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  Dear All,

  Hope your morning is well.

  Below are some outlets for getting involved in President Obama's visit - http://www.whitehouse.gov/mediaresources/ 

  SMS. We’ve launched an SMS platform to allow citizens to submit questions, comments and words of welcome (in English and in French) .  Using a local SMS short code in Ghana (1731) , Nigeria (32969) , South Africa (31958)and Kenya (5683), as well as a long code across the rest of the world*, Africans and citizens worldwide will be encouraged to text their messages to the President. SMS participants will also be able to subscribe to speech highlights in English and French. Long numbers for mobile registration pan-Africa: 61418601934 and 45609910343. This SMS platform is not available in the US. We’d love to get a bunch of people signed up and submitting questions via SMS today. 

  Radio.  A  live audio stream of the  President's speech will be pushed to national and local radio stations during the speech. After the speech, a taped audio recording of the President’s answers to the SMS messages received will be made available to radio stations and websites. The President hopes to answer a variety of questions and comments by topic and region. The audio recording will also be made available for download on www.whitehouse.gov and iTunes.

  Online chat. We will host a live web chat around the speech on Facebook.  The White House will also create a Facebook “event” around the speech wherein participants from around the world can engage with one another.  A Twitter hashtag (i.e. #obamaghana) has been promoted to consolidate input and reaction around the event.

  WhiteHouse.gov/Ghana -  On the day of the speech, we will launch www.whitehouse.gov/ghana with links to all of the relevant programs and content (including  transcript, video, etc.) for both domestic and foreign audiences.  

  NB: Sorry for crossposting.

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