[AfrICANN-discuss] Will DNSSEC kill your internet?

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Apr 15 13:40:32 SAST 2010

At 16:23 14-04-10, ALAIN AINA wrote:
>yes, and i am just wondering how many will try  to  enable dnssec on 
>their recursive DNS server or use one of the tools(plugins for 
>browsers,  resolvers, etc...) with dnssec  enabled by default we 
>will see around  without really knowing what it means through  the 
>dnssec fever.

The subject line reminds me of 
I do not understand why I face the risk of losing my Internet 
connection on 5 May.  According to the message, there is some kind of 
switch that will be flipped on 5 May for all 13 roots.  The science 
bit about that does not look correct.

>I also noticed that the expression "when all13 roots are signed" is 
>getting popular. DNSSEC does not sign server, it signs zone. We 
>should say "When all the 13 roots are serving signed root zone"



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