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Dear All,

I hope all is going well for those that are in LA - I am not arriving
finally until tomorrow afternoon LA time, because my flights from Kigali
were canceled.

I would like to remind those who are not there what is happening in LA and
there is a statement at the end of this email from ICANN.

** Vint Cerf is leaving ICANN so for those who are going to the GALA dinner
tonight, enjoy it and enjoy Vint's company one more time :-).

**At GNSO level - the new gTLDs and IDNs are the main subject - At the end
of the LA meeting, Africa will have no more representatives at GNSO level. I
am counting on all of you to participate in all constituencies to get your
voices heard, remotely or physically when you go to meetings. I will try to
regularly update you with Glen.

** At ccNSO level - Sweden, Serbia, New Zealand have signed the 30th, 31st,
32nds frameworks with ICANN - you can view all the other frameworks here and
if you are interested, let me know off list: accountability frameworks -
http://www.icann.org/cctlds/agreements.html and models at:

The schedule page for teh ICANN meeting is here:
I want to encourage those who can, given the difference in time, to follow
the webcast events.
Transcripts and archives of the meetings are available after meetings and
presentations are posted as we go for workshops. If you need me to download
some transcripts or presentations and send in attached emails, please send
me an email directly off list

I would like to remind all of you that the 31st round of fellowship
applications process is opened!!! Please see at the following address and
encourage people from the region to apply early:

Enjoy your meetings for those in LA and if I can help anyone with anything,
let me know.


ICANN Opens Historic 30th International Public Meeting in L.A.

Meeting marks end of Vint Cerf's term, offers updates on major changes to

29 October 2007

*LOS ANGELES*: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has
opened its 30th International Public Meeting in Los Angeles.

"It's fitting to host such an historic meeting in California. ICANN will be
looking at issues impacting the future of the Internet in the place where,
in many ways, the Internet was born and grew up," said Dr Paul Twomey,
ICANN's President and CEO.

"The ICANN model is working and these meetings are pivotal. As a bottom up,
consensus-driven organization, help us get the community together to discuss
the direction we need to head, and how we will get there."

Attendees and on-line participants can be part of more than 30 sessions and
workshops, and will help ICANN continue improving the global coordination of
the Internet's unique identifiers.

Some of the highlights of the Los Angeles meeting include:

   - ICANN's ongoing technical test of Internationalized Domain Names,
   - Developing policies on how IDNs will be implemented so global
   internet users can get their names in their languages,
   - A major workshop on Increasing consumer choice through the
   development of the application and approval process for new generic
   top-level domains (gTLDs, which are the part of web addresses after the dot
   — like .com or .info),
   - Enhancing protection for domain name registrants through amendments
   to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

"I can't over emphasize the importance of IDNs and new gTLDs — when ICANN
reaches the implementation point on these projects we will see an incredible
change in the way people interact with the Internet and each other," Dr
Twomey added. "ICANN stands for a single, globally interoperable Internet —
and the work on IDNs and new gTLDs is part of enhancing that."

Dr Twomey also welcomed the announcement from the U.S. Department of
Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration that
the NTIA will consult with interested stakeholders regarding the mid-term
review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between the Department and

"ICANN and the Department agreed to a mid term review in 2006," Assistant
Secretary for Communications and Information John Kneuer said at the ICANN
meeting this morning.

"It is important that all interested stakeholders have an opportunity to
directly share their views on ICANN during the JPA mid-term review," Kneuer
added. "We feel strongly that our review must be informed by your
experiences with ICANN and perspectives regarding its evolution."

The NTIA release is available at

"We welcome this public consultation. ICANN stands for one, global
interoperable Internet. If you believe in that, this is your opportunity to
tell the NTIA that the ICANN model is our best one to ensure co-ordination
not control," Dr Twomey added.

"It's also an historic meeting because it is Vint Cerf's last official
function as board chair," Dr Twomey added. "His contributions to ICANN, and
the Internet, have been immeasurable. We are going to celebrate his
achievements at a special tribute during the meeting."

The complete schedule for ICANN's Los Angeles meeting, as well as links to
webcast sessions and our public participation website, can be found at:
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