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FYI. Of general interest to registry operators, and in particular, to
prospective students of the AROC course.

Eric, Please forward as appropriate, e.g., afnic, etc.


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Subject: [Regops] My Notes from the IETF 77 Bar BOF
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 09:31:19 -0400
From: Edward Lewis <Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz>
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It's time to kick off this mailing list.  Jaap says that in a week
147 subscribed.  And waiting another day would mean writing this on
April Fool's Day.

These are notes taken from a meeting held last week at IETF 77.  The
meeting was held at 8pm, after the Wednesday plenary.  By my count,
there were over 40 people present at one point.  Maybe a few more
(but less than, as someone pointed out, the legal limit of 45 for the
room - apparently in California, that matters!).  Outside of this
being at an IETF venue, there was no official standing of the meeting.

The origins of the meeting lay in a growing number of comments
related to registry operations, particularly related to the EPP
protocol.  The catalyst in making the meeting last week happened was
a conversation I had with Francisco Arias in arranging the RDE/IRE
(Escrow) BoF.  Francisco and I listed a number of issues that really
needed to be discussed amongst registration operators but had no
home.  These issues were not restricted to ICANN nor to domain name
registries, not to registries only, and so on.

The list of issues from that meeting include:

1. Escrow (which already has appeared as a BoF in the IETF).
2. EPP, extensions and any future steps for that protocol.
3. Entering DNSSEC data (DNSKEY/DS) into the provisioning system.
4. Specifying performance metrics, specifically for SLAs for registries.
5. What to do about WhoIs.

In the invite for this message a sixth topic was listed too,

6. Discussion of threats to the registration system.

This list is not exhaustive but is indicative of the topics that
could benefit from discussion.

The Role of this List

Thanks to NLNetLabs for volunteering to host this list.

This list is merely a discussion vehicle, there is no sponsoring
organization.  The archives are public (only because we couldn't get
the password feature to work - it isn't implemented according to the
docs), so anything said here can be seen by the general populace.

Discussions that get really detailed will be spun off into other
mailing lists.  In mind is the case of identifying something that
would best be handled by the IETF, where we would create an
"@ietf.org" mail list, seek a BoF and a WG.  Discussions from this
list will likely glom on to the agendas of the various regularly
scheduled meetings of anything to do with registration.

As as example, at the meeting held last week we talked about EPP.  In
a way it was a test discussion to see if there was sufficient energy
on one topic, I'd say the test proved there is.  The goal isn't to
get everyone to use EPP but improve EPP for those that do use it,
have an interest in it.  If improving it spreads interest it it, so
be it.  (Notes on the EPP discussion will be sent separately.)


I've gotten a few questions related to the mission of this list.

How does this compare to RISG?  (http://registrysafety.org/website/)

That is a security-focused group, which is membership driven.  With
most security efforts, some level of confidentiality is maintained
when reacting to a threat.  This list has no confidentiality
"service" and probably no real-time element to react to any imminent
threat.  This list can be used to publicize work done in RISG and to
help point RISG members towards a particular problem to solve.

Is this yet another organization that is CENTR related?

Well, no, not intentionally.  This question came via the announcement
of this list on CENTR.  The invite was sent to ietf (general), dnsop,
dnsext, ietf-provreg, centr-tech, dns-oarc, ire (escrow BoF), APNIC's
SIG-DNS, and a few folks at RIRs - so far.  I wish I could have sent
it to LacTLD and APTLD but I don't know if they have lists.  (And if
there are other TLD operations groups.)

And - that isn't even getting through to domain name registrars, ISPs
(in the role of provisioning subscriber addresses as one example),
and so on.

What kind of discussions will take place?

I imagine engineering (of operations) will dominate for the time
being.  I hope that reporting of outages by non-operators will be
done discreetly by contacting the impacted operator directly and not
aired out on the list.  The list is named "regops" referring to the
fact that we want a technical level of discussion to happen, as
opposed to policy or financial/business discussion.

Can I provide a pointer to the meeting coincident to the IETF?

Yes I can.  Sooner rather than later.

In a subsequent message I'll include my notes on the EPP discussion
that happened.  (I don't want to give the impression that this list
is the EPP discussion list and discourage those bored with EPP

And finally some questions from me ...

Can someone help announce this places like LacTLD, APTLD, and other
lists where it may be pertinent?  (If you can send me the contacts
too it would helpful.)

Edward Lewis
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