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2008 Annual Report Published

31 December 2008

* *The 2008 Annual Report for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers (ICANN) has been published online today.

The report covers in detail the organization's achievements and progress
during 2008, including three major initiatives ICANN has undertaken this
year: the process for introducing new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to
the Internet; the introduction for the first time of internationalized
domain names (IDNs); and an extensive Improving Institutional Confidence
consultation, to enable the conclusion of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA)
with the United States government in September 2009.

Reports from the chairs of ICANN's Supporting Organization and Advisory
Organizations are included alongside detailed rundowns of each department by
the organization's staff.

Additionally, since it is 10 years since ICANN's inception a brief history
of the organization, split into its 33 international public meetings, is
included, alongside a special memorial note to Jon Postel, one of the
Internet's pioneers, from former ICANN chairman Vinton Cerf.

Further contents include:

   - Biographical details on each of the Board of Directors
   - Highlights of the organization's Strategic and Operating Plans
   - An in-depth look at the New Delhi, Paris and Cairo meetings
   - Messages from the CEO and Chairman
   - The audit report for ICANN, 2007-2008
   - ICANN's compensation practices and salary structures for the corporate

I am delighted to announce the release of our third annual report," said
Peter Dengate Thrush, ICANN's Chairman of the Board of Directors. "In this
our tenth year ICANN and its community either accomplished or made
significant progress toward many goals for the Domain Name System."

"The Internet is growing and evolving at an accelerating pace," Dengate
Thrush continued. "The next billion users will demand more innovative
products and services, will access the Internet largely through mobile
devices, and will expect to be able to do so in their own languages and
language scripts. ICANN's efforts are geared towards developing policies and
technologies that will satisfy this next-generation Internet."

The complete annual report is available online at:
http://www.icann.org/en/annualreport/annual-report-2008-en.pdf [PDF,

*Media Contacts:*

Andrew Robertson
Edelman (London)
Ph: +44 7921 588 770
E: andrew.robertson at edelman.com
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