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Public Comment: Fast Track Implementation (3rd Revision)
31 May 2009
ICANN is pleased to announce the public posting of the revised Draft
Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process.
A public comment forum opens today and closes on 15 July 2009. ICANN
is particularly interested in feedback on a number of proposed
implementation features in the Fast Track Process. Separate papers on
these topics are being made available (see links to this
The Fast Track Process is a mechanism to introduce a limited number of
non-contentious internationalized country-code top level domain names
(IDN ccTLDs).
The initial version and two subsequent revisions of the implementation
of the Fast Track Process were discussed at several meetings and
online. That community input resolved a number of issues.
As a result of the progress on the implementation effort, at the
recent ICANN meeting in Mexico, Mexico City, the Board passed several
It is resolved (2009.03.06.03), that the Board thanks the ICANN
community for its work to date and encourages it to continue its work
so that the implementation plan can be finalized and considered by the
Board no later than at its annual meeting in 2009.
It is resolved (2009.03.06.04), that the Board directs staff to work
towards completion of the Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast
Track Process by, among other tasks, continuing consultation on the
Documentation of Responsibility, including a specification for
adherence to the IDN Guidelines and IDN technical standards such as
the IDNA protocol.
It is resolved (2009.03.06.05), that the Board directs staff to
rapidly provide the community with financial information on ICANN
costs attributable to ccTLDs, including the costs associated with IDN
ccTLDs, that will inform the creation of a financial model for cost
contributions to the launch and continued management of the IDN
The revision of the Draft Implementation Plan is being released in an
effort to meet the goal set out in the ICANN Board resolution aimed at
eliciting further community feedback both during and after the ICANN
meeting in Sydney, Australia, June 21-26, 2009.
In further response to the ICANN Board resolution, consultation papers
are made available on the three remaining topics: Documentation of
Responsibility, Fee and Cost Considerations, and the IDN Tables and
Variant Management.
There are separate papers describing proposed implementation details
(listed below). The papers are based on comments and input received
from the community, notably from meetings held at ICANN’s
international public meeting in Mexico City in March 2009.
The public comment period that opens today covers both the Draft
Implementation Plan and the papers. Comments received will be used to
revise this implementation plan in preparation of a final version
prior to ICANN’s meeting in Seoul, 26-30 October 2009. This comment
period ends on 15 July 2009.
Please note that the papers listed below are proposed discussion
drafts only. Potential IDN ccTLD requestors should not rely on any of
the proposed details as they remain subject to further consultation
and revision.
Please also note that it is expected there will be several updates to
this announcement, as papers are released, finalized and translated.
The papers describe:
1.	Draft Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process (rev
3.0) (redlined) [PDF, 528K]
2.	Draft Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process (rev
3.0) (clean) [PDF, 287K]
3.	Revised Proposed Implementation Details Regarding Documentation of
Responsibility [PDF,145K]
4.	Revised Proposed Implementation Details Regarding IDN Tables
Development and Usage (redlined) [PDF, 146K]
5.	Revised Proposed Implementation Details Regarding IDN Tables
Development and Usage (clean) [PDF, 157K]
6.	Proposed Implementation Details Regarding Financial Contributions
to Support the Development and Deployment of IDN ccTLDs [PDF, 84K]
Related links:
Public comment period for Fast Track:
Staff considerations on received comments: (coming)
Working Group Final Report (with public comments):
[PDF, 269K]
Fast Track webpage:
My Name My Language My Internet
After years of development, discussion, review and thought,
internationalized domains are being expanded. While IDNs have been
available under certain TLDs since 2001 (for test purposes) and since
2003 (under technical protocol) they will now become available as TLDs
as well. They will allow for more innovation, choice and change to a
global Internet presently served by just 21 generic top-level domain
For the IDN ccTLDs a Draft Implementation Plan has been developed with
opportunities for public comment. The draft plan describes processes
for countries and territories to request their country or territory
name in their local language or script as an IDN ccTLD. There has been
and will continue to be detailed technical scrutiny to ensure the
Internet's stability and security. For more details see
For IDN gTLDs, while technically no different than the IDN ccTLDs,
these will become available through the process for introduction of
new gTLDs.
A draft guidebook for new gTLDs has also been made available for
public comment, see
http://www.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtld-program.htm for more details.
Additional comment periods will open shortly and ICANN staff is
looking forward to further discussions during the upcoming ICANN
meeting in Mexico City, Mexico.
ICANN is a not for profit corporation dedicated to coordinating the
Internet's addressing system. Promoting competition and choice is one
of the principles upon which ICANN was founded. In a world with 1.5
billion Internet users (and growing), diversity, choice and innovation
are key.
The Internet has supported huge increases in choice, innovation and
the competition of ideas and expanding the concept of TLDs is an
opportunity for more.

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