[AfrICANN-discuss] Interactive website to leave your comments on ICANN IIC process

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Tue Sep 23 13:13:03 SAST 2008

Visit this interactive website and please post your opinions on the process
of Improving Institutional Confidence.


At the Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between ICANN and
the US Department of Commerce, in February 2008, ICANN's chairman announced
a broad public consultation over possible changes to the organization.

ICANN's President's Strategy Committee (PSC) then prepared two documents -
an *Improving Institutional Confidence in
* document, and a *Transition Action
* - using comments made to the Midterm Review and its previous work to help
set out the requirements of a post-JPA ICANN and the steps needed to consult
the community.

In those documents, five key areas were identified, and each of those areas
was broken down into constituent parts in order to identify particular
discussion points, focus debate, and produce specific steps forward.

This discussion space has therefore been divided up into those five areas,
and if you click on them, underneath are the specific points raised in the
Action Plan.

You can jump straight into the debate by selecting one of the folders below,
and from there head into the details. If you register with this forum, you
may also set up new areas for discussion, the hope being that this space
will expand to fit requirements.

If you have any queries or questions, please email us at iic at icann.org, and
we will try to help you out. This consultation also has a series of
dedicated webpages on the ICANN main website. Please visit
icann.org/jpa/iic/ <http://www.icann.org/en/jpa/iic/index.htm> for full
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