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Subject: [cctld-discuss] Survey on ccNSO participation
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 10:33:16 +0100
From: Gabriella Schittek <gabriella.schittek at icann.org>
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Dear all,


This survey is sent out by the ccNSO secretariat on behalf of the ccNSO
Participation Working Group. The Working Group's goal is to improve the
participation of ccTLD managers in the ccNSO and regional organisations, for
the benefit of all ccTLDs and the industry generally. The charter for the
working group can be found at

The data collected in this survey will be used by the working group in order
to gain a better understanding of why people participate or don't
participate in the ccNSO, and how the ccNSO can improve. The results of the
survey will be published on the ccNSO website, but all data will be
anonymised prior to this.

1. What is the ccTLD code your registry administers?

2. How often does your ccTLD registry attend ccNSO meetings?

a. have never attended
b. a few (1-3) meetings
c. semi regularly (at least once a year) d. almost every meeting e. don't
know what a ccNSO meeting is

3. Do you feel that the meetings are of value to your registry?

a. yes (go to question 4)
b. no (go to question 5)
c. don't know

4. If yes on question 3, what in particular is it that you find of value (so
we can keep doing it)?

a. exchange of information with other registries through presentations b.
exchange of information with other registries through surveys c. influencing
ICANN through PDPs and resolutions d. participation in working groups e.
informal talks with other registry people (networking) f. other, please

5. If no on question 3, are there things that could be done to make the
meetings of value to your registry? (please specify)

6. Are there barriers that make it difficult for you to participate in the
ccNSO meetings? If so, please mark which barriers present a significant
problem to your ccTLD registry in regards to participating:

a. cost of travel
b. limited time/limited personnel resources that can be spared to
participate in activities outside the registry c. language d. lack of
information on how to participate e. lack of information about what the
issues are at the meetings f. limits on the memberhip of ccNSO working
groups g. legal structure of the ccNSO, please specify h. other barriers,
please specify

7. What can the ccNSO do to make it easier for your registry to participate
in the meetings?

8. Do you have any suggestions to how the ccNSO can better serve the ccTLD

9. Is your ccTLD registry a member of the ccNSO?
a. yes
b. no

10. If no on question 9, is it because
a. lack of information about the ccNSO (we don't know what it is/does) b.
lack of information on how to join c. we haven't decided yet d. the
membership doesn't offer anything of value to my registry e. legal structure
of the ccNSO, please specify f. other, please specify

Thank you for answering the survey!

Please, send your reply to ccnsosecretariat at icann.org

Anne-Rachel Inne

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