[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet users spend more and more time on social networks

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Internet users spend more and more time on social networks

Source: http://www.providingnews.com/internet-users-spend-more-and-more-time-on-social-networks.html#ixzz0vSUgzq3u


Visiting social networks and social media websites is taking up more and more of the internet users’ online time – so says a study that The Nielsen Company, global leader in measurement and information, has published on Monday According to the document, 36% of the time spent online by the average internet user is used for social networking, blog reading or personal messaging.
An average American internet user spends about 6 hours every day on the social web. This has grown the consumption of movies, news, videos and sports articles.

The research also shows that people of older age, around their 50s, are spending more and more time online – twice as many Americans of this age have visited social web sites than 18 year old youngsters. This shows that the online audience is growing older.
The rise of interest in social networks boosted the audience of the social games. The study shows that social gaming (with Farmville leading) have overtook personal e-mail as the second most popular online activity, as half of all American internet users spend their time online by gaming.
Another of the Americans’ favorite online pastime is video streaming. On average, Americans have viewed over three hours of video streaming last month. E-mail and instant messaging usage has declined, but it did not disappear. E-mailing takes up 8% of the Americans’ online time, and instant messaging 4%. E-mailing the favorite activity of those who connect to the internet using their smartphones – 42% of their online time is spent with this activity, followed by accessing portals such as Yahoo or AOL.
Internet use has shifted toward social networking in the last year, contributing a great deal to the growth of web sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and causing social gaming to become one of the most profitable online activities.

Source: http://www.providingnews.com/internet-users-spend-more-and-more-time-on-social-networks.html#ixzz0vSUH58f0
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