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1. Researchers Map the Internet [AP]
Sending queries to about 2.8 billion IP addresses over two months, the
University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute have
produced a map that shows the density of computers around the world. Their
internet census is the first since 1982 "when the Internet consisted of 315
allocated addresses." One of the aims of the census is to improve internet
security with the Department of Homeland Security supporting the project.
The links below are to an AP story and to a news item from the ISI that
includes a link to a full scale map.

2-8. A Script for Every Surfer
The launch of the IDN test by ICANN gained coverage around the world in many
languages. The Washington Post was one to have a detailed story, saying the
long wait "has left many in the non-English-speaking world impatient and
angry. Questions of political and linguistic sovereignty, alongside
accusations of American 'digital colonialism,' have motivated some countries
to create their own Internets, effectively mounting a challenge to the World
Wide Web." Michael Geist is quoted commenting on the difficulty for
non-English speakers who says "Think of what it would be like if every time
you typed out an e-mail address or visited a Web site you had to use Chinese
characters or Sanskrit." Milton L. Mueller and John Palfrey are also quoted.

10-20. Bidding starts for .asia domain rights
The launch of .asia is the other big story of the week, gaining a lot of
coverage around the world and in many languages. Most coverage simply
reported the announcement, but a few articles delved a little deeper. The
Register notes, "Carpet baggers will have to wait for their chance to hoover
up potentially valuable names" as "governments, trademark owners, and
official bodies" are currently the only entities able to register. Noting a
Latin American and African TLD "are both on their way", they also quote
Nominet's head Lesley Cowley who says this could be last TLD where there is
a huge demand for registrations given ICANN is likely to allow a relaxation
in rules leading to a leap in the number of TLDs available. This possible
leap in TLDs could mean trademark owners simply feel there are too many TLDs
to register a domain name in each one.

Meanwhile Agency FAQs quotes Ching Chaio, vice-president, community
relations at DotAsia Organisation who says they would like to emulate .eu
and are aiming for 2 million registrations.

1. Researchers Map the Internet [AP]
It took two months and nearly 3 billion electronic probes for researchers to
create a map of the Internet. Now comes the task of making sense of their
data - and figuring out what they missed. The Internet census comes from the
University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute in Marina
del Rey, Calif. Over two months, ISI computers sent queries to about 2.8
billion numeric "Internet Protocol," or IP, addresses that identify
individual computers on the Internet. Replies came from about 187 million of
the IP addresses, and researchers used that data to map out where computers
exist on the Internet.


2. A Script for Every Surfer
Is the World Wide Web truly worldwide? Depends whom you ask. Since the
Internet began, the 70 percent of the world that doesn't speak English has
argued that the Web is inaccessible. So next week the nonprofit group
contracted by the U.S. government to run the Internet will begin testing
domain names in other languages.

3. The Internet Goes Polyglot
You won't have noticed, but yesterday the internet's plumbing underwent one
of its most fundamental changes in 20 years. The domain name system now
supports 11 non-English languages, for the first time in their native
non-Roman scripts. ICANN on Tuesday morning added the TLD ".test" in Arabic,
Persian, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese, Tamil and two
flavors of Chinese, to the DNS's root servers.

4. ICANN trials domain names in 11 languages
ICANN is about to trial non-Latin language domain names in what it says is
one of the biggest changes ever to the Net.

5. Icann to test domains in 11 languages [sub req'd]

6. Internet Language Barriers Broken
ICANN has made an important step towards true internationalisation of the
Internet by launching a program testing the reality of making domain names
available for the characters of non-Latin derived languages.

7. ICANN to Test "One of the Biggest Changes to the Internet"
ICANN will launch an evaluation of Internationalized Domain Names next week
that will allow Internet users to test top-level domains in 11 languages.

8. Domains to go non-English: will it cause internet havoc?
A plan to allow non-Roman characters in domain names will make the Internet
more international than ever, but Australians look set to play a major role
in determining its success.

 - (cc)TLD NEWS
9. The Launch of .ASIA - a free web seminar
MIP will host a free web seminar on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 (Time: 12
noon (EDT)/9am (PDT) (USA)) covering the upcoming .ASIA domain launch. The
first applications for domains ending in .ASIA can be made this month, with
the sunrise period for trademark owners, which started on October 9th. Find
out more about .ASIA, including whether you should apply, what can be
applied for during the sunrise period, what the validation system is, and
how the .ASIA auction and dispute resolution procedures work. Their panel
will include Edmon Chung from the DotAsia Registry and other domain name
specialists from VeriSign, Deloitte and others for a lively and highly
topical seminar. Panelists will also answer your questions about the
opportunities and challenges of the new .ASIA domain. Participants include:
James Nurton, Editor, MIP; Bart Lieben, Lawyer, Laga, Belgium and
verification agent for .ASIA; Edmon Chung, CEO, DotAsia registry and
Jennifer Gore, Product Manager, Corporate Domain Services, VeriSign. To
register for this web seminar, see:

10. Bidding starts for .asia domain rights [AFP]
Bidding has started for prized new pieces of internet real estate with the
launch of the .asia domain name.

11. .Asia domains are go
The new .asia domain registry opens for business today, triggering the
familiar landgrab by brand owners. Carpet baggers will have to wait for
their chance to hoover up potentially valuable names. DotAsia is available
only to governments, trademark owners, and official bodies until the end of
February. It'll then give everyone else a crack of the whip.

12. Asia gets own address in cyberworld
Asia finally got its own domain name on Monday when the .asia regional
domain officially opened for business.

13. After .eu, Asia gets its own address in cyberworld
.com, .org, .net and a host of other domains, Asia is next in line to get
its own domain name. Due for its "sunrise" launch tomorrow for trademark
owners, '.asia' is aimed at providing another option to domain-name seekers.

14. Registration for '.asia' begins [UPI]
Companies and legal entities in the Asia-Pacific region started to register
their Internet domain names Tuesday with the .asia extension.

15. Asia domain names for sale
New internet real estate became available Tuesday with the launch of the
.asia domain name. As the newest so-called top-level website suffix, on par
with .com and .net, the domain is expected to become highly sought after as
businesses seek to lock up Asia-specific internet addresses.

16. .Asia domains start sale Tuesday [IDG]
Registration for .asia TLD names began Tuesday for companies and other legal
entities, giving corporations an opportunity to secure trademarked domain
names without having to contend with cybersquatters.

17. The .asia Domain Hits Sunrise
Beginning 9 October, companies and governments can register with the .asia
suffix, which will go live next March.

18. Asia-specific domain names up for grabs [vnunet.com]
The DotAsia organisation will begin selling Asia-specific domain names to
companies around the world from today.

19. Internet names for Asia launched
The .asia regional internet domain has officially opened for business, with
big firms expected to grab addresses.

20. Business Owner? Register .asia ASAP
Businesses dealing with or have a presence in Asia, are being advised to
purchase the .asia domain names to protect their trademarks and to prevent

21. Internationalised Domain Names (IDN) in .nz - Consultation [news
Currently, domain names in the .nz space only allow the 26 basic English
(Latin) alphabet characters a-z, digits and the '-' hyphen. The Maori
alphabet has an additional five characters, the macronised vowels a, e, i,
o, and u, which are currently not allowed in .nz domain names.

22. InternetNZ's The Browser - September edition
The September edition of InternetNZ's monthly publication The Browser is now
available. Issues covered include the government announcement Telecom will
be operationally separated; .nz registrations hit 300,000; the Digital
Future Summit 2.0 planned for 28 and 29 November 2007 and a report on
broadband in NZ titled "Defining a Broadband Aspiration: How much does
broadband matter and what does New Zealand need?"

23. Higher .com and .net domain prices
VeriSign announced that it will raise the wholesale rates of .com and .net
domain names this 15th of October 2007. Domain names ending in .com, from
$6.00, will be increased to $6.42; and .net domains, from $3.50 to $3.85.

24. Phishing Education Called Inadequate
Researchers say that current methods of teaching users about phishing are
inadequate, but some efforts are effective.

25. The politics of cyber-crime
As the presidential race of 2008 nears, there appear to be very few
certainties that can be applied to the political runoff. ... Friedrichs also
took the opportunity to plug a new book he has contributed to dubbed
"Crimeware" -- due out in Feb. 2008 -- which will touch on the
political-security issue, among many others apparently. Symantec, which will
publish the book, has been kind enough to pass along the chapter on this
topic free-of-charge to anyone interested in reading it. Some highlights:
-The existing candidates have not done a thorough job of snapping-up domain
names that could be easily associated with their campaigns by attackers
looking to ensnare end users.

26. Critic to release domain names
A critic of county Supervisor Dennis Hansberger has agreed to turn over
control of Web sites he used to criticize Hansberger.

27. ca: B.C. Securities Commission gives lifetime ban to former stock picker
A former B.C. stock picker who admitted to defrauding investors after
raising $1.4 million from 49 clients has been banned for life from the
province's capital markets. ... Budai also confessed to buying Internet
domain names he later sold to StockDepot at inflated prices without proper

28. Sony Wins UDRP by Michele Neylon
The only UDRP decision that caught my attention this morning concerned Sony.

29. NSA's Lucky Break: How the U.S. Became Switchboard to the World
A lucky coincidence of economics is responsible for routing much of the
world's internet and telephone traffic through switching points in the
United States, where, under legislation introduced this week, the U.S.
National Security Agency will be free to continue tapping it. Leading House
Democrats introduced the so-called RESTORE Act Tuesday that allows the
nation's spies to maintain permanent eavesdropping stations inside United
States switching centers. Telecom and internet experts interviewed by Wired
News say the bill will give the NSA legal access to a torrent of foreign
phone calls and internet traffic that travels through American soil on its
way someplace else. But contrary to recent assertions by Bush administration
officials, the amount of international traffic entering the United States is
dropping, not increasing, experts say.

30. Google recruits registrars to push apps
Domain name registrars are being recruited by Google to market the Google
Apps suite of web software to their customers.

31. Domain Name Book Canceled
An upcoming book about the domain name industry is on hold. Writer David
Kesmodel, who currently writes for The Wall Street Journal, has worked hard
over the past year or so on the book, but the original publisher involved
with the project canceled the book. Kesmodel's agent is currently shopping
the book to other publishers.

32. SoldNames.com: Resource for Premium Domain Sales Values
Domain investors looking for a little inspiration should visit
SoldNames.com, a web site that lists the top domain name sales of all time
by top level domain. The site is backed by Cybertonic, the same company
behind PremiumDomains.com.

33. Highly Successful dotMobi Online Auction Confirms Strong Demand for
.mobi Domains [news release]
dotMobi successfully closed its first-ever online auction on October 3.
dotMobi auctioned 100 domain names through Sedo.com, and is the first domain
company to offer selected names directly to the market via an online auction
process rather than a traditional "first come, first served" process.

34. dotMobi cashes in on domain name auction
The registrar of the new .mobi internet domain has hailed the success of the
first online auction of the new web destination. dotMobi auctioned 100
domain names, the first time that selected addresses have been offered via
auction rather than on a "first come, first served" basis. As a result, the
company was able to raise a healthy $850,000.

35. Dot-mobi domains go to highest bidders
The first dot-mobi auction has closed on a high, with domain name
marketplace Sedo.com selling 100 mobile web addresses to the highest bidder.

36. PressReleases.com and eReleases.com to Be Auctioned at the Upcoming
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East [news release]
eReleases.com, an online press release distribution service targeted at
small businesses, today announced that it has granted Moniker.com the
exclusive right to broker the sale of e-commerce company eReleases.com along
with the premium domain PressReleases.com and additional associated
trademarks and assets.

37. Gemütlicher Start für .asia-Domain
Nach einem schnellen Endspurt zum Start ihrer Registry ist die neue
Adresszone .asia heute gemütlich gestartet – zumindest in Deutschland. Zwar
bieten eine Reihe deutscher Registrare die neuen Adressen bereits in der
heute gestarteten Sunrise-Phase an. Da es aber vorerst nicht nach dem
"First-Come-First-Serve"-Prinzip geht, sondern die bis 30. Oktober
einlaufenden Registrierungen von Markeninhabern gleich behandelt werden,
ließen sich viele Registrare Zeit. Manch ein Anbieter – wie der US-Hoster
Godaddy – schaffte es ohnehin nur auf den letzten Drücker, die
Akkreditierung bei der für die Adresszone verantwortlich zeichnenden DotAsia
Organisation Ltd. zu bekommen.

38. ICANN testet nicht-englische Adresszonen
Gestern wurden elf Versionen der Adresse .test in die Rootzone eingefügt,
und zwar .test auf Arabisch, Persisch, Russisch, Hindi, Griechisch,
Koreanisch, Hebräisch, Japanisch, in Tamil und in klassischem und modernem
Chinesisch. Ab dem kommenden Montag werden dann in all diesen Sprachen
"example.test"-Wikiseiten online erreichbar sein. Die Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ruft im Zuge der von ihr gestarteten
Testphase Nutzer aus aller Welt auf, die Seiten zu testen. Die ICANN spricht
von einer der größten Veränderungen im Internet.

39. Das Internet wird polyglott
Die meisten Internet-Nutzer werden davon zwar nichts bemerkt haben, aber der
Unterbau des weltumspannenden IP-Netzes wurde gestern einer der
fundamentalsten Veränderungen seit 20 Jahren unterzogen.

40. Chinesisch, Arabisch: Das Internet wird multikulturell
Ab nächstem Jahr sollen auch Internet-Adressen in nichtlateinischen
Schriften möglich sein.

41. Das Web lernt Chinesisch
Internetadressen in japanischer oder kyrillischer Schrift? Das könnte sehr
bald möglich sein.

42. Globalisierung im Netz
Die für die Verwaltung von Internetadressen zuständige ICANN startet am 15.
Oktober einen Test mit Domain-Namen in nichtlateinischen Schriften. Der Test
wird es erstmals ermöglichen, vollständige Internet-Adressen in elf
zusätzlichen Zeichensätzen aufzurufen: traditionelles Chinesisch,
vereinfachtes Chinesisch, Arabisch, Persisch, Russisch, Hindi, Griechisch,
Koreanisch, Hebräisch, Japanisch und Tamilisch.

43. Erstmals Web-Adressen auf Arabisch und Chinesisch
Schon lange klagen Computer-Nutzer aus Ländern mit nichtlateinischen
Schriften über die Beschränkung der Internet-Adressen auf das Alphabet. Das
könnte sich bald ändern.

44. Chinesisch, Arabisch: Das Internet wird multikulturell
Ab nächstem Jahr sollen auch Internet-Adressen in nichtlateinischen
Schriften möglich sein.

45. Äusserst erfolgreiche Online-Auktion dotMobis bestätigt starke Nachfrage
[news release]
dotMobi hat am 3. Oktober seine erste Online-Auktion abgeschlossen. dotMobi
versteigerte 100 Domänennamen über Sedo.com und ist somit das erste
Domänenunternehmen, das ausgewählte Namen direkt über einen
Online-Auktionsprozess und nicht über den herkömmlichen Ansatz der Vergabe
an den ersten Bieter auf den Markt bringt.

46. L'AFNIC publie un dossier sur les interactions entre les noms de domaine
et le référencement
Plus que jamais, le "nerf de la guerre" en matière de succès sur internet
reste la capacité des entreprises à attirer des visiteurs sur leurs sites
web pour leur faire découvrir leurs contenus et/ou leurs offres
commerciales. Créer du trafic est ainsi l'une des principales préoccupations
des éditeurs de sites internet et cette priorité se traduit en budgets de
communication spécifiques de plus en plus conséquents.

47. Internet: lancement du nom de domaine .asia [AFP]
La commercialisation du nom de domaine internet.asia, qui permettra aux
marques de simplifier l'adresse de leurs sites à destination des pays
asiatiques, a été lancée mardi à Hong Kong par la société DotAsia, a annoncé
cette dernière.

48. Noms de domaine : hausse du cybersquatting en Asie
Le problème du cybersquatting prend de l'ampleur en Asie, notamment dû au
fait que de nombreux noms de domaine sont très peu chers à l'achat.

49. Les Hauts de Seine n'ont pas de droits antérieurs sur 92.eu
Le numéro d'un département français constitue-t-il, pour un tel organisme
public, un droit antérieur au sens des règles communautaires qui régissent
l'attribution des noms domaine .eu ? A propos du nom de domaine 92.eu, une
décision ADR y répond par la négative.

50. Le soleil se lève sur le «.asia»
Cette extension continentale de noms de domaine ouvrira au grand public en
mars 2008. Pour l'heure, seuls gouvernements et entités publiques peuvent y
réserver leur petit coin de Web.

51. La Toile prend des airs de tour de Babel
Un nouveau suffixe Internet transnational, .asia, vient d'être attribué par
l'ICANN. Mais l'autorité de gestion des noms de domaines sur le web
expérimente par ailleurs l'usage d'adresses Internet en caractères non

52. Internet verso il multilinguismo [vnunet]
Icann ha dato il via undici nuovi domini IP, dietro la spinta di tutta la
popolazione del mondo che non parla inglese

53. E' nato il dominio ".asia"
Da ieri si è avviata la registrazione alla nuova estensione geografica per
Internet ".asia". Al momento il processo è aperto solo agli enti governativi
e alle aziende, mentre gli utenti singoli potranno inoltrare le loro
richieste solo dal febbraio 2008.

54. Da oggi il dominio .asia [vnunet]
Il continente che traina la globalizzazione ha il suo suffisso Internet, per
ora registrabile solo da enti governativi e aziende. Per tutti dal febbraio

55. Partiti i domini .Asia
Qualcuno si aspetta la ressa per la registrazione di domini.Asia, i nuovi
domini "continentali" che da qualche ora aziende e persone giuridiche
asiatiche possono acquisire. In questa fase, come già accaduto per altri
domini, come i.eu, le registrazioni sono riservate ai detentori di marchio.

56. A Xunta destinará 186.000 euros a promover a candidatura do .gal
A Consellería de Innovación e Industria destinará un total de 186.000 euros
a promover a candidatura do dominio .gal para as empresas, entidades ou
persoas que se expresen en lingua galega ou fomenten a cultura do país.

57. Lanzan el dominio en internet ".asia"
La comercialización del nombre de dominio  internet ".asia", que permitirá a
las marcas simplificar la dirección de sus  sitios destinados a los países
asiáticos, fue lanzada el martes en Hong Kong  por DotAsia, anunció la
propia empresa, destacó la AFP.

58. Asia tiene su propio dominio de internet
La comercialización de ".asia" permitirá a las marcas simplificar la
dirección de sus sitios destinados a los países asiáticos. Fue lanzado en
Hong Kong por DotAsia

59. Elementos para a posição do Governo brasileiro sobre Governança da
Clique aqui para ter acesso ao texto com elementos para orientar a
participação do Governo brasileiro sobre temas da pauta do IGF. Trata-se de
texto ainda em elaboração, aberto a contribuições.

60. Nuevas Politicas de Registro de nombres de dominio bajo el ccTLD .pe
Tras casi un año desde su anuncio preliminar (2 de Marzo del 2007), el ccTLD
.pe ha procedido a dar fecha para la entrada en vigencia de las nuevas
Políticas: 8 de Diciembre del 2007. Estas nuevas políticas implican un
avance total en el registro, asignación y resolución de disputas bajo el
ccTLD .pe

61. El modelo Internet y el rol de Internet Society, ICANN y otras
organizaciones eni la gobernanza de Internet
Video de la entrevista con Sebastián Bellagamba, manager de ISOC para
América Latina y el Caribe, en el programa Dominio Digital en Argentina.

62. Interfacce business sempre più «videoludiche»
Secondo l'ICANN la dimensione business copierà sempre di più l'interazione
dei giochi

63. Falso sitio web de Botnia explica con ironía las "ventajas" de la
papelera en Uruguay
El sitio es una parodia creada por la Asamblea de Gualeguaychú. Advierte que
la planta traerá enfermedades y perjuicios ambientales a la zona. "El
dominio estaba libre, Botnia no lo registró", dijo el asambleísta creador de
la página.

64. La exitosa Subasta Online dotMobi confirma la creciente demanda de los
dominios .mobi [news release]
dotMobi ha cerrado con éxito su primera subasta online el 3 de octubre.
dotMobi subastó 100 nombres de dominios a través de Sedo.com, y es la
primera compañía de dominio en ofrecer nombres selectos de forma directa en
el mercado a través de los procesos de subasta en lugar de los procesos
tradicionales "el primero que llega, el primero en recibir servicio".

65. Internet estrena su segundo dominio regional, .asia
Ya se han abierto las inscripciones para un nuevo dominio regional de
internet, .asia, aunque por ahora están reservadas para empresas y
gobiernos, según informa la BBC.

66. Icann libera domínio .asia para março de 2008
A entidade que controla a concessão de domínios no mundo, o Icann, aprovou a
criação da extensão .asia na internet.

67. Nuevo dominio de internet para Asia
Ya se abrieron las inscripciones para un nuevo dominio regional de internet,
.asia, aunque por ahora están reservadas para empresas y gobiernos.

68. Saját domainnevet kap Ázsia
A DotAsia nevu vállalat kedden Hongkongban megkezdte a .asia domainnév
forgalmazását, amelynek révén egyszerusítheto lesz az ázsiai országok
számára szánt céges honlapok internetes címe.

69. Bedragare slog till mot Dinapengar.se - igen!
Företaget IT-Verket fortsätter att erbjuda Dinapengar.se hjälp som
nättidningen inte behöver. Nu hävdar företaget att hela tio nätnamn som
påminner om Dinapengar.se är hotade - och vill ha ännu mer pengar för att
stoppa det hela.

70. Stories on .asia in Vietnamese

71. Story on .asia in Chinese

72. Story in Hebrew on .asia

73. Internetlén fyrir asíumarkað
Internetlénin .asia eru nú komin á markað og er búist við að stórfyrirtæki
hlaupi til og tryggi sér lén fyrst. Nú geta ríkisstjórnir og fyrirtæki skráð
áhuga á ákveðnum lénaheitum sem byrja á www og enda á .asia.
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