[AfrICANN-discuss] African community meeting in CAIRO? Urgent

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I need confirmation pretty quickly! Do we need a room to meet in Cairo? the
meeting is from 2-7 November in Cairo so please choose a date and let me

Draft Agenda of the meeting is being populated by the day here:
http://cai.icann.org/en/node/881 ( also pasted below)
Schedule & Agendas

The Cairo 2008 Meeting Schedule is being developed and will be available by
September 15th 2008. Please check back then for full schedule details.

As ICANN meetings largely follow the same format, we've provided the outline
below to give you an idea of what you can expect in Cairo. However, please
keep in mind that this is not a reflection of the final schedule and all
items are subject to change.


*➜ SATURDAY* 1 November 2008

GNSO Working Groups and/or GNSO Council Meetings

*➜ SUNDAY* 2 November 2008

GNSO Working Groups and/or GNSO Council Meetings; GAC Working Group Sessions
(closed to the public)

*➜ MONDAY* 3 November 2008

Welcome Ceremony and formal opening of the meeting; ICANN Workshops; Public
Forums, and joint meetings between ICANN Supporting Organisations; Welcome

*➜ TUESDAY* 4 November 2008

GNSO Constituencies such as the gTLD Registries and Registrars meet
individually to discuss current issues; GAC Plenary (closed) and GAC Open
Session; ccNSO meeting.

*➜ WEDNESDAY* 5 November 2008

Various Workshops; possible Public Forum; GAC Plenary; ccNSO Council
Meeting; Gala Dinner

*➜ THURSDAY* 6 November 2008

ICANN Public Forum; Possible Workshops

*➜ FRIDAY* 7 November 2008

Meeting of the ICANN Board - Open to the Public

*Social Events*

The ICANN meeting is planned to be an event where participants do not only
meet to discuss key issues but also to strengthen bonds and ties of
friendship. Invitees to the prestigious social events will enjoy the
authentic Egyptian culture; where they will be surrounded by an enigmatic
breeze of Egyptian history in the tremendous historic sites of Egypt. The
combination of the Egyptian oriental atmosphere and sincere hospitality of
the Egyptians coupled with the magical aura of Cairo nights attractions will
mark the event so that participants will go safely to their homelands with
unforgettable memories and professional gains. More information will be
posted as soon as it becomes available.
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