[AfrICANN-discuss] Resending letter to ccTLDManagers(.Africa'sposition)

Pierre Dandjinou dandjinou.pierre at undp.org
Wed Oct 24 03:09:03 SAST 2007


For sure, I had AfrISPA in my mind as well.which reminds me we should finish
off the on going MoU arrangement with AfriNIC.


Good day.




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Dear Pierre,


AfrISPA would like to lend support to the Af* efforts at dot Africa and i
agree with you that we must consolidate and present one solid proposal and


Eric here



On 23 Oct 2007, at 17:13, Pierre Dandjinou wrote:

Hi Sophia,


Thanks for providing these answers to Vika's questions.


Good to know you are progressing on the dot Africa, but a bit tricky that
some of us whom you approached some time ago, no longer heard of this,
especially when you were told that the AF* (Afnog, Afrinic, Aftlds,
Afren,Aftld..) have been working on a dot Africa model. You were asked to
join forces and avoid duplication and you promised!


It is fine to respond that the dot Africa is (will be?) owned by the African
people, but one should go beyond this response and present a business
model..which speaks for itself. 


Best regards


Pierre Dandjinou

Chair, Afrinic Board





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