[AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN 39 - Cartagena: Follow up issues

Katim S. Touray kaamt at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 22 12:39:16 SAST 2010

Dear all,

I join all the others in wishing you well and sending you season's greetings!

I'd like to bring up a few follow-up issues about the recently-concluded ICANN 
39 meeting in Cartagena, Colombia (http://cartagena39.icann.org/):

	1. Support for needy gTLD applicants - you'll recall that efforts are on-going 
(through the JAS Working Group) to develop proposals for supporting needy 
developing countries applicants for new gTLDs.  A session was held on the 
matter, and archives of the audiocast are available online 
(http://cartagena39.icann.org/node/15499) .  In addition, a statement was issued 
on the matter by the African ICANN community 
(http://forum.icann.org/lists/jas-milestone-report/msg00000.html).  The JAS 
Working Group has issued a milestone report and addendum, and both are available 
for public comment until Jan. 10, 2011 
	2. ICANN Strategic Plan - the 2011-2014 ICANN Strategic Plan has also been 
posted for public comment.  The Strategic Plan spells out ICANN's strategic 
objectives and activities to be carried out in the plan period.  The strategic 
plan will be implemented through an operational plan and a budget, both of which 
will be reviewed after the strategic plan is finalized.  Archives of the 
audiocast and presentations at the Cartagena session on the ICANN strategic plan 
are available at: http://cartagena39.icann.org/node/16009  As with the  JAS 
Working Group reports, the strategic plan has also been posted for public 
comment until Jan. 10, 2011 
(http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/#draft-strat-2011).I urge you to take 
the time to review the above-mentioned documents, and provide your feedback on 
them.  The JAS Working Group report will form the basis for efforts to support 
new gTLD applicants from developing countries, and as such, could use valuable 
input from those of us from these countries.

With regards to the ICANN strategic plan, it is important to realize that the 
best way to have ICANN support activities would be to have them included in the 
strategic plan.  If, for example, we want ICANN to support capacity-building in 
ccTLD management, we must ensure that such an activity is in the strategic plan, 
and is included in the operational plan, and the budget.  So the starting point 
is the strategic plan, and we have to provide our thoughts on what areas and 
activities ICANN should be engaged in.  If we don't, we run the risk of these 
issues being omitted from the strategic plan, and hence, making it very 
difficult, if not impossible, to get funding for them in the future.  It's 
really as simple as that.

I guess that's about it for now.  Again, season's greetings, and best wishes for 



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