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Wed May 20 23:19:25 SAST 2009

The Advanced Information Technology Institute – Kofi Annan Centre of
Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies (AITI-KACE,
http://www.aiti-kace.com.gh) in conjunction with the Free Software and
Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA, http://www.fossfa.net) and
friends of Guido Sohne invite you to participate in a press conference
scheduled for 3:00 pm on 22nd of May 2009. The venue is the AITI-KACE
premises opposite the Council of State. This will be followed by an
informal get-together of the IT community sponsored by friends of Guido
Sohne at Venus at 6:30 pm.

The purpose of the press conference is to announce the full details of the
Guido Sohne Fellowship. The Fellowship is being setup as a means to
recognize the extraordinary work that Guido did for African technology.
Winners of the Fellowship spots are awarded after an open competition
which requires participants to develop a web application and to write an
essay on the technological vision for Africa that Guido and his
compatriots shared.

Guido Sohne was legendary in his work of "developing information" and
"writing code". His contributions range from his personal vision of  our
future to constructive criticism of regulatory  and other technical policy
frameworks. In the world of code writing Guido's work is recognised both
in the Free and Open Source space as well as the proprietary space. From C
to LAMP, his language proficiency is known. Experienced in the use of 
Operating Systems from Unix to Windows, he has played with Apache, XML,
Chillispot etc. technologies. Above all these, Guido was known to have a
blistering pace in delivering top quality software projects. Guido was,
also, one of the pioneer founders  of the Free Software and Open Source
Foundation for Africa, the premier continental open source foundation in

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