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News Alert


Public Comments: Draft Final Report on Policy Aspects Regarding Introduction of Single Character IDN TLDs

4 December 2010

The joint ccNSO and GNSO IDN working group (JIG) is pleased to announce the publication of its Draft Final Report<http://ccnso.icann.org/workinggroups/jig-draft-final-report-04dec10-en.pdf> on the policy aspects of introducing Single Character IDN TLDs.

The JIG solicits input from the community on its recommendations regarding the implementation of Single Character IDN TLDs

 1.  Single Character IDN TLDs should be acceptable under the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process and underthe overall policy in IDN ccPDP, taking into account the findings from this report.
 2.  The GNSO policy recommendation in the Final Report for the Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains for Single Character IDN TLDs should be implemented.
 3.  The definition of an "extended grapheme cluster" from section 3 of Unicode Standard Annex #29, should be used to define the concept of a "Single Character IDN" TLD / Label / String.
 4.  Requested Single Character IDN TLD strings should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis in the new gTLD process depending on the script and language. Single Character IDN TLDs should be acceptable, taking into account the specific requirements as contained in the Draft Final Report.

To be most helpful you are kindly requested to submit your comments by 30 December 2010 at: jig-draft-final-report at icann.org<mailto:jig-draft-final-report at icann.org>

An archive of all comments received will be publicly available at: http://forum.icann.org/lists/jig-draft-final-report/

After closure of the comment period, the working group will finalize its Report taking into account the public comments and input which will be published and submitted to the ccNSO and GNSO Councils for their consideration. During the public comment period the Working Group will continue its work on the other topics identified by the working group.


The ccNSO and GNSO Councils recognized that some topics or issues related to the introduction of IDN TLDs are of common interest to both the GNSO and ccNSO, and therefore preferably addressed in a collaborative effort. The Councils established a joint IDN working group. Its charter can be found at: http://ccnso.icann.org/workinggroups/jiwg.htm.

To date the JIG identified the following areas of common interest:

 1.  Single Character IDN TLDs
 2.  IDN TLD Variants
 3.  Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs

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