[AfrICANN-discuss] Reminder: Comments invited on reports and recommendations summarized in the Staff Overview of Recent GNSO WHOIS Activity.

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Mon Oct 15 16:28:12 SAST 2007

Please note that the following two documents have been posted on page:

Staff Overview of recent WHOIS activities

Staff Implementation notes WHOIS working group report

Public comments are open on the WHOIS process until 30 October 2007.

Please submit comments to: <whois-comments-2007 at icann.org>
Comments may be viewed at:

Explanation:  A Whois taskforce convened in June 2005 completed its work
and sent a final report to the GNSO Council in March 2007. In that
report, a majority of members endorsed a proposal called the
"Operational Point of Contact" (OPOC) where a domain name registrant
would be able to choose a third-party to appear in the public Whois
information for this domain and the registrant's contact details would
no longer be displayed.

Expanding on that work, the GNSO Council in March created a Whois
working group to examine three issues and make recommendations on them:

1. To examine the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the OPOC,
and what happens if they are not fulfilled;
2. To examine how legitimate interests will access unpublished
registration data; and
3. To examine whether publication of registration contact information
should be based on the type of registered name holder (legal vs. natural
persons) or the registrant's use of a domain name.

The working group's report [pdf] was published on 20 August 2007. On 6
September 2007, the GNSO Council approved a resolution for further
public comment on the report with the intention to lead to a vote on the
issue on 31 October 2007 during the Los Angeles ICANN meeting. The
resolution called for ICANN staff to prepare a "draft final report"
covering the Whois reports referenced above and called Staff Overview of
Recent GNSO WHOIS Activity [pdf]. Public comments are invited on both of
the GNSO Council's Whois reports and recommendations referenced above
and summarized in the Staff Overview of Recent GNSO WHOIS Activity.

Comments will be taken until 00:00 UTC (17:00 PDT) on 30 October 2007.

Please take time to submit comments.
Thank you.

Kind regards,

  Glen de Saint Géry

GNSO Secretariat - ICANN
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