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Dear All,

as you know registration for Seoul is opened. Please register and ask for
the invitation letter if you need to ask for visas. The procedure for visas
as you all know can be lengthy and subject to each country's considerations.

*For those applying for the fellwoship programme, today is the deadline to
send in your applications!!!!!*

ICANN no. 36 | 25-30 October 2009   [image:
About]<http://sel.icann.org/about> [image:
Schedule] <http://sel.icann.org/sched-overview>

[image: General Info] <http://sel.icann.org/help>
  About Seoul

A clean and attractive city, Seoul.

Session Details: What it is; Why it's important; Who should attend?
 General Info.

Answers to frequently asked questions.
  [image: Travel and Visa] <http://sel.icann.org/travel> [image: Venue and
Hotels] <http://sel.icann.org/venue> [image:
MAPS]<http://sel.icann.org/maps>  Travel
& Visa

Read about travel requirements or request an invitation letter.
 Venue & Hotels

Book now with special group rates at the venue or see additional supporting

Find your way around the city or locate a meeting room.

*About NIDA*

The National Internet Development Agency of Korea
(NIDA)<http://www.nida.or.kr/english/>was established to develop and
manage Internet address resources which make
up the essential infrastructure of u-Korea, the future society based on
knowledge and information. Since taking over for its predecessor, the Korea
Network Information Center (KRNIC) which was founded in 1999, NIDA has
managed to consolidate its areas of operation and play a leadership role in
managing Korea's Internet address resources. KRNIC was reborn into NIDA as
public corporation responsible for managing Internet in 2004 as the Internet
has been recognized as a public resource. In addition to managing Internet
address resources, NIDA also has the following business sectors:

- Researching the Next generation Internet address resources

- Developing the Internet related policy

- Building up the environment for the Internet society

- Promoting the Internet usage

- Constructing the more convenient Internet

- Cooperating with the global Internet community

*Contact NIDA:*

National Internet Development Agency of Korea
Address: 11F, 398, Seochoro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 137-875
Website: http://www.nida.or.kr/english/
Tel: +82-2-2186-4489 Fax:+82-2-2186-4494
E-mail:icannseoul at nida.kr <E-mail%3Aicannseoul at nida.kr>
Feel free to contact the secretariat if you have any inquiries.
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