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We added CERT Instructor Training Course, and here are the AAF events during
Internet Summit of Africa in May-June 2010.

2010.5.27  Africa-Asia Remote Medical Collaboration between Nairobi and

(The Collaboration will be reported at AAF Workshop on 2010.5.30.)

2010.5.30  Morning  AAF Workshop

Morning~Afternoon Cyber Security Workshop(Joint Hosting)
2010.5.31  Web Workshop(Joint Hosting)
2010.6.01  CERT Instructor Training Course(Joint Hosting)

The joint hosting is by AfNOG, AfriNIC, AfREN, and AAF.
Please check http://AfricaAsia.net for detail including the programs.
Please note that www.AfricaAsia.net may be out of dated.

Please note that there is not "one-stop registration" for all events during
Internet Summit of Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, and you need to register
separately for AAF(on site), AfriNIC(web, on site), AfNOG(web, on site), and
AfREN(on site).

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in Kigali next month.

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