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 Draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget .... Ready for Your Consideration

ICANN's Draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget

17 May 2009

Draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget for Community

The draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget is posted and ready for community

The draft plan and budget follows the plans described in the FY10 Framework
which was posted in mid February prior to the Mexico City meeting. The FY10
Framework was discussed with members of the ICANN community at the Mexico
City meeting in March, through online public fora, and through conference
calls with ICANN constituencies. The comments received and the summary
analysis of those comments can be found here:

This draft FY10 Operating Plan and Budget provides more detailed information
but follows the essence of the plan and budget described in the Framework
with adjustments in response to community feedback and further research

   - Constrain budget growth to 5% over FY2009 budget
   - Revenues declining somewhat due to reductions in estimated domain
   transaction volume
   - Possible fee reductions to offset the costs to registrars to adopt
   early the RAA amendments currently under consideration
   - Some increases in travel support
   - Offsetting cost reductions in a number of areas

In addition, more detailed analysis and more views of ICANN's budget are

ICANN has now completed its 10th year, and this draft FY10 Operating Plan
and Budget reflects a growing organization that is attaining operational
maturity in many areas. Many of the organizational support elements
envisioned for ICANN are at levels adequate to provide sufficient support
for the current scale of community work. This means that ICANN's spending
growth is anticipated to slow substantially in the FY10 budget as compared
with previous years (4.9% compared with 30.1% in FY09).

After more public comment and feedback, the budget is expected to be adopted
by the ICANN Board at its Sydney meeting in June 2009.

The world economic environment has dictated that costs that can be deferred
will be. ICANN will likely under run its FY09 budget through some explicit
cost controls as well as through the shifting of some program expenses into

As always, the community is encouraged to comment on how well this plan
addresses priorities identified in the Strategic Plan. The community is
encouraged to comment further regarding the plan elements that might be
streamlined, reduced, or deferred:


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