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16. How to Handle 'IHateYourCompany.com'

With the internet becoming a haven for disgruntled fans of companies, often
registering domain names such as starbucked.com and ihatestarbucks.com to
boycottwalmart.org and againstthewal.com, the Wall Street Journal looks at
whether companies are fighting back. The WSJ finds many are, some more
aggressively than others, and uses research by FairWinds Partners, the
people behind CADNA.

"That doesn't mean, however, that they should snap up every domain with a
vaguely negative-sounding name and then let them gather dust, according to
Internet-strategy consultants.

"Rather, companies should register or buy just the sites that get the most
traffic, says Josh Bourne, managing partner of FairWinds Partners, the
Internet strategy consulting firm that conducted the study."

The article notes Xerox who says it is selective in which domain names it
registers, and these domain names make up less than half a per cent of their
domain name portfolio. And when these domain names are registered, the study
suggests companies maintain a website using the domain name to solicit
customer feedback. However a majority do not.








1. ICANN Takes Another Step Toward Creating A Secure Domain Environment

Today ICANN has announced that they have "formalized" their relationship
with ccTLD manager for .pl-Poland, Naukowa i Akademicka Sièc Komputerowa
(NASK) with the Accountability Framework program.



 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS


2. .ar Introduces IDNs

LatinTLD is advising registrars of a sunrise period for internationalised
domain names for the .ar (Argentina) ccTLD.



3. CZNIC issues new registration rules

In connection with the DNNSEC technology implementation the association
CZ.NIC issued new registration rules.


4. DNSSEC Protects the Czech National Domain

CZ.NIC continues testing the DNSSEC technology in the registry of .CZ and
ENUM domains.


5. CZ.NIC Opens a Competition for Young Programmers

Participants can enter the competition until September 30.


6. SGNIC Revises Registrar Accreditation Framework

SGNIC has revised some of its registrar accreditation criteria. Foreign
registrars intending to apply to be SGNIC's accredited registrar need not
set up a local presence in Singapore anymore. They will however need to be
accredited with ICANN.


7. uk: ENUM consultation

The UK ENUM consortium (UKEC) has launched the final ENUM consultation
document. This consultation addresses the issue of telephone number
validation and the accreditation of Validation Agencies.


8. Nominet Brand awareness research

Nominet is currently using an external research agency, 2Europe, to carry
out a market research project. The project is to measure awareness levels of
Nominet and its role in the UK Internet industry.


9. vn: New directive aims to enhance Internet management

An Internet management directive issued by the government last Thursday
encourages domestic enterprises to use the ".vn" country code for their





10. Pentagon debates development of offensive cyberspace capabilities

The current emphasis is on intelligence gathering and defending U.S.
electronic security, but some officials think the military should know how
to attack other nations' computer systems.


11. Experts call for united global action against cyber attacks [AFP]

The world has to unite against the growing menace of cyber terrorism, IT
experts said Thursday, evoking a recent "cyber war" against Georgia as the
latest example of the threat.



12. Is Rock Phish cybergang set for a comeback?

Do cybergangs work on evil "product upgrades" to improve their crimeware and
attack methods? That's what RSA, the security division of EMC, claims is
happening with the Rock Phish gang, described as an East European cybercrime
group responsible for creating botnets used in phishing attacks to steal
personal information.


13. Report: inside the network architecture of SPAM and malware

Two websites have recently published reports on Internet security and the
spread of malware across the web, and both documents examine the problem
from a new perspective. Most online security coverage tends to focus on the
perpetual war between the antimalware industry and the companies that earn
an illicit living from selling botnets and developing new exploits. The
reports from HostExploit and Knujon, however, focus on the registrars and
ISPs that actually provide hosting to the black hats, and explore the
various connections between the organizations.


14. ITU's Global Cybersecurity Agenda housed in Malaysia [news release]

ITU concluded an agreement with the International Multilateral Partnership
Against Cyber-Terrorism (IMPACT) to operationalize the ITU Global
Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA). IMPACT'S state-of-the-art global headquarters in
Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur will be the home of ITU's Global Cybersecurity





15. A popular website domain name is for sale and politicians are fighting
it out in cyberspace

The nationalist socialist Danish People's Party has a strong party line on
tougher immigration laws. The Danish Refugee Council aims to help the less
fortunate immigrants to this country. And the National Association of Danish
Folk Dancers - well they just like to dance.


16. How to Handle 'IHateYourCompany.com'

In recent years, disgruntled consumers have launched hundreds of Web sites
to air their grievances -- from starbucked.com and ihatestarbucks.com to
boycottwalmart.org and againstthewal.com.


17. Solidhost Saga Continues

Michele Neylon mentioned the issue facing Solidhost a while back. Although
the legal proceedings are still ongoing the Dutch company have managed to
regain control of the domain name in the interim.


18. us: Coral Gables ready to sue a man over his website's domain name

The city is poised to sue a Gables resident, activist and businessman to
take a domain name he owns for a website about the historic Venetian Pool.





19. VeriSign Domain Report Shows Domain Name Growth Remains Strong

The number of domain names continues to grow around the world with 168
million domain name registrations across all of the TLDs in the second
quarter of 2008, representing a four percent increase over the first quarter
of 2008 and 22 percent growth over the same quarter last year reports
VeriSign's most recent Domain Report released this week.




20. VeriSign Reports Internet Growth

VeriSign has released its Domain Report for the second quarter of 2008,
reporting a continued global internet growth of four percent over the
previous quarter and 22 percent growth over Q2 last year.


21. EuroDNS launches WHOIS.de [news release]

EuroDNS, in partnership with Sedo, is glad to announce the launch of the
newly created whois.de service (www.whois.de).


22. Domain Name Lessons from Napster by Alex Tajirian

I first outline a brief history of free file-sharing technology, then draw
some general and domain name lessons, then outline the what, how, and why
that make your activism effective and necessary... The domain name industry
is decentralized and atomic in that anyone from anywhere in the world can
register a domain name, keep the ownershp name and address private, and host
it from a country where the U.S. and European legal systems don't apply.
Thus, legal action will only drive domain owners further underground.


23. GoDaddy Jacks Up Domain Prices — Again

Just a few days after we swallowed the news that GoDaddy increased .net and
.org prices to 13.19, and a few weeks after the company claimed Yahoo
"Jumped the Shark" by raising its domain prices to $35, GoDaddy has hiked
prices again.


24. Unreasonable ccTLD Registry Price Increases!

It highly concerns me when domain registries controlling a certain Top-Level
Domain (TLD) raise the wholesale prices they charge to registrars (domain
retailers) without consultation to domain registrants (domain buyers).


25. The Private Domain Registration & Google Dilemma

The Search Engine Roundtable scoop has drawn our attention towards the fix
situation that is faced by the majority of online marketers regarding the
registration process of their domain names. Jim Boykin's Blog post is still
very pertinent in this context today as the number of web scammers trying to
make money out of the domain name scam seems to be ever increasing.


26. Countdown to ARIN XXII

There are only forty-one days left until ARIN XXII Public Policy and Members
Meeting. Please join us 15-17 October 2008 in Los Angeles, California to add
your voice to the community discussions!


27. Crazy ccTLD Price Hikes?

Jackie Liu's post on CircleID raises some very interesting questions, though
whether or not any answers will be forthcoming or not is a totally different





28. .TEL Dials Up New Revenue Generating Opportunities for Domainers

As plans for the launch of .Tel were unveiled at the ICANN meeting in Paris
last week, it is apparent that .TEL is even more exciting than many people
first envisioned—especially for those domainers who are looking for new and
more innovative ways to monetize top level domain (TLD) names.


29. Ad trade group opposes Yahoo-Google search deal

The Association of National Advertisers announced Sunday it sent a letter to
the head of the antitrust division of the U.S. Department of Justice, citing
its opposition to the controversial Yahoo-Google search advertising deal.


30. Advertiser group objects to Google-Yahoo tie up

The Association of National Advertisers sent a letter objecting to the
proposed Internet search advertising partnership between Yahoo Inc and
Google Inc to government regulators reviewing the deal, the group said on



31. Blockbuster Sales of Printer.com and Affiliate.com Pace Another Big Week
for the Domain Aftermarket

The summer doldrums were sent packing again this week as a quartet of huge
six-figure sales led another banner outing for the domain aftermarket. Two
of those rank among the ten biggest sales of the year.


32. Apo.com Tops Sedo Weekly Sales List Selling for $27,000

Below is Sedo's latest weekly sales list for all the domains sold by Sedo in
the week commencing 25 August. The biggest seller was apo.com, selling for
US$27,000 while fight.tv was the biggest seller among the ccTLDs selling for
$18,000 while open-office.de was close behind selling for €12,000 ($17,350).



33. uk: Old gov website in private hands

Fears over security have been raised due to a German web marketing company
purchasing the domain name of the now defunct National Hi-Tech Crime Unit.


34. Editorial: How the Domain Industry Can Clean Itself Up

The domain business is a good business with a bad image. What can be done
about it? Earlier today I read DNJournal's weekly sales recap. There were
some good sales, including RoomDividers.com at $75,000 (congratulations,
Rick). But all of the good sales were overshadowed by a couple bad sales:
Mozzilla.com for $40,000 and wwwMatch.com at $11,100.


35. It's Time For a Domainer Meetup in Austin

There are a lot of domainers in Texas, and even a strong contingent in the
Central Texas area, but we haven't made the effort to all get together.
Heck, one of the domain print publications is even based here. I've been
talking about organizing an event for about a year but have procrastinated.
That's going to change.



Me domains sells at auction for over 2Million dollars - Internet Record
Domains online casino news. The Land-Rush me domain auction has just ended
and what a amazing internet auction!


37. Google Says Private Registration Won't Hurt Your Search Rankings

With the number of scammers who try to usurp ownership of domain increasing
(I got 2 letters for 3 domains last week), it's a surprise that few people
really take advantage of private registration for their domain names.
However, many people don't know about WhoisGuard or Domains By Proxy and
instead leave their domain names exposed with all identifying information





38. VZ im Domainnamen - auch Anwälte sind mit dabei

Abmahnungen, die im Zusammenhang mit der Nutzung des Kürzels „VZ" in
Domainnamen von den Betreibern von studiVZ ausgesprochen wurden.


39. metrosex.de – BGH rückt hOLG Hamburg zurecht

In einem jahrelangen Rechtsstreit zwischen dem Metro-Konzern und einem
Domainer über die Registrierung und Nutzung der Domains metrosex.de,
metrosexuality.de und metro-sex.de unterlag zuletzt der Konzern vor dem
Bundesgerichtshof: Der Domainer darf seine Domains behalten.


40. Kampf der Konzerne um Hass-Domains

Mit Homepages wie www.ihatestarbucks.com und www.boycottwalmart.org lassen
Kunden ihre Wut über Großkonzerne aus. Doch viele Unternehmen kontern ihre
Gegner effektiv aus: Sie reservieren sich die unliebsamsten Domains.


41. Les cyber-escrocs prennent un vent avec l'ouragan Gustav

Plus d'une centaine de noms de domaine enregistrés pour tenté de récupérer
l'ouragan Gustav.


42. Boulette chez les cyber-policiers britanniques

L'unité nationale britannique en charge de la lutte contre les crimes
hi-tech oublie son ancien nom de domaine.


43. L'AFNIC gère une procédure de résolution des litiges du .fr

Depuis le 22 juillet 2008, l'AFNIC procède elle-même à l'examen des demandes
dont elle est saisie et exécute ses propres décisions dès lors qu'elle
constate le non respect d'une des dispositions du décret du 6 février 2007.


44. Pourquoi le .SPORT? Par Patrick Vande Walle, VRP pour le .SPORT

Il ne fait pas de doute, comme l'expérience passée l'a démontré, que de
nouvelles extensions ne rencontreront pas forcément le succès escompté.
Cependant, je crois que le .SPORT a un bel avenir devant lui, pour de
nombreuses raisons.


45. Nouvelles extensions de noms de domaine : une opportunité pour les
entreprises Par Nathalie Dreyfus, Conseil en Propriété Industrielle, expert
auprès du Centre d'Arbitrage et de Médiation de l'OMPI

L'annonce de l'ouverture des nouvelles extensions à la dernière réunion de
l'Icann à Paris a fait couler beaucoup d'encre et suscite de nombreuses
réactions. En effet, lorsqu'on est titulaire de marque, on peut se trouver
un peu désemparé face à la fois à la prospective d'ouverture de plus de 1000
nouvelles extensions TLD dans les cinq prochaines années et la possibilité
de réserver et de gérer son propre TLD, tel que coca.cola.


46. IPv4 e IPv6, transizione di primaria importanza

Arbor Networks, in collaborazione con oltre 90 network services e content
providers di tutto il mondo, ha recentemente pubblicato la più ampia e
aggiornata ricerca sulla diffusione in internet del protocollo IPv6,
l'Internet Protocol che succede a IPv4 e che è destinato a gestire
l'indirizzamento delle reti packet-switched.


47. Implementación nuevas Políticas (propuestas LAC-2008-02, LAC-2008-03 y

LACNIC presenta implementación de las propuestas de políticas aprobadas.


48. Debate online Foro de Gobernanza de Internet regional

Como resultado de la Reunión Regional Preparatoria del FGI realizada el
pasado 20 de agosto en Montevideo, Uruguay (
http://www.lacnic.net/sp/eventos/mvd2008/igf.html), se ha programado una
última instancia de consulta entre los días 8 y 11 de septiembre de 2008 en
la que podrán participar todos los interesados en realizar aportes finales a
la discusión de los temas tratados en esta reunión.


49. Nuevo Manual de Políticas de LACNIC (versión 1.0 - 01/09/2008)

Como resultado del trabajo realizado por el Grupo de Trabajo en la Edición
del Manual de Políticas de LACNIC y luego de haber terminado el período de
consultas a la comunidad. LACNIC anuncia un nuevo diseño de su Manual de
Políticas de forma de constituir un único documento e índice.


50. .mx: Registra y/o renueva dominios .MX y obtén beneficios en Google

NIC Mexico lanza promocion con Google AdWords a los que registren o renueven
nombres de dominio bajo el cctld .mx


51. Atención a clientes día miércoles 17 de septiembre de 2008

NIC Chile informa a sus clientes que el próximo miércoles 17 de septiembre
la atención a clientes en nuestras oficinas y por teléfono será sólamente
hasta las 12:00 horas, por razones de vísperas de feriado.


52. PROMOCIÓN .MX: Registra tu dominio .MX desde $ 6 USD costo por año.

Date a conocer a través de Internet ¡ Registra tu dominio .MX y hazte notar!
Da el primer paso para que el mundo conozca lo que haces. En Septiembre, la
oportunidad de registrar tu empresa en Internet con un dominio .MX cuesta
muy poco, ¡y entre más tiempo registres menos te cuesta!

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