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Congratulation brother Adiel

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Felicitations Adiel et bravo ncore pour tous tes efforts.


Accra, Ghana, 19 May 2009 - The African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) has
awarded Internet engineer Adiel A. Akplogan the first Network Information
Infrastructure (Nii) Service Award for 2009 for his contribution in
establishing the very successful African Internet Numbers Registry, AfriNIC,
and for his leadership and service to the African technical community.
AfNOG presented the Award during its 10th anniversary meeting held in Cairo,

"Adiel Akplogan has selflessly worked to establish AfriNIC and worked
tirelessly to grow the membership, improve use of number resources and built
an active technical community in Africa. This has resulted in the growth of
a more robust Internet in Africa and developed an active technical community
of LIRs developing policies appropriate for the region. This has enabled
development of numerous applications throughout  Africa impacting education,
health and commerce in a notable way" said Nii Quaynor, Convener of AfNOG
whom the Award is named after. Nii himself received the Internet Society's
prestigious Jonathan Postel Award in 2007.

Adiel continues to provide leadership in the numbers registry community and
has been a strong African voice in several global technical fora.
Adiel A. Akplogan is the Chief Executive Officer of AfriNIC Ltd., the
Internet Numbers' Resource Registry for Africa since 2004. With more than 15
years experience in the Internet Technology environment, he has previously
worked as New Technology Director at CAFENet (an IT service company based in
Togo - 1994-2000), then as IT Director of Symbol Technologies in France
(2001-2003). He has served as member of the UN Secretary General Internet
Governance Forum Advisors Group since (2006-2009), and  the OIF
(Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) group of Expert on Internet
Governance since 1999. He has served in the African Technical Advisory
Committee of the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa (ATAC/UNECA)
from 2005-2006. Mr. Akplogan is current Chair of the NRO Executive Council
(Number Resource Organization - www.nro.net<http://www.nro.net/>) and was involved with the
setting up of several technical coordination bodies in Africa such as the
African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) where he serves as a member of the
Administrative committee and the African ccTLD Managers Association (AfTLD).
Adiel is an Electrical Engineer and holds a M.Sc. in E-Business and New
Technology Management.

About Network Information Infrastructure (Nii) Service Award
The Nii Service award has been established by AfNOG at its 10th anniversary
to honor those who have made outstanding contributions in service to the
Internet community in Africa. The focus is on continued substantial
technical contributions and service to the community. We place particular
emphasis on leadership through mentoring of young engineers. The award will
be given annually at AfNOG meetings

About AfNOG
The Africa Network Operators Group is a forum for the exchange of technical
information, and aims to promote discussion of implementation issues that
require community cooperation through coordination and cooperation among
network service providers to ensure the stability of service to end users
Other awards were also given to AfNOG instructors who had made significant
contributions to the community. The honorees included Alain Aina, Alan
Barret, Ayitey Bulley, Sunday Folayan,  Mark Tinka and Randy Bush. A special
award was also given to Hon Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications of
Republic of Egypt who had been a long time contributor in the technical
community in Africa and hosted the 10th anniversary meeting of AfNOG

Contact AfNOG at :

Nancy Dotse,
Coordinator, AfNOG Secretariat
16 Boundary Road, East Legon
P.O Box 3035, Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 277 552 308
Fax: +233 21 521 696
Email: sec at afnog.org<mailto:sec at afnog.org>

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