[AfrICANN-discuss] Ray Plzak on the ICANN Board

Anne-Rachel Inné annerachel at gmail.com
Tue May 5 20:16:42 SAST 2009

ASO AC Selects Ray Plzak to Serve on Seat 9 of ICANN Board of Directors


The ASO is pleased to announce that the ASO Address Council has selected Ray
Plzak to serve for a three-year term on Seat 9 of the ICANN Board of
Directors. Mr Plzak's term will begin on 7 May 2009.

The ASO congratulates Mr Plzak and would also like to thank the other four
candidates who took part in the selection process:

   - Rajesh Chharia
   - Jordi Palet Martinez
   - Barry Shein
   - Suzanne Woolf

Mr Plzak's appointment follows a lengthy selection process, including a
public call for nominations, interviews with eligible candidates, a public
comment period and a vote by all ASO Address Council members. The Address
Council confirmed the result at their meeting on 22 April 2009.

Full details of the process, including information on all eligible
candidates, are available on ASO
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