[AfrICANN-discuss] African community meeting in CAIRO? Urgent

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Rachel and all,


I agree with Maye’s suggestions. 


Though the proposed draft agenda is already loaded, may I also suggest that we introduce the discussions around the IIC (Improving Institutional Confidence) which the PSC of Icann has been developing.


Best regards


Pierre Dandjinou




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Thanks to those who have replied so far and I hope more agree with Maye and others that we need to meet and also need an agenda-- so those who have items for discussions should also put them forward.

Remember, ICANN's meeting takes place before  AfriNIC 9 meeting and before IGF:

I offer the following agenda items (non exhaustive list and subject to approval by offered volunteers :-):

Victor/Mouhamet on Registrar and issues of transfer
Michuki Mwangi on AfTLD and ADRP workshop in Cairo
AR Inne on ICANN IIC and outreach for region
Lillian Sharpley/Adiel on AfriNIC 9
Pierre O  on AfCybersec 2008 meeting 
Fatimata Sylla on IGF 
Glen de St Gery (if she can) on GNAO update since we do not have any GNSO council member from the region


On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 12:50 PM, Alaa ElSharif <alaedin.elsharif at lttnet.net> wrote:

Hello All, 

Thank you Mrs. Anne Rachel for your concern, yes, we definitely need a room during the Cairo meeting, especially that sometimes it is hard to gather all the different African participants in one place due to the schedule. I would like to add my voice to Maye Diop's. Thursday should be fine.



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Dear Anne,

Thank you for taking time to plan african meeting! It was very

difficult at the past meetings to get a room and people because of

lack of planification.

Yes, we need a room, we have also to work on an agenda and I propose

to have one hour or two on THURSDAY 6 November 2008.

Best Regards,


2008/9/9 Anne-Rachel Inné <annerachel at gmail.com>:

> All,


> I need confirmation pretty quickly! Do we need a room to meet in Cairo? the

> meeting is from 2-7 November in Cairo so please choose a date and let me

> know.


> Draft Agenda of the meeting is being populated by the day here:

>  <http://cai.icann.org/en/node/881> http://cai.icann.org/en/node/881 ( also pasted below)


> Schedule & Agendas


> The Cairo 2008 Meeting Schedule is being developed and will be available by

> September 15th 2008. Please check back then for full schedule details.


> As ICANN meetings largely follow the same format, we've provided the outline

> below to give you an idea of what you can expect in Cairo. However, please

> keep in mind that this is not a reflection of the final schedule and all

> items are subject to change.




> ________________________________

> ➜ SATURDAY 1 November 2008


> GNSO Working Groups and/or GNSO Council Meetings


> ________________________________

> ➜ SUNDAY 2 November 2008


> GNSO Working Groups and/or GNSO Council Meetings; GAC Working Group Sessions

> (closed to the public)


> ________________________________

> ➜ MONDAY 3 November 2008


> Welcome Ceremony and formal opening of the meeting; ICANN Workshops; Public

> Forums, and joint meetings between ICANN Supporting Organisations; Welcome

> Reception.


> ________________________________

> ➜ TUESDAY 4 November 2008


> GNSO Constituencies such as the gTLD Registries and Registrars meet

> individually to discuss current issues; GAC Plenary (closed) and GAC Open

> Session; ccNSO meeting.


> ________________________________

> ➜ WEDNESDAY 5 November 2008


> Various Workshops; possible Public Forum; GAC Plenary; ccNSO Council

> Meeting; Gala Dinner


> ________________________________

> ➜ THURSDAY 6 November 2008


> ICANN Public Forum; Possible Workshops


> ________________________________

> ➜ FRIDAY 7 November 2008


> Meeting of the ICANN Board - Open to the Public


> ________________________________




> Social Events


> The ICANN meeting is planned to be an event where participants do not only

> meet to discuss key issues but also to strengthen bonds and ties of

> friendship. Invitees to the prestigious social events will enjoy the

> authentic Egyptian culture; where they will be surrounded by an enigmatic

> breeze of Egyptian history in the tremendous historic sites of Egypt. The

> combination of the Egyptian oriental atmosphere and sincere hospitality of

> the Egyptians coupled with the magical aura of Cairo nights attractions will

> mark the event so that participants will go safely to their homelands with

> unforgettable memories and professional gains. More information will be

> posted as soon as it becomes available.


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