event, as well as the US Department of Justice, 
Council of Europe, ICANN/IANA, and other RIR organisations.

The African Network Information Center (AfriNIC) is the Regional 
Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa, responsible for the distribution and 
management of Internet number resources throughout the African region.

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