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1. Pondering the Politics of Private Procedures: The Case of ICANN by Jay P.
Kesan & Andres A. Gallo
The abstract for this paper notes "the evolution of ICANN reveals how it
slowly departed from its mere technical role into a more political one, in
which all groups and constituencies try to impose their preferences." It
continues, "Among the results of our analysis we can highlight the
following: first, as a result of the reform process, the private sector
consolidated its political position in the ICANN structure, at least in the
short run. ... Second ... how the inside-out reforms sought to enhance
international cooperation." The authors show how "Internet governance has
become a hot political issue, and the organizations in charge of managing
the regulatory regime will reflect these political preferences. The
conclusion the authors comes to is "Given the tension between both parties,
we believe that this transition could move forward through the creation of a
supranational entity in charge, not just of ICANN's responsibilities, but
also of other areas related to the Inte!
 rnet, i.e., e-commerce, Internet security. We call this organization the
World Internet Governance Organization (WIGO), managed by a board
representing the developed countries and the technical groups with a stake
in the Internet."

10. Breizh: Breton domain name feasibility study
The .BZH team have launched a pre-feasibility study as part of their project
to gain the aforementioned gTLD. In conjunction with .CYM they have an
online petition with .BZH having gained some 15,000 signatures, while .CYM
has gained around 6,000. Following a meeting of the Celtic League in late
September, the Celtic League wrote to the Scotland campaign group who were
absent from those participating in the Galicia meeting, to ask why they were
not attending along with the other Celtic countries. Following this meeting
the various groups decided they should work more closely together and be
more united. Bretagne Prospective is due to present their findings to the
.Bzh Steering Group in December.

13. Nominet releases first Domain name industry report
Nominet has released their first 'Domain name industry report'. The key
themes examined in the report are: an analysis of global domain name
statistics; registrant statistics and trends within the UK and a close look
at the UK registrar market. The findings of the report show that the domain
name industry both globally and in the UK is healthy. The report
demonstrates the extent of the uptake of the Internet in the UK. It reveals
areas of potential future growth and gives pointers as to current trends in
domain name registration and the changing nature of the UK registrar market.
A summary of the main points of this study is available from:

1. Pondering the Politics of Private Procedures: The Case of ICANN by Jay P.
Kesan & Andres A. Gallo
Abstract: ... Among the results of our analysis we can highlight the
following: first, as a result of the reform process, the private sector
consolidated its political position in the ICANN structure, at least in the
short run. With the new Bylaws, the private sector retained some of the
power they had before and even gained more power. Among the winners of the
reforms are: the GNSO constituencies, which gained important power spaces in
the new design, ASO members, which had some gains, but more importantly, are
still debating their future with a possibly more expansive relationship with
ICANN, and the ccNSO, which were recognized as an independent Supporting
Organization. Nonetheless, the inside-out attempt to reform proved to be
weak because it failed to bring outside constituencies to the governance
body and created opposition from the international community.

2. The emerging Internet governance mosaic: connecting the pieces by William
H. Dutton & Malcolm Peltu
Abstract: The report highlights key Internet governance issues raised in
relation to the authors' three-tier typology. The distinctive design and
governance characteristics that underpin the global Internet phenomenon are
then outlined, to indicate valuable governance lessons that can be built on.
The crucial need for balance in inherently political multi-stakeholder
processes is then addressed. This is assisted by an analytical framework for
understanding the dynamics underlying such processes, which involve outcomes
from decisions taken by many actors within overlapping and interacting
policy arenas. The conclusion recommends an approach to improving
international coordination of Internet governance activities.

3. Gaining a Stake in Global Internet Governance: The EU, ICANN and
Strategic Norm Manipulation by George Christou & Seamus Simpson [sub req'd]
The global governance of the Internet and the influence that the EU is able
to exert in international governance institutions are two important topics
that this article brings together in the context of the EU's relationship
with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN),
created in 1999 to manage strategically valuable technical resources and
functions of the Internet. Employing Schimmelfennig's model of rational
action in international institutional contexts, the article explores how the
EU acted to secure its interests within an organizationally constrained
environment. While ICANN was formed through an essentially rationalist
process where the EU accepted a less than first-best outcome in return for a
stake in its governance, a dialectical relationship thereafter developed
where the EU accepted and adapted ICANN's key norms but also asserted its
material interests through rhetorical action due to its relatively weak
position at ICANN's inception.


4. ICANN New Delhi meeting website online
ICANN have launched the website for their New Delhi meeting. The meeting, to
be held from February 10-15 2007, is to be hosted by the Department of
Information Technology, Government of India, as well as the National
Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). An outline of the agenda, information on
hotels and the venue along with registration are all available on the
website at http://del.icann.org

5. ie: Food site cooks up a storm at Golden Spiders
... Meanwhile, Denis Jennings was awarded the Internet Hero gong on the
night. Jennings was involved in a strategic decision with the US National
Science Foundation that ultimately led to the creation of the internet as we
know it today. This year Jennings was nominated to the board of the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the first Irishman ever
to sit on the ICANN board.

 - (cc)TLD NEWS
6. au: Many websites may be outside the law
Thousands of Australian businesses are unwittingly breaking copyright laws
via their websites, warns a Brisbane intellectual property law specialist.
McCullough Robertson partner Malcolm McBratney says recent developments in
IP law indicate businesses will be liable for infringements even if they're
unaware of them.

7. Government of Barbados wins management of .BB domain
At ICANN's latest board meeting, a resolution was passed granting .BB, the
country code domain for Barbados, to the local government. According to the
official database listing ccTLD managers, the IANA, .BB's current operator
is the local office of Cable & Wireless.

8. be: Code of conduct principles incorporated in the Registrar agreement
[news release]
The code of conduct for DNS BE registrars is no longer applicable. A number
of vital terms and conditions from the code of conduct have indeed been
incorporated in the latest version of the registrar agreement, that has been
signed by all registrars.

9. Accented characters in .be (Belgium) domains
Characters with accents are to reportedly appear in domain names with the
.be country code. DNS Belgium, the operating body for the Internet address
extension, explains that the move is part of a progression towards IDNs.

10. Breizh: Breton domain name feasibility study
A pre-feasibility study into adopting a Breton domain name - .bzh – is
currently being undertaken by Briezh. The organisation commissioned to
undertake the study, Breton Prospective, flew to Los Angeles for a meeting
this month with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), to discuss how the .Bzh domain name would be created and what it
would look like.

11. CENTR magazine Domain Wire now available online
The CENTR magazine Domain Wire is now available online. This issue contains
an overview of the Domain Name System, an update on the Internet Governance
Forum and everything you always wanted to know about Internationalised
Domain Names.

12. .nz Newsletter - November 2007
The November 2007 .NZ newsletter is now available. It includes .nz domain
name statistics as at 31 October 2007 where the number of active .nz domain
names increased from 300,397 to 305,446, a net increase of 5,049. Other
topics covered include InternetNZ and ICANN in Exchange of Letters,
consultation on Internationalised Domain Names in .nz, a breakdown on
statistics for .nz domain registrations by 2LD and server availability.

13. Nominet releases first Domain name industry report
Nominet has released their first 'Domain name industry report'. The key
themes examined in the report are: an analysis of global domain name
statistics; registrant statistics and trends within the UK and a close look
at the UK registrar market. The findings of the report show that the domain
name industry both globally and in the UK is healthy. The report
demonstrates the extent of the uptake of the Internet in the UK. It reveals
areas of potential future growth and gives pointers as to current trends in
domain name registration and the changing nature of the UK registrar market.

14. UK ENUM project starts
When finished the UK's national Enum directory will make looking up net
phone numbers like finding a website. Initially the directory will target
the UK's net telephony networks so calls can cross between them more easily.
But the directories are expected to one day hold details of the many
different ways almost anyone can be contacted.

15. uk: Spec eases VoIP adoption: UK Enum is on the way next year, says
UK domain name registry Nominet has won the race to be the country's
registry for Enum, a new standard designed to allow seamless communication
between voice-over-IP (VoIP) servers.

16. DNS hacked again
Amit Klein recently released details on DNS server cache poisoning attacks
that affect both BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) and Windows DNS
servers. It goes to show that every time you think a problem with a
well-known protocol or service has been solved, it may not be.

17. Lapsed domain names 'bought in seconds'
Website owners have been warned to keep their registration up to date
because lapsed domain names are being snapped up within 10 seconds of
becoming available. Re-registration, which has to be done every two years,
can cost as little as £5 but you can pay ten times as much to get an address
back - and sometimes far more. Names are regularly sold for more than
£100,000, and some for as much as £1m.

18. Netcraft November 2007 Web Server Survey
In the November 2007 survey we received responses from 149,784,002 sites.
This is an increase of increase of 7.0M sites since last month, and
represents growth of over 40 million sites since the start of the year. Much
of the growth in sites this year has come from the increasing number of
blogging sites, in particular at Live Spaces, Blogger and MySpace. Instead
this month, the growth mainly comes from traditional hosting providers, with
large numbers of new domains at GI Partners and InterServer.

19. The RIPE NCC to Sign the e164.arpa (ENUM) Zone [news release]
As previously announced to the DNS and ENUM Working Groups at RIPE 55, the
RIPE NCC will sign the e164.arpa (ENUM) zone on 26 November 2007 and support
for secure delegations will be provided on 25 March 2008.

20. A Domainer's Christmas List
Looking for something for that domainer on your holiday list? Domainers can
be hard people to shop for. Domain Name Wire lists a few domain-related
gifts for your friends.

21. Optimization Above and Beyond Keyword Selection
When optimizing a portfolio, many domainers center their attention
exclusively on the advertising keyword. While advertising keyword selection
is paramount to maximizing a domain's earning potential, there are several
other optimization areas that deserve attention and can add an extra boost
to a portfolio's overall performance.

22. GreatDomains combines 2 Premium Auctions Events
On November 29, 2007, GreatDomains will launch another Premium Auction Event
in their series of live auctions powered by Sedo. This auction will combine
their November and December auctions, which would normally fall on holidays,
to bring you one large selection of premium .COM and .NET domain names.

23. Network Solutions Releases White Paper Detailing Pros and Cons of Pay
Per Click Advertising and Search Engine Optimization [news release]
When it comes to which form of search engine marketing is most effective,
the argument between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click
advertising (PPC) can become as passionate and heated as a political debate.
If a business owner is new to search engine marketing, it is easy to get
overwhelmed and lost in the sea of opinions on both sides. With Network
Solutions(R) new white paper, "PPC vs. SEO –Friends or Foes?," business owners
will discover the benefits to both solutions in driving traffic to their Web

24. ClintonExposed.com Listed for Sale on Ebay
ClintonExposed.com, one of the hottest internet domain names has now been
listed for sale on Ebay. The domain name was recently listed on Ebay as a
result of the incredible amount of interest in the dot com domain name.

25. WIPO: YouTube gewinnt Domains
Vor dem Schiedsgericht der World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO hat
die YouTube, LLC, (Google Inc.) die Domains yotube.ch, youtoub.ch,
youtub.ch, youtube.ch, yuotube.ch, yutoube.ch und yutube.ch erstritten.

26. Cyber-Kriminelle nutzen Tippfehler aus
Fehlerhaft eingetippte URL-Adressen werden von Cyber-Kriminellen zunehmend
für Sicherheitsangriffe missbraucht. Dies belegt eine kürzlich vorgestellte
Studie des Virensoftwarespezialisten McAfee.

27. Branding – So schützen Sie Ihre Marke
In den vergangenen Jahren haben sich die Dinge rapide geändert. Konnte man
1997 noch damit zufrieden sein, eine Internetpräsenz und einen Markeneintrag
zu haben, so reicht das heute, zehn Jahre später, nicht mehr aus.
Cybersquatter, Typosquatter, Parodisten (-sucks-Domains) und Mitbewerber
schmarotzen an guten Marken. Da draußen herrscht ein Krieg, für den man
gerüstet sein sollte. Die von Erik J. Heels, einem Anwalt und Spezialisten
für Markenrecht, veröffentlichten elf Tipps im Kampf um die eigene Marke
geben Anregung:

28. IGF-Treffen – geoTLDs auf dem Vormarsch?
Das Internet Governance Forum veranstaltete vergangene Woche vom 12. bis 15.
November im brasilianischen Rio de Janeiro das zweite IGF-Treffen, das mit
1.363 Teilnehmern aus 109 Ländern gut besucht war. Unter diesen fand man
auch zahlreiche Vertreter für so genannte geoTLDs.

29. Brückenschlag über den digitalen Graben
Eine Konferenz der Vereinten Nationen sucht nach neuen Möglichkeiten, um die
fünf Milliarden Menschen ohne Internet-Zugang ins Netz zu bringen. Bislang
werde das Internet nur von einer Milliarde Menschen genutzt, sagte der
Koordinator des Internet Governance Forums (IGF), der Schweizer Diplomat
Markus Kummer, am Dienstag in Rio de Janeiro. «Jetzt sprechen wir über die
nächste Milliarde.»

30. .tv Domain bald vor dem Aus?
Der Inselstaat Tuvalu, bekannt durch die Top-Level-Domain „.tv", versinkt im
Meer. Den Bewohnern steht das Wasser buchstäblich bis zum Hals. Der durch
die Klimaerwärmung steigende Meeresspiegel wird in ca.50 Jahren die sieben
Inseln von Tuvalu vollständig überspülen.

31. L'EUrid a mis en ligne son dernier rapport sur l'usage des noms de
domaine européens.
L'EUrid, l'organisme chargé jusqu'en 2010 de la gestion des adresses en "
.eu ", a publié son dernier rapport sur leur utilisation au cours du
troisième trimestre de l'année 2007.

32. Le gouvernement de la Barbade récupère son extension
Lors de sa dernière réunion, le Conseil d'administration de l'ICANN a statué
sur le .BB. L'extension sera dorénavant gérée par le gouvernement local.

33. Priorité aux sociétés sous extensions asiatiques
Les détenteurs d'un nom de société enregistrés dans une extension
géographique asiatique peuvent postuler en priorité pour son équivalent en
.ASIA. Seule 16 extensions ccTLD sont concernées.

34. McAfee: le typo-squatting est en pleine croissance
Un rapport récent de la société de sécurité McAfee dresse un bilan assez
triste du « typo-squatting ». Cette technique consiste à faire varier les
noms de sites très connus d'un ou deux caractères pour aboutir à une adresse
qui ressemble presque à celle d'origine.

35. La gouvernance du web avance à petits pas
Le deuxième forum de l'ONU à Rio sur la gouvernance du web a réuni 1700
experts et représentants. Ils ont débattu sur la sécurité des enfants en
ligne, et sur le contrôle exclusif du réseau par les USA

36. Verso la Magna Charta per Internet
Pur se tutt'altro che facile, prosegue il cammino dell'Internet Bill of
Rights all'indomani dell'Internet Governance Forum in Brasile

37. Su RAIUtile le Regole di Internet
Il punto della situazione dopo l'Internet Governance Forum di Rio: verso la
democrazia digitale. L'importanza di una carta dei diritti della rete per
tutelare la libertà di espressione, garantire l'accesso, per regolare la
protezione dei dati personali e diritti "del più grande spazio pubblico che
l'umanità abbia mai conosciuto".

38. Transfert par le titulaire d'un nom en cours de procédure UDRP
Quand une procédure UDRP est engagée, le centre d'arbitrage saisi de
l'affaire, parmi ses diligences, vérifie auprès du registrar les éléments du
litige tels qu'ils ont été communiqués par le demandeur. Dans une récente
affaire engagée devant le centre de l'O.M.P.I., le registrar, suite à cette
vérification, a précisé que l'identité du titulaire avait été modifiée entre
le moment où il a reçu la requête de vérification et celui où il l'a
traitée. Ce qui a amené le demandeur à modifier sa plainte, en changeant
l'identité du défendeur.

39. Sitios peligrosos aprovechan direcciones Web mal escritas.
Con el objetivo de cuantificar el alcance del estudio, McAfee revisó 1.9
millones de variaciones de 2,771 de los nombres de dominio más populares.

40. Reporte sobre la industria de los nombres de dominio en Inglaterra.
Nominet, entidad a cargo del registro de los dominios .uk, lanzó ayer su
primer reporte de la industria de los nombres de dominio.

41. Pakai .id Tak Berarti Hemat Bandwidth
Pemerintah beranggapan penggunaan domain .id perlu digalakkan karena bisa
menghemat bandwidth internasional, yang ujung-ujungnya dapat menghemat
devisa negara. Apa iya, dengan memakai domain .id, masalah pemborosan
bandwidth akan terselesaikan?

42. Boros Bukan Alasan Pakai .id
Pemerintah, dalam hal ini Departemen Komunikasi dan Informatika, dalam
beberapa kesempatan mengemukakan perlunya penggunaan domain .id daripada
.com. Salah satu alasannya adalah demi menghemat devisa dengan menghemat
bandwidth internasional.

43. Story in Russian on .SU

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