[AfrICANN-discuss] Report of the February 2010 Kyoto DNS Symposium Released

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 Report of the February 2010 Kyoto DNS Symposium Released

26 April 2010

ICANN is today releasing Measuring the Health of the Domain Name
6.07 MB]. This paper presents the findings from the 2nd Global Annual
Symposium on DNS Security, Stability and Resiliency, conducted 1-3 February
2010 at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan. Program committee members chose to
focus this year's conference on the theme of measuring the health of the
DNS. As the entire Internet relies daily on the DNS, understanding its
health – both at a given instant and as it changes over time – is critical
for being able to reasonably predict the DNS's health outlook and to decide
whether to take corrective measures. The Symposium endeavored to analyze the
state of understanding DNS health, the key vital signs for the DNS and how
the community might approach improving measurement and assessment of DNS

Note: This report is a collaborative effort and is intended to be a
summation of thoughts, opinions, and ideas expressed at the Symposium; it
does not represent any particular individual's or organization's opinion.
The Symposium steering committee has validated this report as an accurate
representation of the discussions and recommendations for further study from
the Symposium.

For reference, the report of the 1st Global DNS Security, Stability and
Resiliency Symposium, conducted in February 2009 at Georgia Tech University,
Atlanta, Georgia, United States, is available at
http://www.gtisc.gatech.edu/pdf/DNS_SSR_Symposium_Summary_Report.pdf [PDF,
502 KB].
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