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Katim S. Touray kaamt at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 4 03:01:42 SAST 2009

Hi Anne-Rachel,

Thanks for the heads up, especially given that we often need a lot of time to sort these things out.  Have a great day, and best wishes!


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Subject: [AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN Mexico -- Visa information

Dear All,

For all going to the Mexico ICANN meeting at the end of this month and need to obtain a visa, you can request the supplemental local committee letter that the Embassies require by sending a message to meetings at icann.org and saying you need the letter from AMIPCI for visa purposes.

Tous ceux qui auraient besoin de la lettre du comite local d'organisation en plus de la lettre de l'ICANN, vous pouvez en demander une en envoyant un email a meetings at icann.org et en precisant que vous desirez la lettre du comite local AMIPCI pour le visa.

Anne-Rachel Inne

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