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  >> Subject: [ssac] "Russia will create independent Cyrillic WEB"
  >> This is only partly about IDNs (and IDN TLDs).  More centrally, it
  >> seems to be about an alternate root or network in not only Russia,
  >> but also the other CIS states (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus,
  >> Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and
  >> Uzbekistan).
  >> http://www.cawa.fr/rossiya-spletet-sobstvennuyu-v-ev-ev -
  >> e.pautina.rus-article001436.html
  >> Translated from the original Russian article authored by
  >> Konstantin Getmansky at Russia's premier newspaper web-site
  >> (Note : A few days after the announcement below by President Putin
  >> at the Security Council meeting of the Russian Federation, further
  >> Russian language press reports appeared stating that the Security
  >> committee within the Russian Duma (parliament) had publicly
  >> enodorsed Putin's initiative)
  >>> At the latest session of Security Council of the Russian
  >>> Federation it's been declared that by 2015 Russia will become one
  >>> of the leaders of the global information space. This matter
  >>> includes the creation in Russia of its own web.
  >> Russian analogue of the Internet will be completely independent
  >> from the traditional World Wide Web (www) and at first stage of
  >> the project is going to include the CIS countries. This
  >> information was received from a governmental source.
  >> There are several reasons for creation of an independent network
  >> in Russia.
  >> Firstly, there are reasons related to information safety and
  >> security. Today it is a matter of fact that Russian users are
  >> accessing the Internet via channels which are in the control of
  >> the US government. Experts say there is the potential for the US
  >> to block these channels in the hypothetical scenario of an adverse
  >> development in the bilateral relationship between Russia and USA.
  >> Secondly, at present only the US is engaged in the process of
  >> making decisions relating to the distribution of domain names
  >> amongst all the countries. Thus in essence the US is operating and
  >> supervising all global Internet traffic.
  >> Two years ago in Tunis at the United Nations World Summit of the
  >> Information Society (WSIS) the rights for making decisions
  >> relating to the distribution of domain names between the countries
  >> was reviewed for change but ultimately remained under the US-
  >> controlled organization - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
  >> and Numbers (ICANN). This occurred against the will of the other
  >> countries such as Russia, India and China.
  >> At the same Tunis summit the US senator - Republican Norm Kohlman
  >> - declared, that only the US can have a supervisory role over the
  >> Internet. He strongly rejected any idea for transferring any
  >> Internet authority to the United Nations. Further he labeled the
  >> United Nations as absolutely incompetent and corrupt.
  >> Thirdly, domain names in the proposed independent Russian network
  >> will use a Cyrillic script. Those proposing this project say it
  >> will help to strengthen the influence of Russia in the CIS
  >> countries. They further say that it will also increase the status
  >> of the Russian language in the countries of Commonwealth territories.
  >> It is not determined yet what organizations will undertake the
  >> creation of the Russian web and how much it will cost. Also it is
  >> not clear yet, how the Russian network will interact with the
  >> traditional World Wide Web.
  >> By the way, a similar project of an independent computer network
  >> already exists in China and is in development in the Arabic
  >> countries. They have the same motives : safety, creation of an
  >> independent cyber space for their own language communities and the
  >> convenience of using of the Internet for their native language
  >> speakers.

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