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> http://www.thisdayonline.com/nview.php?id=143666
> Nigeria Attains Full Control of .ng ccTLD
> By Efem Nkanga, 05.18.2009
> The Nigerian Internet community has effected the  redelegation of  
> the .ng ccTLD and attained  full local management of the domain.   
> The President, Internet Registration Association of Nigeria , Engr  
> Ndukwe Kalu, disclosed this in a statement made available to  
> THISDAY yesterday.
> Ndukwe stated that Nigeria had for long sought for full control  
> which if finally attained at ‘’exactly 4pm GMT May 13, 2009, when   
> Verisign made the ICANN approved root server changes to the .ng  
> ccTLD, a few hours later ICANN/IANA effected the board approved  
> redelegation of the Nigerian ccTLD on the IANA website’’ He  
> reiterated that ‘’This effectively brings to an end the long drawn  
> desire and expectation of the Nigerian Internet community to effect  
> redelegation of the .ng ccTLD and full local management’’.
> Ndukwe went down memory lane and disclosed that the .ng ccTLD  
> journey started in 1995 with the first delegation to one of   Mrs  
> Ibukun Odusote as the then admin contact. He added that by 2004  
> with the intervention of the former president of Nigeria Chief  
> Olusegun Obasanjo the Nigerian Internet community represented by  
> the G22 reached a consensus on a not for profit all inclusive body  
> to manage the .ng ccTLD. With the formation and final election of  
> the NIRA executive board in May 2007 the stage was then set for  
> conclusion of the redelegation process and fully localize the  
> management of the ng cc TLD
> He added that the attempt to obtain full control met with a lot of  
> challenges because as a totally new entity the executive had to  
> concentrate on putting in place the required structure and  
> infrastructure that would sustain the .ng ccTLD. He added that the  
> efforts has however paid off because the .ng ccTLD would now be  
> offering its domains in the ccTLD with the most robust technical  
> infrastructure in Africa . The .ng ccTLD according to him is the  
> only ccTLD with multiple anycast name servers offering local  
> resolutions of .ng domain in over 40 cities in five continents with  
> a 100% uptime guarantee. He reiterated that apart from that Nigeria  
> is the second country in Africa to have a fully automated registry  
> with full EPP access making it of global standard that allow  
> registrars from all over the world to interact with it.  Now with  
> the Nigerian registry anyone can register a .ng in seconds and be  
> sure that the name would always be available and visitors to the  
> websites would get translations of the domain names in over 40  
> local cities making for better web experience.
> Ndukwe added that this was a defining moment  for  the Nigerian  
> Internet community and Nigerians.  He added that the redelgation  
> makes NIRA the sponsoring organization and manager of the .nccTLD  
> bringing  the .ng as desired to the greater participation of all  
> stakeholders both government and private sector. He stressed that  
> it has also accorded the former head of NITDA the late Prof Ajayi a  
> new peace as one of his key desires comes to pass and his name is  
> rested from the IANA website. According to him, with the change  
> NIRA has deemphasized personalization of the domain managers but  
> rather has used roles with the admin contact as the role of NIRA  
> President.
>  He also emphasized that the issue NIRA has to grapple with now is  
> that of the full population of the .ng ccTLD, a task which he  
> described as very daunting because of the primary reason that all  
> of the African ccTLDs put together cannot make the ccTLD Top 25. He  
> stated that for an Information Age where the main asset is  
> knowledge, a firm presence in cyberspace cannot be overemphasized.  
> According to him NIRA is set to tackle this challenge by massively  
> pursuing the  population of the .ng ccTLD. It would start this  
> quest by coming out with key projects to achieve this. The vision  
> of NIRA is domiciled in making   Nigeria to make the ccTLD top 20  
> by year 2011. He emphasised that this vision is not just for the  
> sake of making the top 20 but to positively impact the Nigerian  
> economy because with the development of the Nigerian cyberspace  
> countless opportunities would be born for both the state and citizens.
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