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Subject: 	[ccnso-council] Call for Nominations to ccNSO Council
Date: 	Wed, 14 Nov 2007 11:01:07 +0100
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Dear all,

At the New Delhi meeting, one ccNSO Councillor from each region is stepping

Africa-- Mohamed El Bashir
Asia/Australia/Pacific-- Hirofumi Hotta
Latin America/Caribbean-- Eduardo Santoyo
Europe-- Ondrej Filip 
North America-- Dotty Sparks de Blank

Below you will find all details of the procedure for nominations and for
seconding nominations.  Nominations can be made from now until 29 November
2007, UTC 00.00

Nominations can only be made via ccnso-nominations at icann.org and will
require verification.

Templates for nominating and seconding nominations are provided.  Please use
these templates.

Kind regards,




Nomination of Candidates:
Open: 15 November 2007 at 00:00 UTC
Close: 29 November 2007 at 00:00 UTC
For other places see world clock

1. One candidate per "Geographic Region": Europe; Asia Pacific; Latin
America/Caribbean islands; Africa; and North America shall be elected to the
ccNSO Council

2. Call for nominations 

The bylaws Section 4, Membership. paragraph 8 state:

"Any ccNSO member may nominate an individual to serve as a ccNSO Council
member representing the ccNSO member's Geographic Region. Nominations must
be seconded by another ccNSO member from the same Geographic Region. "

Each member can nominate one candidate for election to the ccNSO council and
each member can second one candidate. 

Candidates do not need to be resident in the region or a citizen of a
country within the region in which they stand for election.

In order to nominate or second a candidate, a member must have been a member
of the ccNSO by 15 November 2007. 

Nominations or Seconds should be sent by e-mail to the Nominations Manager
at the following e-mail address: ccnso-nominations at icann.org. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you send a Nomination or Second you will receive an email
from ICANN asking you to confirm that you have sent an email to
ccnso-nominations at icann.org. For your Nomination or Second to be valid you
MUST respond to the email requesting confirmation.

Archives to be found at: http://forum.icann.org/lists/ccnso-nominations. 

Please use this template for nominations:

Template for nomination:

1 Region for which nomination is being made:

2a. Full name of the candidate being nominated: 

2b. E-mail address of the candidate being nominated:

3a. Full name of the nominator:

3b. ccTLD and region of the nominator 

3c. E-mail address of the nominator: 


All nominations must be seconded by another ccNSO member in the same region 


Please use this template for seconding nominations:

Template for seconding a nomination: 

1. Full name of nominator whose candidate is being seconded: 

2. Full name of the candidate being seconded: 

3a. Full name of the seconder: 

3b. ccTLD and region of the seconder

3c. E-mail address of the seconder: 


Accepting Nominations

The Nominations Manager will confirm the nomination, by sending an e-mail to
the candidate requesting their acceptance. 

Nominations will be archived at:

The Nominations Manager shall confirm the list of the Nominees. In the event
that a region has more than 1 nominee, an election in that region will be


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