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 Welcome to 2010. Now What?

2010 January 2
 by MHB

Welcome to 2010.

A new year and a new decade.

What’s in store?

Here are the greatest challenges I think we will face this year as an


The Kentucky domain seizure case is still
just a couple of weeks ago the Commonwealth said they are now going to
add individuals and companies as additional defendants to the suit.

Just this month, the state of Utah has proposed its own
would attempt to regulate domain ownership.

Look for additional states and local jurisdictions to attempt to regulate
the Internet, especially if the Kentucky action is somehow ultimately

One US federal governmental agency this
out an order to registrars to terminate domain registrations of over
100 domains that were selling prescription medicine over the net, without
any court hearing or opportunity for the domain owners to be heard.

And in China over 5,000 people were arrested this
a crackdown on porn, while China heavily regulated the content on or
banned completely sites like YouTube.com, Twitter.com and Facebook.com so
its not .com investors that have to be concerned but those who own ccTLD’s
which are subject to regulation of the sponsoring country.

Both WIPO and UDRP administrators have proposed quick and cheap resolution
methods which they would like to implement this year, which will only
increase the amount of filings against domain holders.

As it stands today WIPO and UDRP decisions have little uniformity and as we
have noted before, decisions are becoming an ever increasingly just a crap
shoot placing domains in jeopardy.

Finally CADNA is still pushing for additional federal legislation along the
lines of the Snow Bill.

As I have said many times the only real defense domainers as a group have is
the Internet Commerce Association (the “ICA”) who has made a lot of progress
standing up for domain holders rights.

A membership in the ICA will certainly the best investment you will make
this year to protect your investments in domains but don’t be surprised to
see you legal bill increase in the coming years.

*New TLD’s.*

We still don’t truly know what the effect of 10’s or 100’s of new extensions
will have on value and demand of current TLD’s. We can all make our
predictions, but until these new extensions are launched en mass, we can
only guess and opine as to the outcome.

More troubling is we still do not know all of the possible “side effects”
that the new rules ICANN is setting out for the new extension will have on
all current extensions, as all registries, including existing ones, want to
be treated the same.

*Increased registration costs*

Verisign has already announced at 7% increase in registration and renewal
fees for .com’s starting on July 1. For those domainer who only keep domains
which pay for themseleves with PPC earnings, those earning will have to
increase 7% just to break even. Those domainers who are heavily dependent on
PPC revenue may renew less domains, especially is they do not have a good
strategy for sales. Anytime costs increase and revenue does not follow, its

*Apps, Tablets, NetBooks, Smartbooks, Facebook, Twitter and other new

What effect will new technology have on domains?

What effect will the new smaller generation of computers have on domains?

In 2010 Apple will launches its new Tablet computerand a smaller version of
Netbooks called Smartbooks, will also be hitting the shelves. Some believe
these machines will be used less for direct navigation and more for
accessing sites like Twitter, Facebook which themselves have a ton of
applications, which may make direct navigation even less possible.

Facebook and Twitter have become to a large extent, self sufficient portals
containing their own Apps.

What will the short and long term consequences of the shift to smaller
machines and bigger portals be on domains and there value?

Less type-in traffic to domains?

Seems to be a reasonable conclusion.

Will the increased popularity and avaliabity of Apps help or hurt domain

That the subject of tomorrow’s post.

Yet there can be no doubt that new technology may change users habits which
could negatively effect domain values. On the other hand if your holding
domain that going to be the name of the next great App or technology you may
hit the jackpot.

Finally although not a issue just for our industry, you should all tax note
that the “Bush Tax Credits” expire at the end of this year and capital gains
rates as well as ordinary income rates are bound to rise in 2012, so you
should consider that in your business planning as dollars you receive in
2010 maybe taxed at a lower rate than those in 2011.

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