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 Two-Week Coundown to Sydney!

8 June 2009

ICANN's 35th International Public Meeting is just two weeks away. The
conference will be held 21-26 June 2009 at the Hilton Sydney.

A full schedule for the meeting, including a synopsis of each session being
held throughout the week, is available on the ICANN Sydney Meeting website
at http://syd.icann.org.

*Highlights *

Two main issues will likely dominate the conference: new generic
Top-Level-Domains (gTLDs), and Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs).
Workshops on the status of the new gTLD process, as well as the IDN
Fast-Track process, will take place on Monday.

A Joint AC/SO Meeting, in which representatives from ICANN's constituent
groups will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of Advisory
Committees, Supporting Organisations, Policy Staff and Board Members in
ICANN's processes, is also on Monday's agenda .

Other highlights include: the ccNSO Tech Day (Monday); an Improving
Institutional Confidence Workshop (Wednesday); a forum on Abuse of the DNS
(Thursday); and a public meeting of the Board's Public Participation
Committee (Wednesday).

*Social events *

Two evenings of social events are also written into the calendar. Monday
night will see a cocktail reception at the Hilton, followed by "restaurant
night" on the waterfront in Sydney where several restaurants will offer a
special 20% discount to ICANN Meeting attendees.

On Wednesday, a Gala Event will be held at Sydney's Overseas Passenger
Terminal — where the world's luxury liners dock — with a spectacular view
across Sydney harbour to the famous Opera House and Bridge. An after-party
will be held at The Argyle bar.

*Remote participation *

Are you unable to attend in person, but still wish to follow events online?
You will find extensive remote participation tools on the meeting website at
http://syd.icann.org. Most sessions will have live, multilingual audio
streaming, web chat rooms, and downloadable presentations.

The main room and all ccNSO events will be broadcast live using Adobe's
Connect software, which allows you to not only hear and see what is going on
in the room but also see the presentations, a real-time text transcript, and
interact in a chatroom at the same time.

To access the interactive room you just need to go to a given meeting's
webpage and a single link will launch it (please note: this system may not
work with all Linux users).

For sessions outside those two rooms, visit the session's specific webpage
from the schedule and you will be able to choose from listening to audio
feeds in multiple languages, to interacting in live web chatrooms and/or
downloading speaker presentations.

If you wish to ask a question in the public forum on Thursday, visit our
online question box at http://syd.icann.org/public-forum.

*General information *

Other information regarding Sydney itself, including suggestions on things
to do, travel and visa issues, transportation, and tourist advice are all
available on the Sydney meeting website at http://syd.icann.org.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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