[AfrICANN-discuss] IGF : MAG Renewal (15 february), Stock taking, review, open consultations (23 - 24 February)

Ken Lohento klohento at panos-ao.org
Sun Dec 21 15:48:45 SAST 2008

Dear all  - FYI - See below

(Résumé en français:
- Le Comité Conseil du FGI doit être renouvelé. Les nominations au 
secrétariat du FGI sont attendues d'ici le 15 février 2009.
- Les consultations publiques sur la réunion ayant eu lieu en Inde et 
sur le processus en cours d'évaluation du FGI auront lieu du 23 au 24 
février 2009 à Genève; un questionnaire est mis en ligne dans ce cadre : 
http://www.intgovforum.org/Q2008.php - il doit être rempli d'ici le 31 
janvier 2009)


*A)  IGF MAG renewal

"All relevant stakeholder groups representing governments, private 
sector and civil society, including the academic and technical 
communities are invited to make proposals for new MAG members in order 
to allow for rotation among its members.

The principles and modalities of the MAG renewal are set out in the 
Summary Record of the MAG meeting on 27-28 February 2008 : see 

Please submit your proposals to the IGF Secretariat by 15 February 2009 
to allow for a timely renewal of the MAG."

*B)  Taking stock of the Hyderabad Meeting / Preparing the IGF Review 
process, Open consultations *

Consultations open to all stakeholders will be held in Geneva on 23-24 

Two main items will be on the agenda:

- Taking stock of the Hyderabad Meeting and suggest improvements for the 
2009 Meeting to be held in Sharm El Sheikh

- Preparing the IGF Review process.

Written contributions are welcome and will be posted on this Web site. 
To facilitate the discussions, please fill out the online questionnaire 
before 31 January 2009 (See here : http://www.intgovforum.org/Q2008.php)

Please also make use of the IGF YouTube channel and upload your videos 
with your comments : http://www.youtube.com/igf

Best wishes for 2009

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