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> Subject: [kictanet] Employment Opportunity: Head of Policy, African  
> Internet Service Providers Association
> Job Description: Head of Policy
> Based in Nairobi, Kenya, the Head of Policy for AfrISPA secretariat  
> is a new position and is yet to be filled. This is a full time  
> employee position. He/She reports to the General Manager and with  
> his support monitors, manages and evaluates AfrISPA's policy  
> agenda. He/She plays a key role in developing the AfrISPA community  
> by enhancing the policy function, expanding the scope and range of  
> policy actions and providing focused and sustained engagement with  
> policy-makers, regulators and key stakeholders at national,  
> regional and continental level.
> Under the supervision of the General Manager, the Head of Policy is  
> responsible for;
> Raising the profile of AfrISPA as a significant influence on policy  
> and regulation for the Internet in Africa
> Working strategically with members of the Board, management and  
> development teams to create, shape and disseminate the  
> association's policy positions and key messages
> Developing the association's policy function
> Representing the association at a senior level, engaging with  
> appropriate stakeholders to maintain the quality and relevance of  
> our work and to increase the association's impact on the  
> development of public policy
> Leading the policy function, managing the policy team
> Leading the development and delivery of policy projects to meet  
> strategic objectives
> Identifying and disseminating the implications for the Internet and  
> Internet stakeholders of changes in government, AU and  
> international policy and regulation
> Maintaining an overview and identifying gaps and new areas for  
> policy work and making appropriate recommendations to the senior  
> management team
> Managing projects to improve the evidence base of our policy positions
> Providing other members of the team with appropriate briefings,  
> papers and presentations
> Providing policy input to the association's interdisciplinary projects
> Writing policy content for the website and other communications  
> activities
> Contributing to the planning and management of annual work programmes
> Seeking out, developing and managing opportunities for grant  
> funding and commissioned work
> Taking part in corporate communications activities, development and  
> fundraising efforts as required
> Interested candidates should email their CV and full contacts to  
> brian at afrispa.org
> AfrISPA Policy Advocacy
> The next phase of AfrISPA's work requires enhanced capacity on the  
> policy and regulatory front. To this end the secretariat will be   
> expanded to include a "Head of Policy" position. This role would  
> design, organise and implement policy advocacy actions across the  
> entire spectrum of issues that affect Internet markets in Africa.  
> This will follow AfrISPA Policy Development Strategic Canvas as  
> follows:
> Policy Development:
> Strategic Canvas
> Provide industry perspective on policy as it relates to the  
> Internet industry and act as an interface between government bodies  
> and the wider public
> Develop policies in the best interest of the members and protect  
> and promote these interests in regional and international fora
> Provide and promote educational opportunities that will enhance and  
> empower technical and policy understanding of the Internet
> Develop policies that will guide members into active participation  
> in the development of a free and open telecommunications market in  
> their respective markets
> Mobilise ISPAs to deal with legal issues such as child pornography  
> and cyber crime as a real threat to the growth of the Internet as a  
> business tool and enabler
> Encourage the development and use of local content, particularly e- 
> Government and online news services
> Value addition through assistance in setting up standards and  
> guidelines for web development and promoting the setting up of  
> server farms
> Develop policies to protect Internet user's privacy and rights of  
> freedom of expression. Comment constructively on draft Bills in  
> African countries relating to these issues.
> Activities
> Create a new position within the AfrISPA secretariat for a Head of  
> Policy.
> Identify key issues currently affecting Africa's Internet industry  
> at national, regional and continental levels and design, develop  
> and deliver suitable policy interventions.
> About AfrISPA
> The African Internet Services Providers Association, AfrISPA, is  
> the Pan-African association of Internet Services Providers  
> Associations of the countries in Africa. AfrISPA was founded in  
> Johannesburg, South Africa in August 2001 when a gathering of ISP  
> and ISPA representatives from various countries in Africa met to  
> discuss and deliberate ways of addressing common issues and  
> concerns that affect the growth and stability of the Internet in  
> Africa.
> By engaging donors for funding and through the commitment of  
> pioneer members AfrISPA
> has implemented a number of activities that include:-
> • Establishment of Internet Exchange Points: AfrISPA has directly  
> and indirectly contributed to the
> establishment of IXPs in 22 countries.
> • Establishment of ISP Associations
> • High-level representations: AfrISPA has gained recognition as a  
> key African
> institution that is passionate about the role of the Internet as a  
> vital underpinning
> for national, regional and continental growth and development.  On  
> this basis,
> AfrISPA engages together in thought leadership, policy development and
> strategic planning through representation in various key local,  
> regional and
> international fora. Key organisational affiliations include  
> membership of the
> ITU through the ITU-D, a close working relationship with EuroISPA,
> involvement in the ICANN process, partnerships with various key  
> African
> institutions such as AfriNIC, AfNOG, AfTLD, the ATU and platforms  
> at key
> events.
> • Position Papers: A vital instrument in AfrISPA's advocacy  
> activities is position
> papers that are developed around crucial issues that affect the  
> development and
> growth of the Internet in the region. These have included areas  
> such as:
> Infrastructure development, Content, Voice over IP, Spam and Regional
> Integration among others. In collaboration with others, AfrISPA has  
> contributed
> towards the awareness and adoption of the Open Access framework for  
> major
> communications infrastructure. It is worth noting that most of the  
> currently
> ongoing submarine fibre optic projects as well as many of the  
> terrestrial
> backbone projects have recognised the principles of Open Access and  
> structured
> their funding and business models along those lines.
> • Regulatory reports: Regulatory regimes that provide an  
> environment conducive
> to healthy growth of the ICT sector are essential for Africa's  
> development.  To
> this end, AfrISPA conducts periodic assessments of various countries'
> regulatory environments and provides these reports to members to  
> facilitate
> local advocacy through benchmarking and to contribute towards smoother
> regulatory harmonisation across the region. These reports provide  
> an important
> evidence base to justify local actions aimed at positive policy and  
> regulatory
> reform.
> • Workshops and training: Capacity building is one of AfrISPA's  
> primary
> objectives. AfrISPA is well positioned to identify needs in this  
> area and respond
> through the development of appropriate materials which are  
> delivered through
> workshops and training sessions.
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