[AfrICANN-discuss] PRESS RELEASE : AfTLD Announces 4th Annual African ccTLD Event in Nairobi Kenya

Eric Akumiah eric at aftld.org
Wed Nov 4 12:52:01 SAST 2009

For Immediate Release

4th Annual AfTLD African ccTLD Event 2-7 March 2010, Nairobi Kenya

The African Top Level Domains Organization (AfTLD), the association of
African ccTLDs, announces its 4th Annual African ccTLD 2010 event. The
event will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 2 - 7 March 2010 just before the
ICANN 37 Meeting. The event will be generously hosted by the Kenya Network
Information Center (KENIC), a member of AfTLD with the support of local
sponsors.  The Annual General Meeting (AfTLD AGM) which will be held on
Sunday, 7 March 2009 will be preceded by a five-day technical training
workshop on Initial Registry Operation Course (IROC), an initiative of
ICANN/ISOC/NSRC, and introduction to DNSSEC.
The theme for the event is “Enhancing Internet Management in Africa”.
AfTLD hereby invites interested parties to attend. Among the parties
expected to attend are:
• ccTLD organizations from Africa and elsewhere
• Telecommunications firms
• Internet service providers (ISPs)
• Governments
• ICT agencies
• Any other interested persons and firms.

The workshop is part of AfTLD’s effort to enhance capacity of ccTLD
managers in the Africa region to manage their registries efficiently and
in a cost effective manner. Presentations will also be made on registry
services and systems to inform ccTLDs in the region on the best systems
and services that suits their environment. An update on AfTLD’s research
activities with the Regional Top Level Domain Organization (RTLDO) and
capacity building efforts will also be made at the annual meeting.
More details including registration page, detailed event program, hotel
and Venue information will be available on the AfTLD website
(www.aftld.org) shortly.

For enquiries on sponsorship and other issues please contact Eric Akumiah,
AfTLD Administrative Manager, at email address secretariat at aftld.org.

About AfTLD
AfTLD was established in 2002 to act as a focal point for African Country
Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) managers in coordinating, formulating,
developing and presenting a unified approach to issues related to the
Domain Name System. AfTLD also presents a forum for sharing ideas between
the regions Internet community with an aim of promoting the utilization of
national country’s Top Level Domains.

Eric Akumiah
AfTLD Administrative Manager,
[T/F] : +233-21767466
[M] : +233-243380612,  +233-203774281
[E]: eric at aftld.org
[W]: http://www.aftld.org
Skype: ericaftldsec

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