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4. Short Domain Names Threatened by Proposed Policy on IGO Dispute
Resolution Procedure by George Kirikos

"ICANN staff has published a draft report on dispute resolution procedures
for IGO (inter-governmental organization) domain names" writes George
Kirikos. "This proposal has deep flaws and should be rejected by the
community, as it does not have the balance and protection of registrant
rights present in the existing UDRP." George believes "that in the proposed
policy, the domain registrant (respondent) has much weaker protection
compared to the UDRP because the complainant need only prove a single
element is present." George concludes, "this draft policy is very poorly
written (unless you're a covetous IGO), and threatens to permit mass reverse
hijacking of short domain names, with limited recourse." He proposes "at a
minimum that the draft policy be amended to compel the complainant to prove
bad faith registration AND use of the domain name, like the UDRP, and to
permit the respondent to create an affirmative defense that they do have
their own legitimate rights or interest in the domain name. This would add
balance to the policy, and limit the ability of reverse domain name
hijacking to occur. With the use of appropriate Sunrise procedures for new
TLDs, the need for any specific policy for IGOs is lessened."


5. Local ".city" TLDs as an Opportunity for City Portals by Dirk

Dirk Krischenowski of dotBerlin writes about what is a city TLD and the
benefits of establishing one in this recent article. Dirk writes, ".city
domains represent an identity for every single resident of a city, for their
companies and organisations. The .city domains reach the entire community,
out to the most remote members, opening up a whole range of opportunities
for every individual to participate, to make their own contribution and to
join in social networking." While there are city portals, using
City.comdomains, Dirk says these are limited, and often packed with so
information it is difficult to find what you are looking for. However, a
City.com domain and .City TLD can act to complement each other, benefiting


18. Griping, with an audience: Malcontents criticize companies online

This article in the International Herald Tribune, while about people
complaining through setting up "gripe" websites concludes with, "Good
proactive plays can include registering gripe domain names as well as
personalized e-mail addresses. Registering common misspellings as well as
negative domain names is a good precaution as is covering tags including
.biz and .org. Costs are minimal, some lower than $50 a year. Companies that
sell products or services should trademark their names to prevent others
from using then without authorization."


19. Cybersquatters Threaten Consumers and Harm Businesses [news release]

The growing threat of cybersquatters has resulted in the International
Trademark Association (INTA) issuing a warning on behalf of its members to
the public, alerting them to the growing threat of domain name
cybersquatters who deliberately mislead consumers and defraud online
businesses via this news release. The news release alerts INTA members to
what is cybersquatting, the techniques used by cybersquatters and the extent
of the problem.


24. U.S. urges U.N. patent agency chief to consider quitting [Reuters]

The US ambassador to the U.N.'s European headquarters in Geneva Warren
Tichenor called for the WIPO Director General Kamil Idris to either publicly
answer allegations of dishonest conduct against him or resign in a speech to
the UN General Assembly earlier this week. WIPO officials have called the
accusations groundless.





i. Western Sahara dispute at turning point, Morocco tells UN [news release]

The issue of Western Sahara is witnessing an "historical turning point," the
Foreign Minister of Morocco said today, referring to the Non-Self-Governing
Territory as "Moroccan Sahara" and advocating a settlement based on an
autonomy proposal put forward by the country's Government.


ii. Addressing UN, State Voices Hope for Solution On Western Sahara Issue

The Foreign Minister of Algeria today told the United Nations General
Assembly that his country hopes for an agreement between Morocco and the
Polisario Front that would pave the way for the people of Western Sahara to
decide on their future.





1. Microsoft-loving (former) security czar calls for closed internet

Richard Clarke, the man who served President Bush as a special adviser for
cyber security, has a five-point plan for saving the internet. Speaking at a
Santa Clara University conference dedicated to "trust online," Clarke called
the net "a place of chaos in many ways, a place of crime in many ways," but
laid out several means of righting the ship, including biometric IDs,
government regulation, and an industry wide standard for secure software. He
even embraces the idea of a closed internet - which seems to have sparked a
death threat from net pioneer Vint Cerf.


2. Cerf on the future of the Net

More than 30 years ago, Vint Cerf and colleague Robert Kahn - performing
research sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency -
created the core standards that allow computers across the globe to link
together. ... Cerf spoke with Government Technology at Google's Washington,
D.C., offices. During the hour-long conversation, Cerf discussed numerous
issues that will shape the Internet's future, including Net neutrality,
municipal wireless projects and mobile connectivity.








3. How to Trace a DDOS Attack

At most any time of the day, there's a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS)
attack underway somewhere on the Internet. Yes, it's still true, despite
reports that some ISPs have experienced fewer DDOS attacks overall during
the last six months. It's a matter of quality, not quantity: "When DDOSes do
occur, they are done with much greater purpose than they used to be," says
Rodney Joffe, senior vice president and senior technologist for Neustar.
"They are usually to obscure what's [really] happening in the background."





4. Short Domain Names Threatened by Proposed Policy on IGO Dispute
Resolution Procedure by George Kirikos

ICANN staff has published a draft report on dispute resolution procedures
for IGO (inter-governmental organization) domain names. This proposal has
deep flaws and should be rejected by the community, as it does not have the
balance and protection of registrant rights present in the existing UDRP.


5. Birth of '.XXX' Looming?

It has been brought back into the public eye again after being buried in the
ICANN 'rejections pile'. Specifically, the idea of a .xxx web suffix for
porn sites, once characterised as the internet's vampire, may have risen
from the dead as part of a larger argument over rules for how much
discretion will be exercised in accepting or denying applications.



 - (cc)TLD NEWS


5. Local ".city" TLDs as an Opportunity for City Portals by Dirk

One of the most frequently asked question when it comes to the discussion
about a city top-level domain ".city" (such as .london, .berlin or .nyc) is
what .city means to the already established official city portal (such as
London.gov.uk, Berlin.de, NYC.gov or in general City.com). This article
contributes to the most important topics in this discussion.


6. What Trademark Owners Really Need To Know About The .ASIA Sunrise [reg

If you are a trademark owner or represent one, you have almost certainly
received numerous notifications that the .ASIA sunrise period opens October
9, 2007. Most of these notifications are likely solicitations from various
service providers designed to persuade you or your client to register .ASIA
domain names. This note provides a quick overview of .ASIA so that you or
your clients can make an informed decision whether or not to take advantage
of the .ASIA sunrise period.


7. News Alert - Registration Of .Asia Domain Names Opening Soon

>From 6 October 2007, trade mark owners will have the chance to register
domain names in the new '.asia' top-level domain (TLD), prior to a general
release of .asia names in 2008. The domain space will open in several
phases, offering opportunities in turn to government entities, owners of
marks currently in use, owners of unused and newer marks, and the general


8. .EC domains for US$17 per year

NIC.EC, the .EC (Ecuador) domain registry have announced a special promotion
for new .ec domain name registrations. Till the end of October, new .ec
domain names can be registered for US$17 per year for up to five years under
.ec as well as com.ec, net.ec, org.ec, edu.ec, info.ec, pro.ec, fin.ec and



9. Five hundred requests for accents in Spanish domain names [news release]


10. EURid to Implement Automatic DNS Updates for .EU

EURid, the registry for .EU, has announced it will switch to dynamic DNS
updates on October 9. On that date, .EU DNS servers will begin updating
instantaneously in response to changes as they occur.


11. .ng Internet Registration Soars

Number of Internet registration in the country grows to about 3,000, the
Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has said.Nigeria got the authority
to operate its own domain registration body early this year at a formal hand
over of the domain registration by Mr Randy Bush former Internet
registration agent for Nigeria to the management of the Nigerian Internet
Registration Association.



12. North's Country Domain '.KP' Gets Nod

Its just a matter of time before North Korea meets the world through the
World Wide Web, as its domain ".kp" has recently been delegated for use.


13. '.nyc' wants to go .com

Is it time for New York City to corner a piece of the Internet? A growing
grassroots movement says yes, and is trying to create an ".nyc" domain name
to go alongside the .coms and .orgs of the World Wide Web.



14. New Zealand hits 300 000

According to local registry InternetNZ, after seeing constant growth on .NZ
for the last three years, New Zealand's Internet suffix reached the 300 000
mark on September 26, 2007.


15. ph: Domain prices should go down, not up

The decision last April by Verisign to raise the fee for both .com and .net
domain names hardly created a fuzz in the online community presumably
because consumers thought the hike was justified after years of unchanged
rates. But here in the Philippines, the price increase has sent a chilling
effect to those who have conscientiously followed the oppressive way in
which a private company has managed th .ph ccTLD.


16. Serbia readies new .RS Internet suffix

Born out of the ashes of what used to be Yugoslavia, Serbia is now a country
in its own right and with its own Internet extension – .RS – which should go
live in early 2008. We take a look at the new domain.


17. uk: Nominet ups dispute personnel

Nominet, the operator of the .uk internet domain, is looking for 10 IP and
internet specialists to join its dispute resolution panel as it looks to
cope with the growing number of domain name disputes.





18. Griping, with an audience: Malcontents criticize companies online

As the power of the Internet grows, businesses small and large find
themselves confounded by disenchanted employees, suppliers and competitors
who find fertile ground to air grievances online. Armed with little more
than a Web connection and keyboard, these detractors can irritate, via
scathing reviews, or cause serious business problems by using online message
boards, or even disclose company secrets and spread rumors of unethical
behavior. They also might start a gripe site or register a Web address in
another person's name.


19. Cybersquatters Threaten Consumers and Harm Businesses [news release]

The International Trademark Association (INTA) issued a warning on behalf of
its members to the public, alerting them to the growing threat of domain
name cybersquatters who deliberately mislead consumers and defraud online


20. Bodog Biting back

Lawsuits can frighten, embarrass and ruin. But for Canadian-born Calvin
Ayre, they can be marketing opportunities. The 46-year-old founder of Bodog
Entertainment Group, which has expanded from online gaming into music and
televised fighting, is in the middle of a patent dispute that has so far
seen Nevada and Washington courts strip Bodog of its domain names, order it
to pay millions in fines, and demand that Antigua-based Ayre testify in the
United States next month about his company's assets.


21. Facebook wins Manx battle for face-book.com

Facebook has wrestled control of the web address face-book.com away from an
Isle of Man-based firm that operates it as a revenue-raising link dump.


22. Computer crime: domains stealing

Like real-world theft, the hijacking of an Internet address can happen
quickly and with little warning. New York computer consultant Ronen
Inowlocki knows firsthand. In July, a thief took control of the
yyy.comaddress Inowlocki has owned for years.


23. us: County exec candidates fight war of domains

After being wooed for months by a Democratic Party power structure searching
for any viable candidate, State Sen. Lena Taylor filed papers this week to
run for Milwaukee County executive. The Milwaukee Dem may find it hard to
get a Web site with a catchy address, however, since her opponents have been
busy gobbling up domain names.





24. U.S. urges U.N. patent agency chief to consider quitting [Reuters]

The United States on Monday said the head of the United Nations'
intellectual property and patent protection agency WIPO should either
publicly answer allegations of dishonest conduct against him or resign.



25. Arsys Grows Beyond 500,000 Domains

Arsys Internet announced that it now hosts over 500,000 domains. Over the
last two years, the company has doubled its domain name registrations,
bolstering its status as Spain's No. 1 domain name Registrar and one of the
fastest growing in Europe.


26. DNSWorld Conference

The world's premier international conference on Internet Domain Name
Service, DSNWorld, will be held from Oct. 10-12, 2007 in Cancun, Mexico. The
multiple stream event features over 70 expert lectures, special
presentations, tutorials and workshops. Topics include IP addressing, the
transition from IP4 to IP6, domain name issues, NAP's, root servers,
Internet governance, hijacking, DNSSEC and more.


27. A New Way of Looking at the World (Wide Web)

Every country has its own two-letter code, such as .de for Germany and .cn
for China. But not all codes are so obvious, such as .lk for Sri Lanka or
.za for South Africa. That's where a new map from Byte Level Research comes
in handy. Their Map of the World Wide Web includes 180 of the 250 county
codes currently in use, covering most United Nations countries. Each
two-digit code is aligned over the country it represents. And each world
region is color coded with the legend below for quick and easy reference.


28. Rumor: AOL to turn Wow.com into 'World of Warcraft' social network by
Caroline McCarthy

I'm a smidgen skeptical of this rumor, if only because it seems so darn
obvious: TechCrunch reported on Tuesday morning that Time Warner's AOL may
have found a use for its Wow.com domain, which it acquired in 1998 as part
of the offal of what had once been CompuServe.


29. The art of the dotcom mark

... The ever-evolving market-place has thrown up many new challenges.
Especially when it comes to domain availability. It's said that all the good
dot.com and dot.co.za names have already been snapped up. Which isn't
surprising when you think about the rate at which new domain names are
registered globally every day. And which causes problems for established
companies that might not have had the foresight to register their names and
are now forced to change their names because other companies have registered
the names! These companies then have to opt for a dot.biz or
dot.netaddress. But we all know which address is really foremost in
people's minds
... (When you developed a logo "in the olden days", foresight meant having a
logo with a lifespan of 15 to 20 years!)





30. Domain Name and Internet Traffic Industry Announces 'We Get It!' Awards
Finalists [news release]

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. announced the finalists for its annual We Get It! Awards. The
domain name and Internet traffic industry's most highly coveted award is
given to the organization or individual(s) that has best demonstrated an
understanding of the power of domains and the Internet by attracting
visitors, increasing sales and beating competitors in terms of Internet



31. The Domain Distribution Network Partners with Network Solutions to Offer
Aftermarket Premium Domains For Sale

The Domain Distribution Network (DDN), an aftermarket domain distribution
and fulfilment service, announced today that it has partnered with Network
Solutions, an ICANN accredited registrar and leading provider of Internet
services, to offer premium domains to Network Solutions customers.



32. Aussie domain name distributor signs US registrar

Network Solutions has inked a deal with Queensland domain name distributor
Domain Distribution Network (DDN) to resell 'aftermarket' domain names. The
Queensland company harvests already registered but expired or parked
Internet domain names and resells them to all types of end-users, including
businesses and consumers.







33. Swim.com sold for US$214,500

ipAuctions sold swim.com for US$214,500 in an auction that was completed on
3 October. The winner was listed as "mountain74". There was 34 bids, 32 of
them coming in the last 6.5 hours. The website is currently used for selling
swimwear in the US.



34. egX Group to sell Domain Name - www.investment.com [news release]

egX Group has announced it is selling the domain name investment.com. egX
will be selling the domain name through Moniker's T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction
reserved for Premium Domains in Miami, Florida October 9th to the 13th.


35. TRAFFIC Domain Name Conference Auctions Evaluated in New Analysis by
Research and Appraisal Company Zetetic

Based on analysis of 34,000 historical domain name sales, Zetetic projects
the upcoming TRAFFIC Conference Domain Name Auction in Miami to yield nearly
US$2 million in sales.





36. Kampagne gegen IP-Adressen-Speicherung

Der Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung geht in die Vorwärtsverteidigung
gegen weit verbreitete Praktiken zur Erfassung personenbeziehbarer
Nutzerspuren auf Internetangeboten. Der Zusammenschluss von Bürgerrechtlern
hat dazu die Kampagne "Wir speichern nicht" gestartet.


37. Europarat gibt Empfehlungen zum Schutz der Meinungsfreiheit in

Das Ministerkomitee des Europarats hat drei Texte zum Schutz der Meinungs-
und Informationsfreiheit in Zeiten der Krise verabschiedet. In den
"Richtlinien zum Schutz von Meinungs- und Informationsfreiheit in
Krisenzeiten" und der "Erklärung über den Schutz und die Förderung des
investigativen Journalismus" hat sich das Ministerkomitee unmittelbar vor
der gestern gestarteten fünftägigen Konferenz der Parlamentarischen
Versammlung des Europarates auf eine Absicherung journalistischer Arbeit
verständigt. Die ausführlichere Empfehlung zur "Förderung der Meinungs- und
Informationsfreiheit in den neuen Informations- und Kommunikationsmedien"
(CM/Rec (2007)11) befasst sich vor allem mit mehr Transparenz und Aufklärung
der Nutzer darüber, inwieweit ihre persönlichen Informationen im Netz
protokolliert werden.


38. Auch Innenminister Schäuble will Webseiten mit gefährlichen Inhalten

Nach dem Treffen der EU-Innen- und Justizminister in Lissabon begrüßte
Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble den Vorschlag von EU-Innenkommissar
Franco Frattini, im Rahmen eines von ihm ausgearbeiteten Antiterror-Pakets
den Zugang zu bestimmten Webseiten zu sperren.


39. Drei Neue fürs Jugendamt

Ute Butz ist Rathaus-Dezernentin und zuständig für die Themen "Jugend",
"Schule" und "Soziales". Und sie ist Sturm erprobt - innerhalb von nur zwei
Jahren stand sie mehrmals vor ungewöhnlichen Personalproblemen.


40. La Nouvelle Zélande atteint les 300 000 .NZ

Le .NZ dépasse désormais les 300 000 enregistrements. Un chiffre en nette
progression depuis 3 ans.


41. Livre blanc sur les noms de domaine, V2

L'édition 2007 du Livre blanc de Loïc Damilaville vient de sortir. 21 pages
pour répondre aux principales questions sur les noms de domaine.


42. La PARL des noms marocains

Les autorités marocaines en charge du .MA ont adopté une Procédure
Alternative de Résolution des Litiges (PARL), qui sera administré par le
Centre d'Arbitrage et de Médiation de l'OMPI. Détails de cette PARL
spécifique au .MA.


43. La Serbie prêt à se lancer sur Internet

L'extension serbe – le .RS – devrait ouvrir courant 2008. Un projet de
charte de nommage est en ligne jusqu'au 8 octobre 2007.


44. EDHEC Nice : les Matinées de Domaine.info

Créer des échanges d'idées sur les questions actuelles que se posent les
Entreprises sur le monde de l'Internet et plus précisément du nommage :
c'est l'objectif des "Matinées de Domaine.info", cycle de conférences débats
lancé par l'EDHEC Business School à Nice. La prochaine matinée aura lieu
jeudi 11 octobre de 9 à 11 heures dans les locaux de l'école , 400 Promenade
des Anglais à Nice sur le thème "Les noms de domaines : quelle stratégie
adopter ?"


45. Internet, l'Italia lancia la Carta dei Diritti

Si è svolto a Roma il Dialogue Forum on internet rights, un vertice per
rilanciare la proposta italiana di un Bill of Rights della rete in vista
dell'Internet governance forum di Rio del Janeiro.


46. Milano: convegno sugli aspetti giuridici di Internet

Dopo il "Dialog Forum on Internet Rights", l'11 ottobre 2007 si terra' a
Milano un importante convegno sugli aspetti giuridici di Internet.



47. Renfe abre un portal web accesible a través de dispositivos móviles

Ante los profundos cambios que está viviendo el mercado ferroviario, Renfe
ha decidido moverse a alta velocidad, también en lo relativo a las
Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones. Dentro de la apuesta de
Renfe por éstas, destaca el reciente lanzamiento del portal para
dispositivos móviles Renfe.mobi y la apuesta por el canal de venta on-line
de billetes de tren.


48. Registro de Nombres de Dominio en America Latina - Estadisticas al 30 de
Septiembre del 2007

El estudio iniciado por LatinoamerICANN para medir la incidencia de
políticas de Sociedad de la Información en el desarrollo de los ccTLD's de
la región, así como analizar el impacto de las políticas de los ccTLDs en
las politicas de Sociedad de la Informacion nacionales, mantiene una
recopilación de datos estadisticos de la región, a continuación se presentan
los datos recabados al 30 de Septiembre del 2007.


49. Promoción dominios nuevos .EC a $17 por año

Desde el 20 de Septiembre hasta el 31 de Octubre del 2007, todos los
registros de dominios nuevos serán a US$17 por año.


50. Não perca o domínio que você deseja registrar

Siga estes dez cuidados para evitar que algum espertinho registre antes o
domínio que você descobriu que está disponível. Não o digite no browser, por
exemplo. Veja porque.


51. Story on .kp in Korean


52. Story mentioning ICANN in Russian
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