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Dear All,


As part of planned activities for our campaign against cybercrime, a new
song and video were released on February 3, 2010.


You can listen to (and download) the song at http://is.gd/7FDTC, and the
video is available at http://is.gd/7Dsp4. You should also see the project
interview at http://is.gd/7DsAt. If you prefer to download the song's
ringtone (free), text MAGA to +2347026702053 or visit http://cli.gs/maga
from your phone's browser. 


Please read more about the campaign at www.pinigeria.org/isspin.


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For Immediate Release
5 February 2010   

                            An African Inter-Governmental Coordination and
Cooperation for a Safer Internet


Cybercrime and security is a growing concern, a priority, and hot topic
today for law enforcement as well as the Internet technical community.
Realising the importance of collectively addressing this issue, AfriNIC has
established the AfriNIC Government Working Group (AfGWG) initiative with the
first round table for Law Enforcement Agencies on the theme of "African
Inter-Governmental Coordination and Cooperation for a Safer Internet" which
took place 25 - 26 January 2010, at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Cyber
City, Mauritius.  There were thirty-five (35) delegates from eleven (11)
countries representing government officials who are responsible for law
enforcement and cyber security in Africa, the Council of Europe, the US
Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigations, ICANN/IANA, and
other RIR organisations.  QCC Information Security Ltd (Mauritius) was a
sponsor of the social event.

This event is the first step in AfriNIC's strategy to improve its
cooperation and support to governments in their quest to better understand
the Internet governance ecosystem and positively contribute to policy
discussions and matters that are of their interest. "If we want the Internet
to be a safer place for business and a tool that can foster Socio-Economical
Development in Africa, we need to better understand the Economics of the
Internet and create a broad and participative cooperation where each party
and stakeholder play their role for efficient policies and collaborative
frameworks to fight cybercrime," said Mr. Adiel Akplogan the CEO of AfriNIC.

During this two-day event, the participants discussed current challenges
with Internet-related crimes; steps being taken by law enforcement agencies;
ways in which these challenges manifest in their respective countries and
potential efforts to combat such challenges; ideas to promote security by
facilitating global cooperation and coordination; insight into the Internet
Ecosystem and its governance;  how cooperating with existing organisations
such as AfriNIC can impact the work of Law Enforcement Agencies; and,
National CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team) Programs implemented in
the African region.
Feedback from most of the participants was very positive, such as from Mrs.
Farida Waziri, Chairperson of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,
Nigeria, who stated, "It has been very informative. Glad to be in Mauritius,
though it was a technical meeting, I have been able to pick and learn many
things. I am concerned about the level of crime in Nigeria and this kind of
meeting will help me takeaway information for my country and try building
training in the very near future.  This event really met our expectations
and that is why I stayed one more day."  
The exchange of information and ideas proved to be very useful to the
participants as expressed by Mrs. Pierrette Djossou Amoussou,
Telecommunications Engineer, Benin's Posts & Telecommunications Transitory
Regulatory Authority, who stated, "This was a well organized event, the
content was very interesting and we received desired information.  We have
gathered interesting information on cyber crimes and different issues from
other countries.  We are much concerned about cyber crimes and we will make
sure that the necessary actions are taken at our level in Benin." 
The outcome of the meeting was to continue to strengthen the AfGWG and hold
subsequent meetings in other African regions; to include legal entities and
create a legal framework; involve universities and the younger generation in
cyber crime and law enforcement efforts;  and to establish a single
repository for cybercrime and security in the African region. The next AfGWG
Cyber Crime/Law Enforcement event will take place in November 2010 at the
13th AfriNIC Public Policy meeting. AfriNIC has created an open mailing list
for the exchange of cyber security information, subscribe by sending a
request with your name, title, organisation, and, email to
contact at afrinic.net and include afgwg-discuss in the subject line.
Presentations from this event are available
The African Network Information Center (AfriNIC) is the Regional Internet
Registry (RIR) for Africa, responsible for the distribution and management
of Internet number resources throughout the African region.

Lillian Sharpley
press at afrinic.net 

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