[AfrICANN-discuss] China, a Country which has turned into a Rogue State

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Sun Jan 17 21:26:53 SAST 2010

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>People will turn off security if it means more work for them.  This applies to users of open source software and to those using Microsoft products.

Interesting insight, but it is the reason i talk about "Secure practices" - These don't apply only to the administrative/design side, but stretches to the user side - Users need to understand the possible ramifications of a little security laxity (firewall turned off, weak passwords, not updating SW etc ) that they tread for comfort (more work);  and as security people our mission is to continually educate them on the same.

>Is it safe for me to click on that link?  I was told never to click on any link in emails

Incidentally, this is the first tip i cover on the link :-) - But yes, the link is secure.............and i get your point, its as "oxymoronic" as it can get

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