[AfrICANN-discuss] Fellowship Opportunities: AFTLD 2nd African ccTLDs Event, Johannesburg - AfriNIC Community invited ..

Mohamed EL Bashir admin at isoc.sd
Wed Mar 19 18:38:35 SAST 2008

Dear AfriCANNs

AfTLD would like to announce availability of fellowship opportunities to attend AfTLD 2nd
African ccTLD event which will be held in Johannesburg from 7th-11th April 200h.

Register and apply now : www.aftld.org .

About AfTLD 2008 :
AfTLD in cooperation with South Africa's Department of Communications “DOC”, AfTLD
is organizing the Second African ccTLD event ( Workshops, Training and AfTLD General
Assembly meeting in Cape Town, South Africa  from7th to 11th of April 2008.

AFTLD workshops main objective is to offer advanced DNS training and exchange of
best practices between African Country Code Top Level Domain operators/managers.

Telecom, ISPs and Governments ICT Agencies, are invited to participate in AfTLD
events inorder to be contribute to the process of developing and enhancing a national
Internet infrastructure and provide assistance in building a strong local Internet
services by promoting and utilizing country’s top level domain .

Event Programme :

Previous AfTLD Events :
Visit AfTLD 2007 Cairo Page ( materials, AGM Report, Photo Gallery, ..ect ) ..

Best Regards,
Mohamed El Bashir
VP Communications & Out-Reach

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