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31-32. Most Spam Sites Tied to a Handful of Registrars
More than three-quarters of all websites advertised through spam are
clustered at just ten domain name registrars reports The Washington
Post on research from Knujon. Knujon ("no junk" spelt backwards and
pronounced "new john") has collected millions of spam emails through
their website. They aim to convince registrars to dismantle spam

Knujon's co-founder Garth Bruen told the Washington Post the links in
spam emails "are generally under the control of a small number of
companies." The report continues that Bruen is calling attention to
spam websites that list blatantly false Whois information.

Bruen also directs some of his criticism to ICANN, who until recently
has done very little to enforce terms in registrars contracts with
them to keep accurate Whois information. As well, very few registrars
check the Whois information upon a domain name's registration.

33. Working to make the internet safe
VeriSign claims "it has maintained a '100% up time' service in
operating the infrastructure that controls the internet," for its
thirteen years in business according to this BBC News article.
VeriSign invited the BBC into one of its main data centres. The BBC
outlines what happens at this data centre and details the security
procedures VeriSign has implemented to give confidence for the public
online including the limited access to various keys and to various
parts of the building including iris scans required for authentication
to some areas.

1. Editorial: Democracy and the Web
Users of the Internet take for granted their ability to access all Web
sites on an equal basis. That could change, however, if Internet
service providers started discriminating among content, to make more
money or to suppress ideas they do not like. A new "net neutrality"
bill has been introduced in the House, which would prohibit this sort
of content discrimination. Congress has delayed on this important
issue too long and should pass net neutrality legislation now.

2. OECD Report: 235m broadband subscribers in OECD countries; Up 18%
in 2007; More work to be done [news release]
The number of broadband subscriber in the OECD reached 235 million by
December 2007, an increase of 18% from 200 million subscribers in
December 2006. This growth increased broadband penetration rates to
20.0 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants up from 16.9 in December 2006.
Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Korea
and Sweden lead the OECD with broadband penetration well above the
OECD average, each surpassing the 30 subscribers per 100 inhabitants


3. ICANN Sends Notice of Breach to Registrar Red Register
ICANN has sent a notice of breach to the ICANN-accredited registrar
Red Register based on the registrar's failure to comply with the
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

4. ICANN sends notice of breach to registrar for failing to comply with the UDRP
ICANN has sent a notice of breach to the registrar Red Register Inc.
for failure to comply with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution
Policy ("UDRP"). The registrar holds close to 27,000 domains and
apparently failed to respond and implement UDRP decisions despite
requests by ICANN and the National Arbitration Forum ("NAF").

5. Tool Helps Internet Master Top-level Domains
At the request of a worldwide Internet organization, a computer
scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
developed an algorithm that may guide applicants in proposing new
"top-level domains"--the last part of an Internet address, such as
.com, that people type in navigating the Web. As new top-level domains
are added to the familiar .com, .info and .net, the algorithm* checks
whether the newly proposed name is confusingly similar to existing
ones by looking for visual likenesses in its appearance.

6. Algorithm to end domain name confusion
A computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and
Technology has developed an algorithm designed to help create new
top-level internet domains.

7. Cairo to host ICANN meeting in November
Egypt will host ICANN's 33rd International Public Meeting in November,
after Kenya lost the bid on security grounds.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
8. .car gTLD Proposal Launched
A proposal for a .car gTLD has been announced by ATX Group, the
world's largest independent provider of personalised telematics
services to the automotive industry. The .car proposal aims to address
how to safely access internet content through embedded and nomadic
devices in motor vehicles.

9. Dot-ie domain registrations pass 100,000 mark
The number of dot ie domain name registrations in Ireland has passed
the 100,000 mark according to IE Domain Registry. The 100,000th
registered site was www.royal-Hospital-kilmainham.ie.

10. Afilias Launches New .INFO Product Site
Afilias announced today that it has launched a new product site
(www.info.info) where domain name registrars and Internet users can
get information about the .INFO domain.

11. nl: Dutch domain names grow 23% in 2007 to 2.7 million [sub req'd]

12. Australia crumbles under Cyber Storm attack
The 55 Australian organisations that took part in Australia's cyberwar
games, Cyber Storm II, suffered "death by a thousand cuts", according
to the head of Australia's Cyber Storm II effort.

13. Identity Theft of Root Name Servers, Reason Unknown by Earl Zmijewski
There have been a number of attacks on the root name servers over the
years, and much written on the topic. (A few references are here, here
and here.) Even if you don't know exactly what these servers do, you
can't help but figure they're important when the US government says it
is prepared to launch a military counterattack in response to
cyber-attacks on them.

14. U.S. military cites growing China space, cyber threat
The U.S. military painted China on Tuesday as posing a growing threat
to the United States and others in space and cyberspace.

15. US Gov't Secrecy and the Mysterious Cyber Initative
The secrecy surrounding the Bush administration's updated National
Cyber Security Initiative -- designed to improve the government's
digital defenses and put forth an offensive information warfare
doctrine -- is endangering the deterrent value of the project and
appears to be aimed chiefly at supporting spying operations abroad, a
key U.S. Senate committee concludes in a new report.

16. US-CERT Warns About Phishers Scamming Disaster Donors
The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) on
Monday warned computer users to be wary of phishing scams related to
recent natural disasters in China and Myanmar.

17. Global group to provide cyberattack early warnings
Twenty-six countries have united to form a global cyber-security
group: the International Multilateral Partnership Against
Cyber-Terrorism (Impact).

18. IT chiefs warn of cyber-terrorism threat [AFP]
The threat of cyber-terrorism is growing and most countries are
vulnerable to attacks that can shut down critical infrastructure,
global experts told a conference here Tuesday.

19. Countries worldwide need closer cooperation to curb cyber
terrorism threat, officials say [AP]
The world's countries must cooperate more to fight the threat of
cyberterrorism attacks, which could threaten facilities such as
nuclear power plants, officials said Tuesday at an international

20. Experts warn of cyberterrorism threat [AP]
Officials from around the world agree they must cooperate better to
fight the threat of cyberterrorism at facilities such as nuclear power

21. us: TVA Power Plants Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks, GAO Finds
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the nation's largest public
power company, is vulnerable to cyber attacks that could sabotage
critical systems that provide electricity to more than 8.7 million
people, according to a Government Accountability Office report to be
released today.

22. Regulatory Holes Could Leave US Power Grid Open to Attack
The U.S. electrical power grid is still vulnerable to attack, and
regulatory bodies don't have the authority they need to respond
quickly to new threats, top officials told a Congressional committee

23. An Account of the Estonian Internet War by Gadi Evron
About a year ago after coming back from Estonia, I promised I'd send
in an account of the Estonian "war". The postmortem analysis and
recommendations I later wrote for the Estonian CERT are not yet

24. The Estonia cyberwar: One year later
One year ago, the Estonian government moved a war memorial honoring
Russian-Estonians who died fighting the Nazis, a move that may have
triggered what some believe is the first instance of a sustained,
international cyberwar.

25. Lax ISPs add to Internet security problem
If ISPs are not trying to be part of the Internet security solution
then they are part of the problem and customers should vote with their
feet, according to a security officer of a European communications and
hosting company.

26. uk: Morgan Cole ousts Raymond Blanc's cybersquatters
Thames Valley firm Morgan Cole has cooked up a win for respected chef
Raymond Blanc against a group of Caribbean cybersquatters.

27. uk: Raymond Blanc wins cybersquatting legal battle
Raymond Blanc has spoken of his relief after winning a legal battle
against 'cybersquatters' who registered an unauthorised internet
domain which traded on his name.

28. Floyd Mayweather Jr knocks out Website using his Name
Floyd Mayweather Jr. scored a knock out against a website using his
name. Mayweather Jr. won a TRO in a federal cybersquatting lawsuit
against the operators of a Web site using "floydmayeather.net" as a
domain name without the approval of Mayweather Jr.

29. Mayweather Jr. scores TRO against unauthorized Web site [AP]
Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. scored a TRO in the first round of a
federal cybersquatting lawsuit against the operators of a Web site
using the domain name "floydmayeather.net" without his backing.

 - IPv4/IPv6
30. World has to move to IPv6--Vint Cerf
"IPv6. Its time has come," Vinton Cerf, vice president and chief
Internet evangelist for Google, said on video during the first IPv6
summit here.

31. Most Spam Sites Tied to a Handful of Registrars
New research suggests that more than three quarters of all Web sites
advertised through spam are clustered at just 10 domain name

32. Spam domains use small number of registrars
The Knujon anti-spam project – "no junk" spelled backwards – says that
only 20 registrars worldwide register 90 per cent of all web sites
advertised in spam emails. The registrars under criticism include
China's Xinnet Bei Gon Da Software, BEIJINGNN, and Todaynic, which
come in 18th, 47th, and 99th in the list of providers sorted by global
market share. In Knujon's list of the "10 Worst Registrars", the top
three are Chinese, German registrar Joker comes in fourth, and the
rest are American.

33. Working to make the internet safe
As the need for security on the internet continues to grow, one of the
the guardians of the networked world lays claim to an enviable record.

34. GoDaddy TDNAM Starts "Buy Now" Expired Domain Auctions
GoDaddy's domain name aftermarket TDNAM has added a new wrinkle to its
expired domain auctions. Bidders can now buy expired domain names
immediately instead of bidding. Once someone bids on a domain, the
"buy now" option goes away.

35. The allure of the .com domain name
A top-level domain (TLD) is the final part of a domain name -- the
letters that come after the dot. The most famous is .com, but there
are others -- .net, .org, .tv and .us, for example. But none holds as
much allure as the .com extension.

36. New open-source DNS server released
A group of experts has released an open-source alternative to the BIND
DNS server software that boasts higher performance and better

37. New Open Source DNS Server Released Today
Unbound -- a new open source alternative to the BIND domain name
system (DNS) server -- makes its worldwide debut today with the public
release of Unbound 1.0 at http://unbound.net.

38. New open-source DNS server released
A group of experts has released an open-source alternative to the BIND
DNS server software that boasts higher performance and better security
than BIND.

39. Register.com gets set to expand
Register.com is getting ready to expand again, this time to the tune
of up to 350 new jobs over the next six years between the Yarmouth
office and a new Halifax office.

40. Melbourne IT goes beyond its domain
Melbourne IT has recorded its fifth consecutive year of double-digit
growth and expects the trend to continue as the internet becomes ever
more important to world commerce.

41. .mp Domains Free Of Charge To All Social Network Members Beginning
September 1, 2008 [news release]
Radical changes taking place in the online social network space
threaten to bring 300 to 400 million new entrants into the domain name

42. Is America.com a $12m name like Sex.com?
America.com goes on the auction block this week, and specialists who
monitor the buying and selling of Internet domain names say it could
fetch one of the highest prices ever paid for a domain.

43. Valuable Three Letter Domain For Sale - gap.org
... Global Alliance of Performers' goals and directions have changed,
and our client is now accepting bids for the sale of the domain. There
has been contact made by interested bidders for this domain, so it is
our client's intent to sell the domain to the highest bidder.

44. NamePros Announces 80th Live Domain Name Auction [news release]
Today (May 21), leading domain name community NamePros has announced
its 80th live domain name auction taking place on Thursday, May 22nd
2008 at NamePros.com

45. Microsoft launches global ad brand
Microsoft is to launch a global brand, called Microsoft Advertising,
to house all its advertising-related operations. The new brand,
unveiled at Microsoft's advance08 advertiser and publisher conference
yesterday, aims to simplify the increasingly complex range of
advertising businesses that the software giant runs.

46. Sedo Introduces Authentication System
After many complaints about incomplete deals, company offers
three-tier verification system.

47. Review: "The Domain Game" Book Released
What do you get when you take current reporting about the domain name
industry, put it into the hands of an accomplished journalist, and
give him a year to research and write about it? You get The Domain
Game, the most thoroughly researched and interesting coverage of the
domain name industry ever printed.

48. Globale Umfrage zur Mehrsprachigkeit im Angebot von ICANN
ICANN stellte heute eine Umfrage online, die in 11 Sprachen,
einschließlich Englisch, verfügbar ist. Untersucht werden soll, in
welcher Form die Community gegenwärtig mehrsprachig angebotenes
Material nutzt. Außerdem erhält ICANN ein Bild davon, wie der
mehrsprachige Zugang zur Arbeit der Organisation verbessert werden

49. OECD mahnt zu Umstieg auf IPv6 [news release]
Die OECD gestern, Donnerstag, einen Report veröffentlicht, der
dringend eine Zusammenarbeit von Regierungen und Wirtschaft zur
Sicherung der Zukunft der Internet-Wirtschaft einmahnt. Hintergrund
ist, dass der aktuell genutzt IPv4-Adressraum (Internet Protocol
version 4) für die Kommmunikation der Computer im Internet bereits zu
beinahe 85 Prozent erschöpft ist und nach aktuellen Schätzungen
bereits 2011 aufgebraucht sein könnte. Die Lösung, so der OECD-Report,
ist der Umstieg auf den IPv4-Nachfolger IPv6, der den verfügbaren
Adressraum dramatisch erweitert.

50. OECD warnt: IP-Adressen werden knapp
Die Organisation für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung
(OECD) warnt davor, dass in drei Jahren keine neuen Internetadressen
mehr verfügbar sein könnten. Derzeit seien fast 85 Prozent der
verfügbaren Adressen vergeben, erklärte die in Paris ansässige

51. Spam-Domains konzentrieren sich auf wenige Registrare
90 Prozent aller per Spam-Mails beworbenen Webseiten werden von nur 20
Registraren weltweit verwaltet, will das Anti-Spam-Projekt Knujon
(rückwärts geschrieben für No Junk) herausgefunden haben. Unter den
ermittelten Registraren finden sich unter anderem die chinesischen
Anbieter Xinnet Bei Gon Da Software, BEIJINGNN und Todaynic, die in
der Liste der weltweiten Marktanteile auf den Plätzen 18, 47 und 99
stehen sollen. Der in Düsseldorf ansässige Registrar Joker nimmt in
der Knujon-Liste der "10 Worst Registrars" Platz 4 ein.

52. Algorithmus vermeidet ähnliche Top-Level-Domains
Im Laufe des Jahres 2008 will die ICANN neue generische
Top-Level-Domains (gTLD) einführen. Um Verwirrungen zu vermeiden, hat
ein Entwickler in den USA einen Algorithmus entwickelt, der helfen
soll, "visuelle Ähnlichkeiten" mit bestehenden gTLDs zu vermeiden.

53. IPv6 – EU-Kommission setzt auf neues Protokoll
In die bisher zäh laufende Einführung des neuen Internet Protokolls
IPv6 kommt Bewegung: wie heise.de berichtet, will die EU-Kommission
bis Ende 2010 rund 25 Prozent aller europäischen Nutzer die
Möglichkeit verschaffen, IPv6 zu nutzen. Auch die wichtigsten
EU-Domains werden IPv6-fähig.

54. LG München I – haben Gebäude ein Namensrecht?
Das Landgericht München I beschäftigte sich in dem Rechtsstreit um den
Domain-Namen schloss-eggersberg.de (Urteil vom 01.04.2008, Az. 33 O
15411/07) mit der Frage, ob der Eigentümer eines Grundstücks Inhaber
eines Rechts am Namen eines auf dem Grundstück befindlichen Gebäudes
sein kann. Er kann.

55. ITU will Cyberterroristen bekämpfen
Größere Anstrengungen und ein weltweit gemeinsames Vorgehen im Kampf
gegen terroristische Angriffe im Internet hat am Dienstag der
Generalsekretär der Internationalen Fernmeldeunion [ITU] bei einem
Treffen in Malaysia gefordert.

56. Wem gehört America? Internetadresse America.com steht zum Verkauf
Wird der Domain-Name «America.com» in die Hände eines Amerikaners
fallen oder wird ihn sich der Bürger eines anderen Landes unter den
Nagel reissen? Zwischen dem 22. und dem 25. Mai wird «America.com» in
einer Auktion dem Meistbietenden zum Kauf angeboten. Die Auktion
dürfte in die Geschichte eingehen.

57. Anonym surfen - So verschleiern Sie IP und Spuren im Internet
Viele Menschen glauben noch immer, sie seien im Internet anonym
unterwegs. Das ist ein Irrtum. Sobald Sie Ihren Rechner mit dem
Internet verbinden, sind Sie identifizierbar.

58. Unbound soll BIND Konkurrenz machen
Eine Gruppe von Experten hat eine quelloffene Alternative zum
DNS-Server (Domain Name System) "BIND" vorgestellt, die
leistungsfähiger und sicherer sein soll.

59. Google fait la promotion de l'IPv6 à sa manière
Les adresses IP vont bientôt manquer et pour éviter la pénurie, la
solution passe par l'adoption d'IPv6. Sensibilisation à la sauce
Google avec une version de son moteur disponible à une adresse
uniquement compatible IPv6.

60. Le nom de domaine America.com mis aux enchères
Le meilleur nom de domaine du moment sera-t-il acquis par des
Américains ou par des intérêts étrangers? Nous aurons bientôt la
réponse à cette question puisque cette vente potentiellement record
d'un nom de domaine trouvera sa place dans le livre des records!

61. Noms de domaine : Ofindo veut aider les professionnels à protéger leur nom
Le site se présente comme le premier comparateur de prix pour
sélectionner un bureau d'enregistrement de nom de domaine.

62. 1 million de noms enregistrés par la Turquie
A l'heure où le pays fête ses 15 ans d'usage de l'Internet, la presse
locale comptabilise près de 1 million de noms de domaines enregistrés
par les entreprises et les particuliers turques.

63. Des enchères truquées en .ASIA ?
Des accusations de délit d'initié au sein de la société en charge de
gérer les enchères du .ASIA jettent le trouble sur la procédure de
lancement de cette extension.

64. Les IDN en .AR ouverts d'ici l'été
Un calendrier en 4 étapes a été dévoilé et sera lancé au plus tard en
août 2008. Le registre donnera priorité aux détenteurs de .AR voulant
enregistrer son équivalent en caractères accentués.

65. Le ministère de l'économie hollandais veut renforcer la sécurité du .NL
Le ministre de l'économie hollandais veut mettre en place en juin un
accord de partenariat entre son ministère et le registre du .NL.
L'objectif : mieux sécuriser les opérations liées aux noms en .NL.

66. Yahoo récupère yahoo.ae
Après Morgan Stanley, Sony Ericsson et eBay, Yahoo est la quatrième
société à récupérer un nom de domaine enregistré sous le .AE avec le
Centre d'Arbitrage et de Médiation de l'OMPI.

67. ISOC: Brunetta apre assise su Governance di Internet
Isoc Italia, sezione italiana della internet Society, organizza il
prossimo 19 maggio presso il CNR di Roma, dalle 14 e aperta dal
Ministro per la Pubblica amministrazione e l'Innovazione Renato
Brunetta (foto), l'Assise Pubblica 'Il sistema Internet: verso la
costituzione dell'IGF Italia'.

68. La OCDE propone la versión 6 del protocolo Internet para
solucionar la escasez de dominios
Un informe de la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo
Económico (OCDE) manifiesta que "los poderes públicos y las empresas
deben actuar de manera concertada, eficaz y urgente para satisfacer la
demanda creciente de dominios de Internet y garantizar el futuro de la
economía online".

69. .co: Comentarios recibidos para la propuesta de politicas del .co
El Ministerio de Comunicaciones presenta los comentarios hechos al
documento borrador de la política del ccTLD .co elaborado por esta
cartera, y agradece a quienes aportaron con sus observaciones.

70. ICANN celebra acuerdo de registro con Islandia.
Islandia (.is) se ha convertido en el país número 40 en firmar acuerdo
de registro con ICANN.

71. Se abre el registro oficial del II Congreso ForumDominios.com.
Hoy se abre oficialmente el registro para el II Congreso
ForumDominios.com que tendrá lugar los días 12 y 13 de junio en el
Citilab de Cornellà (Barcelona).

72. El éxito del lanzamiento del .ASIA genera rumores sobre un .AFRICA.
Tras el registro masivo de dominios .ASIA tras su lanzamiento en
febrero de este año y de dominios .EU en 2006, empiezan a circular
rumores acerca de si una extensión .AFRICA se crearía algún día.
Aunque en un principio la comunidad de inversores en dominios podría
mostrarse escéptica, África tiene algún que otro as bajo la manga.

73. A la venta America.com
Hoy sale a subasta la propiedad de este dominio. La puja se cerrará el
próximo 29 de mayo.

74. Nederlands domein groeit met 23 procent
Het .nl-domein is in 2007 met drieëntwintig procent gegroeid. In
totaal waren er op 1 januari 2008 2.695.454 .nl-domeinnamen
geregistreerd. Dat blijkt uit het jaarverslag over 2007 dat de
Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie vandaag presenteert.

75. CZ.NIC spouští diskusi o zavedení diakritiky v názvech domén
Sdružení CZ.NIC, které spravuje doménu s koncovkou .cz, zahájilo
verejnou debatu o zavedení diakritiky v adresách ceských internetových
stránek. Podle reditele sdružení Ondreje Filipa je ceský internet na
zavedení hácek a cárek pripraven, nedojde však k nemu, pokud o to
nebude zájem mezi uživateli. Diskuse se povede na stránkách

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