[AfrICANN-discuss] Skype Warns Users of P-to-P Worm

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Tue Sep 11 13:19:36 SAST 2007

 Skype Warns Users of P-to-P Worm

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service*Mon Sep 10, 10:00 AM ET*

Skype users are under attack from a new worm that spreads through the
peer-to-peer Internet phone application's chat feature.

The attack begins when a user receives an instant message containing a link
from someone in their contact list or an unknown Skype user, said Villu
Arak, a Skype spokesman based in Tallinn, Estonia.

There are several versions of the chat messages, which are "cleverly
written" to fool users, Arak wrote on the Skype heartbeat blog. The link
appears to contain a JPEG photo file, but if clicked causes the Windows
run/save dialog box to appear, which asks whether the user wants to save or
run a ".scr" file.

The file is malicious software that can then access a user's PC via Skype's
API (application programming interface). The malicious file has been named

"Users whose computers are infected with this virus will send a chat message
to other Skype users asking them to click on a web link that can infect"
their computers, Arak wrote.

To avoid trouble, users should not download the file. At least two security
vendors, F-Secure Corp. and Kaspersky Lab Ltd., have updated their software
to detect the worm, Arak wrote.

Instant message programs are another way hackers can try to gain control
over PCs. Access to one person's instant messenger or e-mail account can
mean contact details for many others, allowing hackers to use malicious
e-mails or instant messages to lure victims into downloading malicious

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