[AfrICANN-discuss] Hacking and Security Forum 1st Edition - February 28 to March 8, 2011.

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Hacking and Security Forum 1st Edition - February 28 to March 8, 2011.

FHS (Forum Hacking and Security) is a vendor neutral conference aimed to provide a platform of collaboration and knowledge sharing on the latest development of Cyber security. The event aims to bring together professionals and experts from the world.

 The local chapter of Internet Society in Togo and I services Togo are pleased to announce they are hosting the first edition of   "FHS - Forum Hacking & Security" in Lome - Togo from March 07 to March 08 2011.

About the event

ISOC TOGO organizes two-day conference during which several Experts will make presentations on various areas of Information system security and computer hacking techniques. This event will be preceded by 07 days of intensive training workshops.

Because the cyberspace has now become the place in which our economic activities grow, we are facing growing threats that make it particularly vulnerable. International Experts from different professional backgrounds will bring the most current answers to address new threats that emerge within the digital space.

These two days conference will bring together all professionals from Africa and our friends from the world: politicians, business leaders, financial institutions, IT professionals, law enforcement, academic, government, justice, etc...

Date: 07 to 08 Mars 2011.

Lieu : Lomé / Togo


Pre - Event 

      ISOC TOGO Workshop in French.  
     Feb 28 to Mar 02 2011
      LIR+IPV6 Workshop in French in partnership with AfriNIC  (Tentative agenda)
     Mar 03 to Mar 05 2011
      CISSP CBT (Certified Information System Security Professional) organized by Iservices Togo and ISC2 
     Feb 28 to Mar 04 2011
      Ethical Hacking and Countermeasure (CEH) workshop in English organized by Iservices Togo. - see www.groupeiservices.com  
     Feb 28 to Mar 04 2011
      NB: From March 05 to March 06 - A certification room will be available for those willing to pass the CEH exam. CEH.

Event: Conference

      FSH Edition 1 - Conference                                                   
     March 07 to March 08 2011

Call for speakers 



Submission of papers (subject and resume): Jan 08, 2011

Notification to authors: Jan 15, 2011

Submission Process

Proposals for papers should be sent to presentation at forumsecuritehack.org with CC: president at isoc.tg

The mail must have "FSH-Proposal" in the subject and contain a short speaker's presentation, a brief description of the conference and a detailed plan. Workshop proposals are invited to follow the same process, except that no plan is required. Once accepted his proposal is accepted, the speaker is invited to write the final version of his lecture (including slides and notes) which will be made available online after the event.

Types of Proposals

Any topic related to computer security is welcome; however we encourage originality and innovation. As an example Presentations can be on the following topics:
- Economic crime and money laundering via the Internet;
- Presentation of CERT activities in Africa
- Techniques for Network Security
- Detection of attacks
- Standards and International Regulations 
- Risk Management or Risk Management
- Issues for fixed and mobile operators
- Security systems around e-banking
- Legal fight against cybercrime
- Admissibility of electronic evidence in courts in the sub-region
- Businesses facing new threats - DNSSEC - IPV6 

* For workshops, thanks to specifying your needs (equipment, space, or other). We will take it into account during the validation process.

Duration of presentation
Each presentation should not last more than 30 minutes, questions included.

Participation fees

Full Pass: 1.250.000 FCFA

Access to the CISSP training or the CEH training + the conference 


45.000 F for ISOC individual members participating as individuals

75.000 F for NON ISOC members participating as individuals

225 000 for companies

Training AfriNIC LIR+IPV6 in French - (don't give you access to the conference)

PASS for the Conference only

25 000 F if participating as ISOC individual member

45 000 for participating as Individual non ISOC member

150 000 F for Enterprise

15 000 F for full time students with the presentation of student ID.

 General information

Each visitor to Togo must have a valid passport to obtain visa. If you plan to attend workshops, it is recommended to start the process earlier if possible, since visa procedures may be long.

It is the responsibility of participants to know the requirements on visas that apply to them and to obtain visas requirements (including transit visas) needed to attend Workshops and related meetings. ISOC will assist the candidates in this regard providing visa application information and information about the event.

Health restrictions

Vaccine against yellow fever is required.  Participants will be informed of any health restrictions and regulations for entry into the country.


The International Airport General Eyadema hosts the following international carriers: Asky, Afriqyah, Air France, Air Ivoire, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Air France and  SN Brussels Airlines.

Shuttle organized by ISOC TOGO will be available. 


The currency in Togo is Franc CFA. The rate with euro is 1 Euro for 655.957 FCFA. The money exist in paper range of 10.000 F, 5000F, 2500 F, 1000 F and coins of  5 F, 10 F, 25 F, 50 F, 100 F, 250 F, 500 F. Banks will inform you about the rates.

>From those of you coming from Africa, Banque Atlantique Togo, Ecobank and Financial Bank can be an option. BTCI can take Visa Credit cards.


Togo voltage is 220-240 volts, 50 Hz with European plug. On request, ISOC will provide adaptor but it is recommended to have your own.

Phone Communication

The country code for Togo is 228. 

Togo Télécom is the local phone operator for landline calls. Togo cellulaire and Moov are the mobile phone operators. They have roaming agreement with most of the international operators.

Sponsoring Opportunity


ISOC's events are international and advertised at the international level. Sponsoring the event gives your company an international visibility. Many sponsorship opportunities are available: tea break, the training room, lunch, the social event, a tour, by providing computer equipment, travel ticket to bring in an international speaker etc. 


Platinum Sponsor: Above 5.000.000 FCFA 
Name & logo on the entire conference package: advertisings, website, banners, etc. (Featured place)
Logo on banners (featured place) 

Logo on the T-Shirts

Logo on the conference bag (feature place)

Company brochure on the participants' bag (Must be provided)
3. Banners on the registration area, meeting room, lunch room (must be provided)

Place for exhibition

10 Minutes for company live presentation at the opening ceremony

Access for 2 staff to the conference


Gold: Sponsor: between 5.000.000 F and 2.500.000 FCFA

Name & logo on the entire conference package: advertisings, website, banners, etc. 
Logo on banners 
Logo on the T-Shirts.

Logo on the conference bag

Company brochure on the participants' bag (Must be provided)
1 Banner on the meeting room (must be provided)

Place for exhibition

Access for two staff to the conference


Silver Sponsor: between 2.500.000 and 1.000.000 F

Name & logo on the website 
Logo on banners 

Logo on the T-Shirts

Logo on the conference bag

Place for exhibition

Access for 2 staff to the conference


Bronze: between 1.000.000 and 500.000 F

Name & logo on the website 
Logo on banners 

Logo on the T-Shirts

Access for 2 staff to the conference

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