[AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN annoucements -- Synchornised IDN ccTLDs and Bulk Transfer of DotSpeedy Domains to Secura GmbH

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Webinars: Synchronized IDN ccTLDs

8 April 2010

ICANN posted on 22 March 2010 a Proposed Implementation Plan for
Synchronized IDN ccTLDs.

Synchronized IDN ccTLDs are described by situations in the Fast Track
Process where:


      IDN ccTLDs are requested in more than one official language or
script in a country/territory,

      the requests for corresponding multiple strings are considered equivalent,

      delegation would solve a significant problem for Internet users, and

      users accessing domains under any of the equivalent IDN ccTLDs
expect that such domains will resolve to the same address or value.

There are several comments in the still open Public Comment forum for
the proposed plan
In addition, several independent observations and requests for
clarification have been made by the technical community. In order to
address these, ICANN has published a set of Questions & Answers (Q&A)
and is conducting two webinars. The webinars will include a
presentation of the Proposed Implementation Plan and allow for
questions by interested participants.

The webinars will be conducted on Thursday 15 April, 2010 at 01:00 UTC
and at 14:00 UTC. The two webinars will contain the same content but
are set to facilitate participation across time zones. Registration
and more information about webinar participation can be found at the
ICANN e-learning site.

Participants should read the Q&A and the Implementation Plan for
Synchronized IDN ccTLDs prior to the webinar.

The webinars will be recorded and the recordings will be published in
the public comment forum for the Proposed Implementation Plan. The
public comment period was originally scheduled to end on 13 April, and
is now extended through 17 April at 00:00 UTC.

Bulk Transfer of DotSpeedy Domains to Secura GmbH

9 April 2010

ICANN has authorized a bulk transfer of DotSpeedy LLC's gTLD domain
names to Secura GmbH, due to a compliance action taken by ICANN that
resulted in the de-accreditation of registrar DotSpeedy LLC (dba

The affected gTLD registries have taken steps to effect the bulk
transfers. Former registrant-customers of DotSpeedy should soon
receive notices of the transfer from Secura. Customer questions about
the transfer should be directed to Secura, using the contact details
provided below. Additional information about this bulk transfer of
DotSpeedy's domain names is also provided below.


Q. Why was this transfer authorized by ICANN?

A. DotSpeedy's Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) was terminated
by ICANN because of DotSpeedy's failure to comply with the
requirements of the RAA. (The notice of termination is posted at
[PDF, 64 KB]). As a result, DotSpeedy is no longer permitted to
register or manage gTLD registrations.

Q. How was the gaining registrar selected?

A. I CANN followed its De-Accredited Registrar Transition Procedure
(see http://www.icann.org/en/processes/registrars/de-accredited-registrar-transition-procedure-01oct08.pdf
[PDF, 119 KB]) to identify a gaining registrar. Through this
competitive process, Secura was selected.

Q. Will Secura attempt to contact the affected registrants? What
should current/former DotSpeedy customers do?

A. Former customers of DotSpeedy should receive a notice of the
transfer and instructions for continued management of their names from
Secura. Affected customers who do not receive notices from Secura
should contact Secura directly at:

Tel: +49 (0) 221 257 12 13
Fax: +49 (0) 221 925 22 72

Tel: (USA/CA toll-free) +1-866-655-3680
Fax: (USA) +1-734-486-1875

Tel: (UK) +44-871-871-8460
Fax: (UK) +44-705-342-8189

Email: secura at domainregistry.de
Web: www.domainregistry.de

Q. Do registrants have to pay a fee for the bulk transfer?

A. No, there is no cost to registrants for the bulk transfer. Unlike a
normal inter-registrar transfer, the registration terms will not be
extended by a year. Accordingly, it is important to contact Secura if
your registration will expire soon in order to maintain your

Q. Why do former DotSpeedy customers need to contact Secura?

A. DotSpeedy did not forward billing information to Secura.
Accordingly, all registrants must provide updated billing information
or transfer their names to other registrars.

Q. What if former DotSpeedy customers want to use a different registrar?

A. Registrants will continue to be able to transfer their
registrations to other registrars under the Inter-Registrar Transfer
Policy (see http://www.icann.org/en/transfers/). Note that Secura may
deny transfers for the first 60 days following the bulk transfer, at
its discretion. This 60-day period is permissible under the
Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, and is intended to help protect
registrants. The registrant should renew names that will expire during
the first 60 days following the transfer to Secura by contacting
Secura at:


Tel: +49 (0) 221 257 12 13
Fax: +49 (0) 221 925 22 72

Tel: (USA/CA toll-free) +1-866-655-3680
Fax: (USA)  +1-734-486-1875

Tel: (UK) +44-871-871-8460
Fax: (UK) +44-705-342-8189

Email: secura at domainregistry.de
Web: www.domainregistry.de

Q. How will DotSpeedy customers know if a message purportedly from
Secura is legitimate?

A. The message from Secura should direct you to their website hosted
at www.domainregistry.de or refer you to other contact information
provided above. If you believe a message purportedly from Secura is
not legitimate, you should navigate to their web page directly, at
http://www.domainregistry.de. For general advice about avoiding
phishing email messages, you may also wish to refer to the materials
prepared by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (see

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