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Telecoms package: more competition and improved consumer rights
Information society - 05-05-2009 - 15:07
The "telecoms package" seeks to strengthen consumer rights and privacy
protection, boost investment in new high-speed communications
infrastructure, ensure that regulatory measures are applied consistently
across the EU and modernise radio spectrum use. MEPs will vote on the reform
of the regulatory framework for electronic communications - including mobile
and fixed telephones, broadcasting, wireless and fixed internet - following
a political agreement reached with the Council.

The revised framework directive for electronic communications networks and
services will ensure that radio spectrum management is better co-ordinated
and harmonised across the EU, especially with a view to the switchover from
analogue to digital TV by 2012, which will release a large range of
frequencies currently reserved for broadcasting.

The report drafted by Catherine Trautmann (PES, FR), also seeks to
strengthen co-operation among national regulatory authorities, the new Body
of European Regulators and the Commission to improve the application of the
regulatory framework. The proposed new rules expand the tools available to
national regulators to include, as "an exceptional measure", functional
separation, i.e. a regulatory instrument requiring incumbent operators to
separate their network infrastructure from business units offering services
that use this infrastructure.

To ensure that the regulatory framework is applied consistently, MEPs, led
by rapporteur Pilar del Castillo (EPP-ED, ES) agreed with the Council to set
up a European body bringing together all 27 national regulators - the Body
of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).

An important part of the package (report by Malcolm Harbour (EPP-ED, UK)
aims to improve consumer rights, such as the obligation on operators to
provide more transparent information on tariffs and contractual terms and
easier access to e-services for users with disabilities. The aim is also to
strengthen personal data and privacy protection, e.g. by requiring access
providers to warn internet users of the risk of malicious use of their
personal data or other illegal practices.  A range of measures to enhance
data protection were included in the initial proposal.

This background note gives more detail on each section of the telecoms

   - Respect fundamental rights of internet
   - Strengthen consumer rights to universal
   - Better privacy protection and action against illegal activity on the
   - Reform spectrum management to boost new wireless
   - Expand the regulators' tool
   - Body of European Regulators for Electronic

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